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Need help determining optimum speaker locations for 6.1Rait4
Connecting my dvd to a new surround sound systemDavid Massey5
Need advice on set upAaron Galwey11
Aimable tweeters?Dave2
Interesting setup needs some helpDave3
Wiring up a surround sound system, have 5 speakers and 1 subwoofer ...Dave2
LG 32lc2d blacks not so blackBerny2
Best connection from DVD player to receiver for soundBerny2
HDMI to DVI, need an audio solution.Casey4
HD signal problemsmatt j6
6 Channel Audio vs. Digital ConnectionJOHN S4
Putting non wall speakers in wall - will it work?Berny11
Odd shaped living room speaker arrangementsJOHN S3
Is this a good website to order from?Albert Solorzano1
Pioneer VSX-D503Smike brown1
Buy or build????Berny2
Samsung output jacks!!!Berny2
HTIB no sound from tvJOHN S2
Wiring surround sound rcvrrobert fitts1
HDMI Video IsolationAnthony Prevost5
Center Speaker recommendationBerny2
Blue ray movies and surround soundJOHN S3
Bose lifestyle Model 5 Music centerAnthony Rivera1
Plasma tv-Hd cable-Sony dvd/receiverNeal Ferrara1
Help with Denon AVR-1505 set-upBerny4
Disappointed with Bose Lifestyle 38Berny4
Am i having sub issues?thaKing5
Need Advice System SpecsBerny2
Trouble with Surround Sound!!Berny6
SEEKING Panasonic HDTV Owner in NYC- PAID RESEARCHsarah flanagan2
Todd adams coursebrian berg1
HK AVR 245 setupJOHN S4
New Onkyo HT-S894 system and HDMI connection?JOHN S6
Help im new to the home audio and have a problem...TJBaSsMeKaNiK1
Need help with old RCA TVDavid Massey4
5.1 Channel Input Raj Sreedhar6
Need advice, and criticism if deserved... Ray McKelvie7
Which one of these brands is the BEST!Ray McKelvie6
New buyer, need help.JOHN S6
DVD Catalog system helpLarry Rivero1
Gimme some help plz02GPpIMPIN4
Would anybody be interested in making some money?chris bruce1
HDMI vs component for digital cable, receiver, DVD comboMichael Cameron2
AUDIGY 2 ZS Notebook.............Do you really need it?Berny5
Will Yamaha HTR-5890 Reciever Run my Cerwin VEga VE-15 floorstandin...Berny2
Home Theatre setup, several questions...Casey2
How to connect HTPC, HD Plasma, Surround, satellite?Casey2
Hook Up HDTV, DVD Recorder/VCR, Cable STB, A/V ReceiverJOHN S10
Any recommendations for tower speakers?jim VARCOE5
Bose Life style 12Berny8
How can I record from hdtv cable box to vcr?phil17
Reciever Suggestions for JBL E100 or Athena AS-F2.2Casey9
Need Best set up--Almost thereCasey2
NHT ST-4 or KEF IQ5?Berny2
Home Theater New JackTravis Downing3
Dali Ikon 7?Geoff1
Hook up for new dvd recordermike behm6
Setting up PVR, DVD and Plasma with HDMI board.Tom Grantonic11
How do I record from DVR to VCR?Berny6
Clueless Newbie can't hook up his gearJOHN S3
LG and Sony Home TheatreStof3
Marantz, time to go?Rush2
Setup Receiver w/o HDMI with HD-DVD PlayerJOHN S5
Quick Question. Help Please Cody L.4
Family Room Setup - Advice NeededRush10
Help with a (small) HT.Berny9
Dipole Speaker PlacementKurt King3
Chicken or the eggArty-G5
Telefunken tht152 dvd 5.1 surround systemrick priest1
TV through projectorCasey2
RBH SpeakersLothar Mann1
Composite video via coaxial cableJOHN S5
Will a different wire work?Adam C3
Audio issueBerny2
HT recieverArty-G7
Harman Kardon AVR 340Bryan LeBlanc10
Onkyo 803/Comcast HD digital questionJohn Schumann3
How do you hook up your subs if it has 2 inputs? Paul Wang9
HDTV or Projector?Paul Larrea5
Affording it?Brandon Marthinsen1
Speaker/install cost?Caleb Denison2
Subwoofer placementAndy Summers5
Is phase linear any good?bassman313
Newbie --> NEED HELP for 5.1 Surround SoundMartin VanMeter3
Connecting a terminal RCA plug onto a prewire sub cableBerny2
Please second guess me! This is what I'm close to buyingBerny10
Using regular speaker wire on powered subBerny2
A Friends home cinema, and his B&Warmstrongguy3
Headphones with PIP jim baker1
In need of Setup guidanceCaleb Denison3
Are SACD Connections Worth The Extra Installation Cost?JOHN S25
Receiver On Screen Menu May Be GoneFrank12031
In wall/ceiling HT speakers options.Rush4
AVR - Help me decide!Thom T5
College student in need of help with HTIBChristopher Baggio2
Advice on receiverBerny8
Switching JVC receiver from s-vid/composite in to component in- help!JOHN S4
Nad T163 Pre/Pro Mating With Rotel RMB 1075Pramodapple2
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