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Please help with Crummy LG DLP!Dave Henry2
Mitsubishi WS-48513 will only power up sometimesNick F Lane2
Which would you buy and why?James Cribb2
I have a Mitsubishi the picture is concaving and multi colored?jacob francis kucera2
Diagonal linesDon Steele2
Samsung PCJ Convergence problem?Robert Clark2
Tell me what to buy!tvshopper3
Samsung Lamp out or something more?Brian Shelton1
Mitsubishi WT42311 Bowing problem?? Please helpdavid potter1
HELP! Samsung DLP Lamp/Ballast Questionbill2
Mitsubishi WS73711 turns itself off seconds after power onnorman nguyen3
Philips tv model # 27pt81s1peter breidenstein1
Mitsubushi ws65869 picture rotated apx 10 degrees (help)steve starr4
Help Please! (Akai 5498 HDTV)steve starr4
Akai 61'' DLP HD Monitor TV PT61DL34Tad Whittom1
Sony KDS-R50XBR1Jeremy T1
Pioneer SD-P62A3-K shuts offsteve starr2
What is VP socket?steve starr2
Mitsubishi VS-685R turns off by itselfsteve starr2
Sony KDS50A2000 1080p SXRDRob Fortier1
Can't get iMac VGA 1920x1080 output on Samsung DLP ?Tom K1
Local Samsung Lamp source?FYI6
Magnavox rear projection junk?kurt kastli3
Rear Projection DLP Vs. PlasmaRob Fortier7
Hourglass shaped picturesteve starr2
Question for fyiFYI2
Samsung HL-S6187Wbpx1
JVC HD52FA97 DLP HD TVtvshopper4
Sony SXRD problemJEFF D1
50V500 problemRobert Raymond1
Vs-45609todd mcclintock1
Pioneer SDP4053K Image Distortion Issuesteve starr2
Rca dlp m61wh74ssteve starr2
MITS WS-55819 Rear Proj - Blue Conver.steve starr2
Mitsu WD-52525 Checkerboard Pattern On ScreenJoe Churley2
Samsung S5087WFelix T. Katt4
Mitsubishi big screen projection TVsteve starr4
Mitsubishi keeps turning off by itselfDouglas Newman3
Replacement Diamond Shield for Mitsubishi VS-45605steve starr2
Mitsubishi vs5071 Menu & Sound but NO PICTURE! steve starr2
Rear projection maintenace Older Hitachisteve starr2
Panasonic Rear Projection LCDsAmrit1
Mitsubishi VS-60607 horizontal lines running through the screensteve starr7
Mitsubishi WD-52525 picture problem...Allan Goodson2
Mitsubishi WD-73732 Picture ProblemAllan Goodson1
Mitsubishi WD52725 vertical lines issueDavid1
Sony 60" Projection TV Color Fading arthur fonzarelli1
Using a VGA connection on a JVC 52G886Kano2
Testing a DLP bulbJagtech3
Puting Fan or heatsink into TV to get out problem ?bui le1
Hitachi TV problemsteve starr2
DLP vs Plasma vs LCD confused ,help !!steve starr2
Mitsubishi WS55313 Color IssuesGreg Mace2
RCA HD44LPW62 bulbDave3
Need new RCA R52WH74 service menu access codesteve starr1
JVC HD-56G786 into warning-mode after 1 minuteJimmy Yu1
RCA HD DLP - HELP FAST!!!David Sayed3
Samsung HNL-4365WX Color Wheel.FYI4
Help on Akai 1080i hdtv monitor!!!A.S.A.P. (Picture)mario1
Sony Lamp XL-5200, find replacementMalcolm Oldroyd1
Mitsubshi WS-65908 power up problemMichael Johnston3
Can't Turn Off Samsung HLM617W DLPshfawaz5
Samsung DLP partial screen blur?Nathaniel LaMartina4
Settling/Crackling noise with Samsung 61'DLPFYI4
Question on DLP and XBOX 360Jason Hill3
Cable box does not jive w/ hdmi HD-52G786JOHN S3
No picture Mitubishi 1080dan Fortier1
Samsung hln507w please!FYI4
JVC HD-52G787 False Contouring ProblemsJohn5
Help, My Samsung projection tv wont turn on! model HCN4226WJamie Quier1
Samsung HL-S5087W 50 dead in 24 hours!Dennis Dragotti Jr.21
Samsung picher helpkyle1
Samsung HL-S6187W display problemFYI2
Big Problem with Samsung DLP HLN46WFYI6
JVC 56G647 HDILABibson7
Mitsubishi WD62725 DLP no picture?Elwood3
Samsung HLP6163W comes on with strong red tintFYI7
Mitsubishi WS-65809 Hourglass Picture ProblemDavid Shinpaugh2
Please help problem with mitsubishi ts-5545JIM1
Toshiba 56HM66 56 Qestion to buy or not to buy?James R3
JVC D-ILA TimelineJohn Jensen1
Samsung HL-S5087WCasey2
Samsung DLP wavy picturesergei morozov1
Green TintChristine Nowakowski1
Toshiba 56HM66 56James R1
Samsung HLN467W!?Ali Irani-Tehrani3
Samsung DLP Lamps in stock $145 (volume discounts available)Ali Irani-Tehrani1
Just got sonymasti20031
My Mitsubishi is displaying colorful lines horizontalLavetta Ritchey2
Mitsubishi WD-62725Like Mitsalot589
Model: R56WH78 RCAJohn1
Mitsubishi VS-55705 John1
Mitsubishi 62725 Problem - Help Please!Rob Canton1
Different service menu on my '04 hitachi 50v500?JOHN S2
Rca ps52682Mukesh I.Dave4
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