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Need help setting up sony HT6900dp home theatersnap1663
Component Video QuestionBerny2
What equipment do you reccomend......$5,000budget?Westcott8
Help Check My Set Up PleaseCasey2
New selfbuildshamuchef4
Magnavox smartseries not reading DVDDavid Massey3
2 rears in 6.1--I don't understand!David Massey2
I have all this equipment & thinking I don't have them hooked up ri...Stof6
Subwoofer feed back....mike mclean1
I need help hooking up my surround sound system.Casey11
How to Connect my Television(with no audio o/p) to my Home theater ...Casey5
Hook Up Help!!!!Stof2
Two Amps One Speaker - Please helpMerwyn Machado2
New HomeJ.R. T.1
Programming Audio Cuts Out When Watching TVT B3
Plz Help me with sony dvd home theatre system...MPH2
Help with Sony home theaterMPH3
Sony Dream System DAV-FX80 Help!!MPH4
Sony KDF-E50A10 analog issueJay L2
Denon 1905 InstallationMPH2
Too much trebleJames Wright3
PC to Home TheaterStof4
Connect improvementStof2
Looking for good/best quality center channel in small form factorMichael Cameron2
New Home Theatre Setup - Just need Rx/Center and FrontsKen Lince1
6.1 to 7.1waste of money6
Confused about DVD-Audio and Regular Audio CD'sJOHN S2
Need help, no sound coming from speakers, subwoofer...Eric Garrison1
Pioneer System Remote SR and SR+ cablingLegend200020012
Speaker wire problemsJerry G. Yatros3
Rookie seeks advice...Birdmanjones3
Sub wooferZachary3
Digital cable box,vcr,and dvd playerJOHN S2
Change to Video 1 to watch a DVDBerny4
SA 8300HD and firmware disaster (cablevision and yamaha)Neil Kraft1
Hi, Can you help me dial in my Sound systemAnonymous3
Help - new sony speaker system messing up HD signalBerny4
HDMI vs Optical audioMPH3
HDMI from Direct TV Rec to TV, but can I use Digital audio to recei...John Ostaf5
Upscaling DVD vs HDMI receiverMichael Cameron2
Need help pleasePaul Cosgrove1
Multiple sources on a single co-ax line?Jay L4
Video Distortion with Digital Cable?Jay L11
Yamaha HTR-5830 AV Receivernevermorh5
How to use old HTIB sub with new systemNathan Stohler2
Suggestion on how to hide WiresLuciano9
Tang Band Group Buy!!!alteraudiousa1
Is it really THATimportant to match speakers....?Stof4
Please Help Berny4
Proxima DP 5610- AS new in Box New Bulb in Boxchris kobesko1
2optical audio outputs to one inputJOHN S3
Set-up QuestionJOHN S2
Need some help with surround soundIan Johnson1
How do you run dual subwoofers?John Saldana7
Problem Please Helpjon riber1
Connecting a HDTV to a receiver with out component connectionsJohn Torres3
How do connect this stuff???Stof2
What to expect from my setup (New-bie here, be kind)John Saldana6
Ceiling Speaker AdviceJohn Saldana1
Completion is nearEric Carlson3
Advice, PleaseBen3
When to upgrade Reciever?Berny2
Odd shaped roomjkminn.1
How to hook up powered sub to Pioneer SX-315 receiver Jack Johnston1
Pre Planningem697
In wall setup, any input appreciatedkeith lynch1
Help with Installation...Michael Sogunro2
Is this possible?Michael Sogunro4
Whats with HDCP?Eric Carlson2
Suspending speakers from ceiling?Eric Carlson3
AV Pre/Pro Waste of money with only front speakers?Paul Folbrecht1
Connection QuestionsStof2
Panasonic DVD Player SA HT500Stof2
Feedback on New 5.1 System PlanLes Koyanagi3
Theatre sound problemIan Johnson1
Denon HTIB / Samsung HDTV: connection questionsMichael Cameron27
Noob to home theater... got a question about dvd burnerBerny4
Cabling for a pioneer elite plasma raj patel1
Help with setup...Berny2
Calibrating a Toshiba 44NHM84 DLP.Brett G1
Help with DTSBerny4
Is any one audio setting best for 5.1 surround?William Greene3
New system questions: Marantz receiver w/Def Tech speakersWilliam Greene3
Home Theater Connection IdeasAdam3
Connecting PC to receiver?Jesse1
Home TheaterBerny2
Home theater rookie with some questions......C Man10
Centre match for TDL KV1s?xclasov1
TV to Receiver Using Optical Only (All Components hooked to TV)?...MrEdCan3
Bose vs Other choicesKip Wells3
Got a gift Curtiss DVD 5029 - is barely audible...WHY?Berny3
HDMI questionsMichael Cameron4
Subwoofer suggestion for current HT setupTracy DePuma4
Need Recommendation on PC Based Home TheaterJ Holmes1
Anyone have the Denon 3806?dbaile9
Home Theater Installation Line Conditioning EquipmentMichael Cameron2
Will this unshielded speaker damage my TVMatt Matcuk3
Cable connection to Sony TV HelpStof2
How to use TV speakers as your Front Left and Right??? emodica4
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