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1996 magnavox rear projection problemsBryan Butler3
1080p - To Be or Not To Be ?Caro Ken9
Will I lose quality by.......JOHN S5
Problem with OTA HD Bill Hiles1
FYI & other DLP/LCD lamp experts: What do you think of this??FYI4
Samsung DLP powering off all the timeAnonymous Jay5
Want To Buy or where to look for used ? In Ontario ?Martin1
Contrast for CRT RPTV989youngboy1
Problems with Samsung HDTV, changing from 480p to 1080iRyab9
Sony 50" xbr1TVone21
Need help on HDTV selection please!!!!!!rlwainwright4
JVC 61Z786 Green on dark areas - help!Norm Stobert1
Are there any other stores like Costco?johnhunter441
Ebay and RPTV pricesTVone1
I need help, please.FYI3
To Good To Be True?????????Casey15
My samsung dlp! please someone shed some light!!!scott fredereksen5
Mitsubishi WD52528BrianK1
RCA HD50LPW175 Problem - Need Help/AdvicePercySJ3
JVC HD-61Z786 QuestionJames T. Rusk1
Toshiba 46HM95robert ryan7
Sony 60" SXRD- PCandPlasma storeHi im drummer036
Sony KDS-R60BR1: Good for gaming? No 1080P input?Hi im drummer032
Viore AKAI DLP TV PT46DLP30 WARNING do not buyAnonymous1
SEARS 52 " 626.54568292hdtv-012
Samsung Green FacesHelpful Smurf4
Sony KF-42WE610 Yellow Blob Circuit City and Qualxservjohnhunter445
Screen is TILTED slightlyJackPHenom10
Problem With Sony 42WE620Burt1
JVC HD-ILA 61Z786 green flickering lines using HDMI cables DPs4
Gateway DLP fan (?) noise help!!!FYI4
Magnavox medel # 7p5433wRay_t671
Samsung HL-R5067 or Sony KDF-E50A10?TVone21
Akai dlp rear projection hdtvjas kim2
DLP on/off stateFYI4
JVC HD55G466 - ATSC tuner locks upLayne Hanson1
Toshiba 57" ghost lines....bill nipp1
Sony kdsr60xbr1 green bleeding on screenbob cellucci1
$1300 52" Mitsubishi DLP (Seattle Area) Mr. Lynch1
Does this help? PT-56WX33robert brock1
Audio pop! Red picture, but....robert brock1
To Tom Bong.....asking for info....Tom B ong15
Decent 720p HDTV? Samsung?Mr. Lynch9
Pansonic Lamps - TY-LA1000 jas kim1
Is it safe to use a 3 prong into 2 prong adapter on ne Samsung DLP TVTom B ong7
RCA HD44LPW62, am I just not getting something?Mr. Lynch2
Issues with Comcast Cable card.Kdog044218
AKAI PT5598HDIX/SMS Can anyone find this TV anywhere?FireHousePhxAZ1
Just bought Samsung HLR5688...advise on how to connect to Cable?Jon1
Please comment on the reliability of Sony 50 " KDFE50A10 LCDHi im drummer033
Does a RPcrt have as many problems as LCD, DLP, or plasma??johnhunter441
Samsung TX-p2734 dead?fran3312
Need help buying a TVDuaneW15
Sony SXRD -- Available Screen SizesMike Petrik12
Philips matchline display problemsHELPFULL3
Moving mitsubishi HD1080mp5199810
Sony 50xbr questionronie3
RCA HD61LPW165 QuestionsGrrnmo2
A question about the screenMr. Lynch2
With all the problems with DLP, LCP, and even plasmas.....Help?johnhunter441
Sony KDF-E5520A screen strange when off...Andrew Keith1
JVC HD-ILA I need HELP? Computer hook up to TVWeAreNotAlone6915
??'s for FYI DallasRyanR10
KDF-55wf655 TV jkriley1@hotmail.com1
Mitsubishi service menuSteven Assad1
RCA HD61LPW165 Picture issueGrrnmo1
Hitachi 50v500 problem...Anonymous4
Best 42" - 46" set around $1500?Aaron Gibson2
Need Advice on DLP/LCD TVsNeil Szczepanski5
Color not rightpeter gabor1
Anyone know a good Rear Proj.Repairshop In Aurora,Co?Doug1
Help. Hitachi SP-43H Convergence Problems!Doug1
AKAI 46 in. Rear Projection HDTVKim Morris4
HDMI cable install?FYI2
KDF50WE655 programming issueesmitty824
Red convergence problemJoe Stef1
No SD on my Mitsubishi 55807 please HELPDiyann1
DLP Repairs?WeAreNotAlone6912
HD61LPW165 - Screen glare or bright??RandyM4
Tivo installation on Mitsubishi 55807 - no pictureDiyann1
Red mirror image on screen (image flipped)tvshopper4
Pioneer SD-533HD5Joe Stef1
What do you guys think of thisDangerWillRobinson2
50" versus 60" -- 9' viewing distanceMr. Lynch5
Problem with HD-52Z575 Powering UpMr. Lynch5
Sony rear projection showing blue linesPercySJ2
Samsung DLP Bulb life?FYI4
Need HELP hooking up new JVC HD-ILA and HD cable boxMr. Lynch7
Ventilation needed for the Sony SXRDMike Petrik3
What is the best 50" DLP. Samsung?Toshiba?........Robin cruz3
Akai 4298 hd with blue and red linesHelpful Smurf3
KDFE-55A20 vs KDF-55xs9555143295
Tos CRT proj red/blue not aligned probWeAreNotAlone6910
DLP vs LCD Rear Projection Repair history?Guy Tucker1
Mitsubishi tv helpSteven Assad1
Samsung DLP 6168 - 1080P DEAD ON ARRIVALDan3
Misubishi DLP's with build in DVR'sjerry breen1
RCA DLP - Thanks Randy, getting the whole picture nowDave Reid1
Help getting the whole pictureDave Reid3
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