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HT set upBerny10
New User-DB setup questiondavid silva2
I can't hear suround sound.im_living_large15
Comcast 5.1 box only sends sound to 2 channels on non-5.1 broadcasts?Scotty2Hotty4
DVD progressive scan problemsBrenden West5
Using Creative Inspire 5.1 speakers with DVD PlayerBrenden West2
Denon AVR-3803/1083 Multi-Room set-upBrenden West2
Confused??? Need help on reciever optionsBrenden West2
TV sound is not loud coming through receiverBrenden West6
Debating which receiver to get.Brenden West5
Koss/cheap home theaters in a boxBrenden West3
Need help matching a DVD player with my HTS (newb)...Brenden West3
Basic Q about "optical out"Brenden West8
NAD T761 setup questionBrenden West3
Run sound through stereo on AV1Brenden West4
$1000Brenden West4
Klipsch & Denon 484 Speaker SettingsBrenden West5
Cooling Fan ThermostatsBrenden West2
Help me to configure Optical setup.Brenden West7
Recommendation for an A/V recieverBrenden West4
Beginner needs helpBrenden West6
Bose Cube SpeakersBrenden West3
Comcast Digital cable in South FloridaJonD5
Onkyo Receiver Hookupdavid silva2
6.1 Speaker Set-Up Problem?????Scott3
Is my center channel too high?Scotty2Hotty2
Def TechBerny4
HDMI--> DVI Conversion vs Component VideoA. Philipp1
Receiver causes audio delay when using DVDMr. Lynch2
Buying EquipmentAnonymous1
Analog VGA-->Component into KDF-70XBR950?Adam Urbanczyk1
Crossover/Sub problemGarrett1
TR-502 Digital Series Home TheaterAnonymous4
Looking for advice on surround system $1k-ish budget, in wall speak...Dave noyb1
DVI & HDMI ???kanadien3
SR601 goes to PROTECT mode.. Please helpBrenden West4
Advice on problems with Bose Lifestyle 35Claire Morris1
Why make Video signal goes through receiver ?david silva6
Component cooling in Cabinets?Chris Laudermilk9
Component switching questionJulia6
XLR Balanced input vs. RCA connection unbalanced input.Anonymous5
Comcast hd / digi cable with pioneer vsx-d711John Detweiler5
Help needed for planning for a home theater system (I am based in I...abhishek powar1
5 component hookup challenge - old school/new school mixBrianKelley7
Ceiling speaker questionm. Hill4
Is My Cable Company Messing with Me?Scotty2Hotty2
RCA to exposed wire?Scotty2Hotty9
Suggestions needed for soundproofing from in-wallsBerny2
HD newb Qs>>>Scotty2Hotty2
5.1 Surround sound from the TVKruz11
PC - TV Audio SetupKruz3
Speaker placement 5.1 in combo living/dining roomScotty2Hotty2
DVI vs Componentsuperguy86
Too good to be true?Scotty2Hotty9
Voltages on some RG-6, but not all - From where?Chris Wolcott1
HELP - Only 1 HDMI Input - TIVO or DVD Player?ecapt2
I am getting too much light in my roomkdfgklhgfkshaf4
My first home theater - helpJacob Saenz32
Fitting house with ideal cables before plastering etcJeremy Peaks4
Help decision please: Buy a better center channel or less expensiv...Berny2
Does anyone know how to hook up dancing lights for music to a home ...Berny2
DVD sound level really lowtherealelitefan8
Audio UpgradesBerny6
Paradigm or Axiom Surrounds?hedonio8
PS 2 through my recievercurtxxx2
Rough-in for 7.1 HELP!M Casey1
Pulling speaker wire under carpet, misc cabling...Rene1
Why connect DVD or other video sources to A/V receiver?Frank20
Help with hook up or technical help!! Sharp Aquos 37" & HK AVR 525 ...Mike V1
Setup Difficulty - Onkyo TX-SR502 TX-SR502B TX-SR502SRene6
First the receiver, then the...Parker Bussey3
Planning stages, too many options for the new guy...Parker Bussey2
Fixed vs variable audio outputjaguar.xjr10
Bose system questionsAnonymous6
Hooking up DVD ---> Home TheaterRene4
Acoustic Research AP and DA modelsVivek Sharma1
What celing material do I use?Anonymous2
Receiver 120V in Europetytu1
Speaker ConnectionJays Lost3
Placing the sub?johnm4
Anyone knows the "Acoustic Monitor" Speakerlook4sun2
Marantz 5400 Setup Menu HelpJuan Pablo1
Replacing Onkyo TXSV515PROII ... Suggetions?simanco1
THoughts on these speakers for Media room.Bob Taylor1
DVI vs Component Hookup for Analog TV signal.. HELP!!Anonymous1
In-Ceiling Speaker RecommendationsGina20042
Hooking up Xbox to HDTV to Home Theatermark Trombulak1
Ceiling mounted speakersscot whitworth1
Help with New Construction - placement and system Dustin Atkins1
DVD Player to AV Receiver to TV QuestionBill Smith1
Speaker placementMike Jones1
To Upgrade, or not to Upgrade. That is the question.Berny6
In-Wall Volume Control ProblemsTony Dubler1
Sony strde935 wiring diagram//no soundPradeep Shan1
Def Tech Powered Center Channel need help??okkin1
NAD T753 !Berny2
Can i attach two sets speaker cable to one speaker?J. Vigne2
Receiver cuts off!Blaine Buttermore12
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