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Home Theater Setup 90% WorkingWilliam Harley1
Alternatives to the Bose 3-2-1jeremy18203
Audio connection: RCA vs. fiber opticthe Electrical Engin5
Setting up digital cables correctlyjoseph coulson9
Projector Location?Carl Fricks1
Playstation2 as DVD player w/projectorCarl Fricks1
NEW ROOM - wiring / crown moldingPhilMan5
Front channel speaker placement in wall vs cieling?PhilMan6
Epson or DreamweaverCarl Fricks1
SONY STR-K840P Surround systemmichael smidt3
Questions about hooking up Home TheaterPaul9
Idiot needs pro helpjohnman5
Marantz SR-8400 & Speaker ConfigDavid Nguyen2
My main room is shaped like an F ? HELP!!!Paul4
Dormroom AudioNate1
Should I use a power conditioner (Monster HTS5100)?Scotty5
Center channel/subwoofer helpRick152
Speaker Wire QuestionDale M. Wiley3
Newbie questionBerny6
Novice with simple connection question( please help)Anonymous1
Questions about hooking up Home TheaterChris Laudermilk2
HT-S670 (or any receiver)/TV Set-upMark Vyvoda18
No sound when using optical connectiondaveinhuntsville3
Help with a denon avr-3802 (standby mode!?!?!)azngamer007@hotmail.1
Big screen moving help neededPaul5
Subwoofer connection problemjoseph coulson6
Coaxial digital v. ToslinkDale M. Wiley4
Surround Speaker Placement - CeilingPaul3
Help, please: new receiver and speakersS. Koenig8
Troubleshooting Issuemajor2
Custom Wire HarnessElectricly Chalanged1
Sony HT-6900DP audio helpTerry J Landgraf1
Help needed on speaker set upabdul17
Different volume levels between tv and tunerlin morrison1
NAD t743 problemsPaul6
Quick question...connecting 2nd subEddie2
Harmon Kardon receiver & Paradigm speakersBruce Kiley1
Help with set-up of Pioneer DMR E85 H with Denon AVR 3805nick young1
Please Help, Tivo Digital Cable HDTV A/V madnessTyler O'Farrell1
I am a rookie and need installation advice for new tvmichael carter7
Frustrated with Component VideoMichelangelo Mazzare3
Power handling capacity of speakersWatch the volume!!2
Help! I need help with setting up my telly!Paul2
DVI PROBLEM, RED SCREEN. is it the cable, the tv, or the dvd?Paul2
Component In Interference Type Problem with DVD player...Henry Spraggins7
Please help: new receiver and speaker set upjoseph coulson2
Kawasaki ElectronicsConnie P36
Speaker / Receiver Matchingfrank santora7
Does any one have a hook up diagram for dvd/vcr combo with digital ...arnie4
Help with Home Theater setup and cablesPaul7
Speakers that match Pioneer VSX 1014David Raedts5
Help: Setup TX-SR602Carl Hixon1
Help needed for Xbox setup with receiverfrank santora5
Caring for your speakersfrank santora9
Wire run questionsjoseph coulson5
Help please all you geniuses!how do you hook up optical cables thro...joseph coulson2
Wiring upgrade suggestions neededjoseph coulson5
Upgrading 5.1 to 6.1 or 7.1 bipole vs. dipole vs. direct joseph coulson4
Yamaha rx-v2400 outside speaker connection probSteve S.2
Need help with surround sound modesSteve Takacs1
How do you hook up optical cables through a system selector? help!brian roy4
Help placing speakers in walltyson gundersen3
Which Home Theater cables are the best?Dale M. Wiley9
Which connections are best?Steve S.4
Anyone heard anything GOOD or BAD about Python Cables?Bob McClune2
Denon AVR-1905 - DVD Component video problemClyde Stringer1
"clean" power barsSteven Dickerson13
A little room acoustic problem.PhilMan3
Optical cable...can you help pleaseAnonymous5
Does the SubWoofer Cable Really Matter?2112
Yamaha receiver-which speaker?Paul2
Problem with Yamaha home theater ampYuji Nishii1
Building a new SystemSteve S.2
Need amp adviceron blacketer1
Dumb Question For the Experts HereRichard A4
Connecting receiver,tv,vcr,dvd & satellite together.pratibha r. desai13
Hiding wires PhilMan7
Advice needed - Surround sound speaker set-upG. Smith2
Two questions from a newbiejoseph coulson9
$5000 to spend on new system - helpjoseph coulson7
NET COMMAND SETUPron andersen1
Old Bose suround systemAnonymous3
Xbox video wont go through recieverDale M. Wiley2
Wanting a good book on building home theatergator1
Suggestions re: sound system for businessjer53451
Need Help with my Home Theater Set-Upvoriand4
Pioneer Elite 54-tx looking for speakersSteve S.5
Need advice ugrading my DJ PA Sys to HTAndres caceres1
Home theater speakers position dilemma?Steve S.2
Yamaha RX-V750 or YAMAHA HTR5760 7.1 ?Ron Howard2
Speaker buzz, possible ground issue? help!Anonymous5
New to forum and i need some helpScotty4
Interseting Setup, PLEASE help, Newbe !!!Charlie Fenning4
Playstation2 to panasonic HT 720jde91
TV height off floorPaul2
Samsung DLP 4663 - Native Resolution?Cyterio5
Do people do both - HT and 2 channelRomie1
Yamaha RX-V750 or KENWOOD VR8070 THX Audio?jeff landry2
$5000 to spend on new system - helpKris Beighton1
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