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Need help with a universal remoteJohn Spinella1
Where to hide sub?Joe Campbell2
Need some direction with Mitsubishi WD-52725 hookupGary Horn9
Hooking PC up to HT 5.1arrow2242
S-Video VS ScartSnejk1
Auto channel calibration reicievers?EG1
Combine Old & New: A new HTIB or High-end Receiver+Old Speakers?...Peter Forbes1
Help adding VCR to setuparnie5
Connecting two receivers to 8000HD cablebox??Mark Avalos2
HELP! Composite video conversion?nutoa/v1
Expert opinion neededBrad Wasmus1
Newbie with digital audio questionBerny2
Help with setup to set sound TV > Home TheaterJose Manule3
Top and bottom of picture cut offRichard Andy2
WD-52525, Directtv HD ConfigurationPaul3
Need help in 5 speaker switchRaj711
Pre Amp QuestionDerek Kainz1
Choosing 7.1 receiverCrunchy14
RCA RT2280 ReceiverBryan McEachern1
I have concrete floors - I need help with speakersMy name is my own.4
6.1 placement?Do you hear what I h3
Where can I find short cables/interconnects?asdfsdfasdfasdf3
Hooking up wireless speakers for rear surrounds....P-man1
Wall Mounts for Klipsch RS-35s?LandlockedPH1
Upgrading Optic Audio CableBerny2
HELP! Can't get satellite to work w/ new setuparnie8
Too, to, two 2 many optionskevin lavallee1
Connecting a CPU to an A/V receiverRich1
Help with banana wire connectorsPerry2
Please Help with DVD speakers and TV audioAnonymous6
Why do 5.1 interconnects cost so much?BryanH2
Optic Cable 3x Switch HELP!!!!!!Bem1
New Construction Pre-Wired Home-How do I install the speakers?teefalcon3
I spent the money!...Now how does it work?arnie2
Thoughts or Help with Home Theater Installationarnie3
DVD Recorder, TV, Cable Box Setuparnie3
Home theatre, VCR and TVarnie2
Need help setting up Comcast DVR into Receiverarnie2
Need help with the settings on my receiver.....Please :-)...Nick smith1
Connecting an organ to home theatreGary1
Any issues with uneven/long wiring lengths?Nathan Stohler4
Large or Small speakersNathan Stohler2
Please give me some adviceTPE7
Trying to use tv instead of vcr on sony ht-ddw660eri3162
HELP hooking logitech Z-680 to TVKyle Mecklem1
Hdmi dvd & t.v. but not receiverAnonymous1
Newbie Needs some adviceKevin J.3
Probably a stupid question but I'm new to thisBerny2
A budget of $7,000-10,000 for everything, what to get?gavincumm5
Need Serious HelpScotty2Hotty2
Question on speaker wire length & VCR video outputGary Horn1
Home theater ideas. Help?Jeff Wheelwright1
Banana plug confusionBerny2
Advanced AV Connectivity Questionsjohnm2
Help with lip synch problemtommyd1
Setup Component and Digital AudioMagnumVP3
Does anyone have this?Kit Malroy1
AXIOM instead of BOSE?????Berny3
5.1 speaker setup in L shaped roomMeredith Dodd1
How do I get sound through my speakers from older TV?eric fitzgerald3
Please Help....Desperate for Help....Newbie1
How do I connect my Samsung speakers to my JVC receiver (newbie)...Kevin J.7
Center channel too high and closed inbrian5
Surround sound ampBerny2
Omnimount LCD Cantilever Wall MountISH1
J & R ...Kurt H3
Best economic audio cableAnonymous3
Problems getting sound playing movie DVDsIan Clark1
In wall placement - need advicePhilMan2
Distorted sound from Surround and Front SpeakersNathan Stohler2
Video is sometimes distorting DVD's output pictureBerny4
Question about Composite cables and stuff (Newbie)rob2
The final step.... I need some helpBerny2
Surround speaker placement, TV in cornerMark R. Caron1
Please recommend - Receiver / SpeakersBerny2
Help me spend $1000 on a Home Theater SystemMike Hall4
DVD player audio output helpBryanH5
How do I get my stereo speakers to play through my TV's sound?pyl2os3
Wall Plates for A/V Signals DVI etc.???PhilMan3
Sound delay from cable box to surround soundKevin J.2
6 Channel output to a good Surround sound system?daniel_french5
Calibration of Sony KP-46WT520 with Avia Guide to HometheaterBerny3
How do I get video from my PC to my TV ?Nick Gilbert2
Best DVD for $200---Need clarity! Badly! daniel francis5
Tell what you guys think of my set up??daniel francis1
Help with choosing speakers for a receiver.Berny2
Please help me set up my amplifier to my limited connection TVNick Gilbert1
Setup ntl(cable tv) dvd and tvJonathon McDermott1
Finding rear speakers for my HTTony1
Bose-cubes direct to NAD T753?Markus Christiansson1
Will a power amp NAD 216 add any improvement pz1
Need more speaker powerBerny7
Question regarding A/V selector...please help!!!Bob Smith2
What's YOUR take on this?! speaker setup frank santora3
Upgrade Recommendation please !Berny2
Yamaha Home Theater QuestionsBerny2
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