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Sony vs Samsungefalzon1
Rca model p50830blBri e1
Intel cancels LCoS plansMalcolm2
Was going with a samsung, but ...Mr. Lynch9
JVC D-iLA burn-in issue updatetvshopper2
Any reviews on the Panasonic PT50DL54 or JVCHD52Z585?Massoud8
Rear projections and video gamesDave Stuckey11
Problems using DVI cables with Samsung HDTV receiver SIR-TS360 and ...Mark A.16
Panasonic PT-60DL54 AvailabilityDrPepper2
Akai 47" RPTV PT4799HD at CostcoMostyn26
New Sony LCD's - XS vs. WF - CommentsScott Smetana3
Newb question RE: Comcast DVR, HDTV, and 6208 catherine11
Samsung DLP- viewing anglesmlochbihler4
Which DLP Manufacturers?statuskuo3
Mitsubish Microdisplay Series, 525,625, 825PGowan3
Samsung DLP stands -- HLP4663WVineet B5
Mitsubishi W-48315Sammy1
JVC 52" D-ILA HDTV + JVC Home Theater - Complete Package- Special S...VibrantNet3
Samsung HLP-5685W better picture than plasma?DLP vs. Plasma1
Kap Kirk , Online RetailersZorglub5
Warning! Sony KF50WE620 Inputs Suck!Schlepp11
New 44" Toshiba DLPAnon0411
Surge protector - line noise reducershethj72
Rca hd61lpw163Jim White4
Help on Deciding which DLP set to go with!Zack Allen5
Suggestions for 56"-62" rangeKyle z3
Do I want a Progressive Scan DVD player w/ a Samsung DLP?Jimbo in Dallas2
HELP! My Mitsubishi won't workmicrot113
Audio/video sync issues with HLP5085WMr. Lynch3
Anyone here OWN a Toshiba 62HM84?Mr. Lynch3
Samsung HLP5685WX Noise ProblemCraig Hill1
NO Samsung HL-Pxx74w series!! Longer Wait Likely for HD2+ Chip Sets...Mike Pennington8
Panny PT-43LCX64hethj72
DVI Connection Not WorkingDan C1
Strange DLP/surround sound problem...Jimmy T1
$10 PAYPAL FOR A COPY OF YOUR Mitsubishi WD 62725 RECEIPT!!! ebay_45792
DLPs Vertically Challenged?Anonymous2
Anyone with TV knowledge help please!Anonymous5
Has anyone noticed any RPTV price increases? Mr. Lynch3
Hitachi 50/60VS810 VS. Sony KDF-55WF655 - Hitachi manufactures both?Rick Lyon2
Toshiba 57H83 Fuzzy Sports PictureDante Genua1
Optoma RD50 - Where and should I buy??Mr. Lynch2
Problem with a SONY RP - please helpLeon Westover12
Samsung DLP 74 seriesZack Allen4
Help with standard digital cableCf_dolfan1
Does anyone own a Panasonic PT-53TW54?pcpro1
Mitsubishi vs Sony grand wega ?burle1
Toshiba 65H14 vs. 65H84Anonymous4
Cool 1 cool 2 normal warm 1 warm 2JohnPM3
DLP Viewing anglehigh shelf3
LG DLP HD2+b042
Please help! prices 4 Panny PT-50LC14 and PT-50DL54Schlepp4
Waiting for the Sammy HLP-XX74W??rockhead1
Problems Using Xbox w/ Samsung 56" DLP HDTVMr. Lynch2
Viewing distance to a DLP tvxvxvxvx5
Compare DLPSMr. Lynch4 Legit?Strati3
Connecting PC to 50" Rear Projection LCD Display... Possible?Schlepp6
Burn in and hdtv programingxvxvxvx2
Mitsu725 Netcommand & Denon AVR 3805 help!!!Anonymous2
NFL Sunday Ticketrhombus2
Toshiba warranty service 52hm84john4
Sony KF50WE620 - 2 questionsjoy L1
Hitachi 55S715 anybodyTom B1
GameCube on Sammy hlp5085w 480P helpRoger6
Sony kp51ws 520 vs Hitachi 51f 510dave1
Sony vs Mitsu vs HitachiSchlepp2
Please help!Jimbo7
Toshiba and Comcast -- Walk Me Through the HD Hook-up Please...Mr. Lynch6
New 50" Panasonic DLP (PT50DL54)Schlepp2
Computer VGA to DVI on Sony KF-50WE620 anyone???Schlepp5
End of life on Sony KF-50WE610?Anonymous5
Toshiba 61" Rear Projection TV ProblemJohn Spinella1
Hitachi 50v500 rear projection LCD and XboxRoger2
Please tell me if this sounds like a good deal.Mr. Lynch4
Mitsubishi 50" projection TV video problem. Please help.Bryan O'Roarke4
LG RU-48SZ40 48" LCD RPTVKomah2
Sony **XS955 ThreadScott Smetana1
Sony KP-53HS10 progressive scan?tnewell6
Lifetime of High Pressure Mercury Lamp for JVC DILA RPTVbill sorcinelli3
JVC DILA RPTVs with Costco!Greg Markle4
What are the best color settings on the Samsung DLP?RazorEdge1
Is DLP the way to go? Or not?Luis R Montanez10
RCA P46810LV color convergence problemschris1
Sammy DLP grainy pictureD & F1
Magnavox projection issuemike devans1
New TV's coming outb042
Is Circuit City $500 6 year warranty worth it?b045
Samsung 5085 - Help me with Grainy Analog Picturedouglas n shanley1
Crazy to Buy Experimental DLP???ccollinc1
Best SD Picture From a DLP set.MMoeller1
I GIVE UP!Anonymous4
Has anyone received their Mits 725 yet?R Schneck1
Sammy 5685W or Sony 55XS955on the fence1
Samsung dlp hdtv distortion in panoramic mode?Anonymous3
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