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Need Help with Mistubishi ASAP (pictures Inclued)steve starr2
Sony projection KP-46WT500steve starr2
Toshiba ColorStream HD Projection TV problemssteve starr2
Mitsubishi VS-45501A power on problemTom Norcia3
Tv goes from bright to dark by itselfsteve starr4
Magnavox MS-3250steve starr2
Philips Magnavox 60P8241 60" rear projection tvsteve starr3
Has anyone seen a true hdmi 1.3 deep color set-up?Eugene Ung1
Newby to Plasma Displaygary craig1
Help with Mitsubishi WS-65511Bruce Bradley1
Samsung HLR5087 DLP; vertical black barsSeth Jervis1
Mitsubishi WS65807 Hourglass affectBill Shine425
Mitsubishi Dims for a split second Russ Lee1
MItsubishi WS-55807 no power just relay clicksIceman2
How does a 65" Mitsu come apart? joe campagna1
Samsung DLP: Great picture, making noise on start-upJim C2
Samsung DLP No SoundJim Carter1
Samsung DLP color failurekelly vista1
Samsung HL-T6176S Help!!!david hoffhines1
Samsung DLP Problem!! 56 inch HLS-5687Lance Lasdon1
Samsung HCN653WX Advice Needed Badlyt1
Need Help(Mitsubiti TV)Rusty Blake2
Sony KP43T90 Ghost image and too much redTomhiro Nishkado3
Samsung 42" DLP IssuesTomhiro Nishkado2
Samsung HL-S6186 picture problemTomhiro Nishkado2
Samsung 42 DLP HLR4266... Won't Start, What does this light mean?Tomhiro Nishkado8
Panasonic tv problem........steve3
Problems witrh Samsung RP TV SP-43Q1HE!Israel Silva1
Samsung HL5067W blue ghosting/shadowPaul Bunting1
Which 50" HDTV?steve edwards1
Samsung HLR-6167W Shuts Itself OffOlivier Poissant2
Philips Magnavox 52" 9P5031C projection television Geneva Parmigiani2
Any IdeasBoz1
Mitsubishi wt 42413 screen cleaningAl Pollock1
Mitsubishi Rear Projection VS-411R Kevin VanderWoude1
RCA P52927- Cleaning CRT lensesDaniel Bell1
Mitsubishi DLP questionsC J Kaplan2
Need help in finding a remote?Robert Clinkingbeard3
FP4630 W104 Magnavox projection tv janice1
2 Hitachi 61UDX10B 61" Projection TV for Parts/Repair Peter1
Mits WD-52525 static on a/v, cap replacementRichard2
MITSUBISHI WT-42315 red pullingjeffrey siewers1
Mitsubishi WS-65807 - Power but no pictureSteven Reiley2
JVS 52G786 GSOD issue- again.Bill Kearney1
Toshiba DLP 62HM95Jason Haehle1
Mitsubishi Model # WTA42 trips out when turned onRon Ancelet4
Toshiba 40PW03 Picture darknessdavid edwards1
Samsung TV - green grid and sound but no pictureChris McCarthy1
Bad video board on Panasonic PT47WX42F Projection TVJeff Peters1
Samsung DLP Lamp QuestionEric Schueler1
Samsung DLP Problems (HLR4266WX/XAA) any guidance greatly apreaciat...Fred6
Mits WD-65731 Error msgArthur Fagan2
Purple spots on sony projection tvJoe Parnell2
Samsung color wheel replacementFred2
Philips TV wouldn't power onShane McCafferty1
Samsung vs. Toshiba DLPdoclaw641
Sansung HL-P4663WX Displaying lines and pixels HELP!Jason Potts1
Mitsubishi 45 inch projction vs-4562 1994Chris1
Mitsubishi WD-62825G Wont Power OnRichard White1
My 6o" Toshiba TheatreveiwDenise Vargo1
Sony SXRD vs Samsung DLPtiger841
HDMI connection problems with DLP?vhl711
Mitsubishi VS-60801Shawn Collins1
Rear projection Viewing questionTony Butorac1
Samsung HLP6163WX DLP no picture but lamp comes ondave ra1
Service Manuals, Instant Cures, Blinking Codeshenry bell1
52" Toshiba not working Please help! Hc4
Panasonic LCD yellow screenMBalsam1
Problem with Mitsubishi VS-45501A-- 1997Taylor White1
Ws65819 picture problem *white haze*mike wolfgram1
Please help!! Need part number for samsung dlp cable!~ PICS BELOWmorgan1
Need Some Help?????????? Pleaseemonchat2
Mits WS-55809 Convergence ProblemBethann1
Quick questionRaymond Radtke1
SONY KP-51WS520 Error CodeAnne Scanlan2
Sony KF50WE610Luc M1
TV picture troubleMichael Crespi1
Mitsubishi VS 461R & Cable IssuesKris1
Sony Customer ServiceCasey1
RCA 50" DLP Sound with No PictureArthur Peloso1
Spider web inside of screen?John Jensen1
Mitsubishi VS-4541---- No PictureThomas Nalen4
Mitsubishi WS-55511 problemKen Chiang1
Sony rear projection KDF E50A10Ryan Newcomb1
Mitsubishi WD-52725 DLP Picture poor colorPaul Abel1
More Samsung DLP Problem(s)Paul Comrie1
Mitsubishi VS-6043 will not turn onDaniel Cooke2
Mitsubishi WD-73727 Picture Flickering ProblemPaul Tran1
Three blinking lights on my Samsung HLS4265Wovadoggvo2
RCA DLP Projection Tv...bulb or ballast?ovadoggvo4
Pics of the HLT Series Lampsovadoggvo4
Newly acquired Samsungovadoggvo5
Mitsubishi VS 7085 Picture getting too dark- Help!Chuck Huddleston2
Opinions on possible TV buyMeagan C1
Help-Samsung HL-R5067W randomly turns off...Beau LeClaire2
Red Halo problem Sony kf-60xbr800brett azizi1
Mistu vs-(5041,42, 6041)--How do I reset the tv?Rick Jekelis1
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