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Basement home theater layourBerny2
Bose AcousticmassIII Beginner4
How to add 5.1 HT to my existing stereo system?Dennis Lin5
Are Monster Cables worth the expensive price?Will_H9
Basement HT, framing next week, advice please?Berny2
Speakers in the ceiling?Berny2
Running speakers through VCRBerny2
8000HD connection to VCRAnonymous2
5.1 or 6.1? speaker placement question. Matt4
HELP with TV connectionsBerny2
Which combination would you choose? (Receiver / Front speakers)...therealelitefan2
2.1 to 5.1Berny6
Movie questionA STARK2
Speaker wire needs to be same length?izub3
Help connecting 5.1 set to T.V.Berny2
Help Running DVD,VCR,& Gamecube through Stereo Receiver!!!Berny8
One quick question?robmastaofgasta1
Calling all pros--newbie needs help!newbie043
Need some advicesvash4
Wireing QuestionJ. Vigne2
Just got speaker system.Monologue5
Advice getting new home theater speakersMonologue7
Weakest link?ABC10
Pioneer DV-656A poor cd playbacktherealelitefan7
Toslink (optical) or Coaxial? Which is better?G1dogg5
New to group an need help KEGGER12
Use of RF ModulatorMike Esparza2
Comcast digital cable 5.1 boxesNick smith5
HK - AVR 230 component and speaker setupKeith Tompkins1
Need advice - which speakers and receiver to buy?Mike Hurd1
HT Hookup to TV with only coax inveggies271
Suggestions for a set up.john bonare2
S-video or 15 pin pc connectionAuction Police4
Audio Hook-up: NEED HELP PLEASEJ. Vigne3
Connecting an Unpowered Subwoofer?J. Vigne2
Help on setting up Polk Speakers with Denon 3805Lizander Pandy1
Can sum1 help a newbie pls ?Blacksburg Hokie2
More than 1 SUB?!Blacksburg Hokie4
?'s about Coax/Cable to RCA audio (TV to Stereo)dave kroemer1
DVI or VGA to Component Video Converter?Anonymous27
Sub Wiring Blaine1
Room SizeHenrietta Mackenzie3
Best receiver for Definitive Procinema 60???therealelitefan3
DVD Recorder / HDTV setuupKarl Heinz6
Home Theater Setup Questions!Clifford Nale9
Pioneer 55txi - USB audio cutting in/outMikeCruz3
New Construction - Home Theater Setup Help RequestJ. Vigne2
Setup Of Onkyo 767 w/ Toshiba TVBerny3
DENON 1804 - Mission M53 - MA S1 PROBLEMPetar Stefanovic7
Sub Install QuestionBerny2
Do I need equal speaker cable lengths when wiring?okkin3
Going Nuts with surround sound Chris1
Bi-Wiring QuestionA STARK2
Newbie question....... PLEASE HELP ME :-)...robbie22
In wall cabling for In-wall/In-Ceiling speakersMary13
Speakers of varied impedenceJ. Vigne2
Help matching Onkyo speakers to Onkyo receiversBerny2
Help Pleasetherealelitefan2
Stereo signal bypass through receiverken smo1
Yamaha RX-V1400 QuestionAlan1
Shielded Cables.J. Vigne2
1st HT - YamahaRXV640 and Infinity speakers?Jason Sellers1
Seven channel setupA STARK1
Quality cables...worth the price?johnm7
RCA Home Theater Audio Video Receiver RT2370 - Problems controlling...Martin J. Eley1
Onkyo 760 and ceiling mounting my rear surroundsShawn Beechwood1
DVD audio out of sync with videojoe maggio1
Help hooking surround sound/DVD/TV.Gregory T Buggy1
Connecting DVD with surround: How do I get audio and video?felipe gomez1
New Room Setup - Advicestink7
Component hook-up thru TV or Receiver?!?johnm2
Monster Cable Power Center w/ Surge Protection (HTS3500)felipe gomez3
A/V Cabinet Fans/CoolingJ. Vigne2
Widescreen QuestionAnonymous4
Help! Just got Sony Wide Screen and DVD Home Theatre, return and g...johnm3
Need advice on receiver-speakers set-upJere F. Goffredo, Jr2
Speaker position - surrounds in frontchris andrew1
Help! Just got Sony Wide Screen and DVD Home Theatre, return and g...sanee1
Home theater in basementEric Pisanko1
Surround sound speakers A STARK1
Car subs with home theater??Joe F5
TV Mointors w/o built in speakersJ. Vigne3
Question about OHMSSammi M2
Onkyo TX-NR801 or Denon AVR-3805 with B&W speakers?Sam Maurus3
Need helpppp badly. Don't know how to hook up speakers to my surrou...Berny4
Thoughts on Yamaha RX-V2400Alan4
Surge protector questionChris Muldoon4
Please help with DVD Recorder / Home Theater questionAnonymous4
Help Please!Benjamin L12
TV Mointors w/o built in speakersthomas kehoe1
Please help with setting speaker levelsVasia Repa6
Coax Digital CableShan Tao2
Sound and Picture not in syncJohn Thompson2
Best curtains for window?? where to find 'em?? Thanks!Anonymous4
Surround Setup & WAFG Blanchard3
Onkyo 770 Speaker PositionEd5
COMPONENT input Modulator?Anonymous2
What kind of Projector/Screen for $1500?a4kenny3
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