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Debating what TV to getJesse33
Help needed. Hooking up Home theatre with various speakers.AL DUB3
Help with Speaker Layout....Andy Summers7
5.1 or 7.1????????????Andy Summers4
Sony Grand Wega 50" questionPaul2
What do buy next???Paul2
Have RX-V 1500 but what speakers should get??/Paul4
New system connections - Please helpPaul2
What I need to buy to begin setting it up???Paul4
Cables - clips, plugs, or direct to binding posts?Paul3
Don't compromise the performance?Andy Summers1
Bose Home Theatre - No sound - Bose closed on Sundayem693
Home theater setupdhs2
Jbl - Yamaha QuestionAndy Summers5
Xbox setup in theaterjoseph coulson4
DIY screen option?Carl Fricks1
Jvc surround sound system plays dvds in black and whiteZorzetto3
Need help with HD receiver/home theatre configurationsDirecTV Installer Gu5
Samsung ProblemsMy Full Name1
Speaker problemsJay Blackham3
Need suggestionsStillinneed5
Some 1 help meBerny11
Starting From ScratchBerny7
7 channel A/B switch Jared Daughenbaugh3
Which way to spendBerny2
How to use Power amp in 6 channel systemBerny2
Wall mount speakersGlenn Selby3
Cable lengts / setup for LCD-TVThomas Deutschmann1
Newbie: receiving fm station in sub wooferFEOT2
Cannot Get Both Surround and Center Speakers to Work Simultaneously!FEOT3
What projector to buy for a restaurant?Ingrid Jacobsen8
Denon 2105 + JVC 52G886 = VCR and XBox not workingDAP2
New System Setup Questions.joseph coulson4 do i plu g in dvd to new panasonic plasmaDale M. Wiley2
Polk R50 vs Athena AS-F1.2Rakesh Gal1
Small surrounds to be mounted on the ceiling ...Stevizard2
Have the Heart now I need the body.....Robert H6
Problems with setting up 5.1 surround soundANNE MOORE2
Have checked Denon 3805 diagrams but not sure about connecting HT, ...Austen Evans21
Help - No Surround Sound and No VideoAnonymous13
Bose LifeStyle 28 MP3 CD Playing problemRakesh Shah1
Need advice home theater components and speakersDan1
Need advice for audio and video cable length!JAK17
Mini Theatreanshul jain1
Multiple optical audio outputsAnonymous3
How high?JOHN S6
Component to DVI-D connector/converterAnthony Tigero1
Speaker Cablescanary1
HDTV Receiver and TIVO questionCreg Prude3
Need help with setup of 13 '8 X 12 '8 roomFEOT12
Wondering if it's possible to plug in computer surround into a TV.....FEOT2
Unable to Program Tivo Remote for AKAI 50 inch PlasmaDave Stone1
Ok yall I need projector advice....joseph coulson17
Pioneer receiver lost remoteJOHN S6
Universal Remote & Multi Disc DVD ChangersFEOT5
Bookshelf speakers without subwooferPaul2
Connecting front speakers to two amps (5.1 & stereo)Julien1
7.1 speaker setup, side speakers bipole, but in front of me??neovsmatrix3
Set up question (Direct TV / Panasonic HT930)Paul6
Help me..I'm sinking!Craig Miller1
Connecting tv/vcr/dvd/cable with RF modulatorpl1
Problem With My Home Theatre Please help...Nadav Benshushan1
Center Speaker - over or under television set?Theo Schen4
Bose Lifestyle 5 & Sony STR-DE345 HelpRob5
Speaker selectionWill3
Setting up the Video/Audio home systemDr Achal Gulati4
Showing offPaul10
Sound Proofing??em6912
Help with Hooking It All Up!tymee mcintosh3
2 video displays, multiple inputs, 1 AV Receiver?Stephen Gertsch1
How can make audio connection bet Onkyo rec.and analog TV has no au...JOHN S2
Denon receiver 485Robert Vosper1
Placement of Left and Right ChannelsDAP4
How to hook up all my componantsLydia Guadiana1
Help setting up my Home Theatre System with Xbox.Rob Hayes1
Universal Remotes - Your Recommendationsjoseph coulson4
Onkyo 602 receiver PS2 and TV connectionPENA1
Wall plates/Termination of CablesKangle C1
7.1 surround back speaker placementTheo Schen2
How can I sell a HT system if I don't know the value?joseph coulson5
Hook up for Cable box, VCR, DVR, ReceiverDavid Samuelson2
$2000 BudgetDavid Samuelson5
11 X 25 ft room & 7.1 ( 6.1 ) Speaker PlacementKeith Regan4
8' X 13' room set uppc Chai1
Help No rear speaker sound!Mackace233
Distance from TV to other A/V components (what is TOO far)R.Renteria1
Home Theatre Sound System?Larry McLaughlin1
Help me out with a few things joseph coulson4
Denon 785S/1905 vs.????Robert H1
Corner Setupjoseph coulson2
Stumped Newbiejoseph coulson2
Sanyo plz3 projector hook upcrazy canuck2
Setting up cheap home theatre, what are quest speakers like?DWillms1
Dvd helpjoseph coulson7
Hi, newbie with questionsjoseph coulson5
HelpThe Nerdly Guy2
Help for NAD T773 unusal zone settings...chavez1
Denon 3805 HDMI connection helpMike OConnor1
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