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Samsung tv hln567w Problem!Ron Minard13
-Samsung 50" DLP Projection HDTV (HL-S5087W)gbelous1
RCA HD44LPW62 Setup HelpGotBeer?7
Diamond 55 inch mitsubishiglenn smith1
Samsung HLN567WDoug Clay1
Where is my PIP board at *****PICS*******...Mr. Tran7
Mitsubishi WS-65905 wont turn on... clicking relay. HELPMaugli Avus7
Mitsubishi VS-50707. Power shuts off after 2 secondsJesse Valdez1
Mitsubishi 65 inch goes black and comes backMarc Clemons1
Phillips Magnavox 60 inch television haze problemJanice Mills9
Samsung HLP-5063 --- Really odd problemDavid G3
52 inch rca TV greying screenJason sulkin1
Pls Help!!! Mitsubishi WS-65908 with color all off - looks like old...Maugli Avus2
Need help samsung color wheel prob.m1
HLN4365W Samsung DLPJuney3
Pls Help. Mitsubishi WS-65905 blue light problemhm13
Mitsubishi VS-4562 sound no picturerichard hayes1
Samsung HLP DLP Banding/PosterizationTom Smythers1
Sony KDP-65XBR2 video failing with 5 blinksChad Stanley1
*****another samsung problem*****...m1
Samsung Projection TV blue & green color planes are all shifted Tobias Trent1
Samsung Projection TV blue & green color planes are all shifted Tobias Trent1
Is what I have the hourglass affect?Matt4
Samsung Color WheelSLP5
Samsung 56" DLP 1080p (HL-S5687W) or Sony 55" LCD 1080p (KDS-55A200...MRage7
Mitsubishi VS-5043 No PictureMark Christensen1
Phillips P8341Bob Hepcen1
Phillips P8341Bob Hepcen1
Phillips P8341Bob Hepcen1
Samsung HLP6163W Automatically shutting offPaul4
Magnavox 51" ProjectionBrian Griga4
56" RCA Rear Projection TV (FLYBACK related problem)Haitham moaty14
HD50LPW62 ProblemsJohn Hill1
Mitsubishi WS-55511 no longer turns onTony Atkins1
HL-S8057W issueschad miller1
Samsung HL-S5687W-- DNIe, yay or naychad miller2
HLP5063W Side Bar artifacts/linesRobert Wendel3
Toshiba 44HM85 screen problemAlexis Wu4
Samsung rear projection, green screen problemTaylor Ericsen-Mille1
NEED HELP: Magnavox mtv51a Please helpKamran Zaman3
Is it normal for my Samsung dlp to light up my back wall??anthony2
WS65807 (Mit 65) power on for only 2 secondssteve starr7
Mitsubishi Hd 1080 Diamond rear Projection TVkeegan macgregor4
Newbie here with warranty question for Samsung HLS5687W!!!!FYI4
Help with lamp failureRyan Hamilton1
Hitachi 52" Rear Projection Vertical Compression Problemsteve starr2
Locked Code for Mitsubishi VS-4504R steve starr2
Mitsubishi WS-55905 color problem.Cuong3
Hitachi 43UWX10B is really dark....steve starr4
Hitachi 57F59A problemssteve starr2
Samsung SP42W4PHX helppaul royland1
Hitachi 42v515 lamp replacement Brian Poole5
Akai PT50DL24Eric F2
Hitachi 42V515 LCD TV - yellow hueKaren Hollis1
Ws65807 component identificationsteve starr3
PT-50DL54 Vertical Black LinesRon Clift1
Are there any good RPTV's out there?Joe C.5
Hitachi 43UWX10B Problemsteve starr2
Ws65908steve starr3
Samsung DLP Game ModeFYI4
IC Adjusted Convergence EEPROM or amplifierJonathan Kim5
Hidden Gemtvshopper6
Toshiba 72 MX195Clay Hardy6
MITSUBISHI VS60607Jose F Morales6
Mitsubishi WS-55807 HD UpgradeBruce Nolen2
Mitsubishi WD-62725 is toast?Chris Null1
MITSUBISHI VS50607David Schultz2
Sony kp-46wt500 picture problemMoses Mah3
Samsung HL-S5687W smudge/ mark on the screenFYI4
Samsung HL-S5687W scrolling green and purple linesStill_smokin4
Samsung rear projection tv problem akshar chhohan1
Mitsu Rear Proj - Vertical Deflection FailureAlan Talbert1
My rp won't display 1080i anymore, what's up?80matt fearon1
Hitachi 43UWX10B-Ghost in the machineAnnie Musgrove3
Sony KDF55WF655Joel Daniels2
Sony KDF60XS955 Problem (PC monitor w/ S-video?)Joel Daniels1
Samsung DLP SP56L5HX Problems!!! HelpBarry Gabourie1
Ic covergence chipsRandy Gardner2
Samsung HL-S5086W Color Problem (no red!!!)anthony3
Hitachi 50dx10b convergence problemsteve starr4
Mitsubishi 46805 Screen Turns Green/Redsteve starr2
Samsung DLP HL-P4663W Problem please help!Gregory Gonzales1
Samsung DLP Image QuestionChris Mella1
What about local power outages and bulb life?John Gustafson1
"Tuner out" message on Mitsubishi TVHungry Squirrel3
Moving lines while watching DVD'ssteve starr2
Please help, Mitsubishi ts-5053 part number!!steve starr2
Older Mitsubishi Rear Projection TV Replacement screenssteve starr6
Mitsubishi VS-45605 Jitter Horizontal Lines **PICS***...Mr. Tran6
Samsung S6187W Lamp Hours/TimerChad1
Samsung HL-S5087W alignment?thomas kirschenmann1
Samsung HL-S5087W HelpChris Graham3
Samsung 50" DLP Model HL-S5086W should I buy?FYI3
HLP6163W "Video Out Question"FYI2
Samsung HLP5063W Component Input Color ProblemsKevin Laster10
Samsung HLN467W screen linesFYI5
HD50LPW62A Not Powering up Bulb IntermittantlyJohn Hill2
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