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Room about to be sheetrockedMr. V2
Video upconversion on Yamaha RX-V2400Van1
System suggestionsTerry Wood1
NAD T 753: Problems with the Neo:6 formats?Ccl1
Help on Home Theater set upFink2
First time system...HELP!?Anonymous5
Which Screen for my projector should I get?Scottro3
AXIOM or B&WBerny2
Denon DVD Players...........Mike K Spear1
Home Theater for IDIOTS - Installation Advice (CABLES and OTHER)...Anonymous1
Receiver for my JM LAB Sib and Cub 5.1 Speakers??????Holden Caufield2
Looking for opinions to buy speakers for ~ $4000 and a receiver for...Mike2
Can I upgrade NAD AV316 to incorp DTS?Berny2
NEC LT158 Projector problemsChris Hayden1
Wall mounts for Polk RM2350Paul Gronowski1
Projector Install.............HELP!Mike1
Need help for pre/ampSergio2
New HT system speaker recomendationsCB5
AVIA DVD? Helpful?Smitty4
My home theater setup (need input)Dimitry S3
5.1 vs. 6.1larry varjak1
Component video connections???Anonymous5
Spdif(coax) to 5.1 Anonymous5
Home Theater Starter System - Advice Neededtelecommander8
Digital coaxial cable -vs- standard video cableLester Ferguson4
Do I need a line conditioner?dan roberts8
Help me with speakers...Anonymous5
Yamaha vs. DenonElmar Biewenga1
Dedicated home theather questions???ryan tracy1
Here's what I've decided-Feedback PleaseVillnius341
Standard TV - is surround possible??johnm2
Pioneer receiver/ Polk speakers feedbackVic1
Which cables will make a great soundAnonymous2
Help setting up system for someone new to thisBryan8
Looking for receiver advice from KazakhstanSean R. Roberts1
Soundcard outputs to 5.1 inputsSean R. Roberts2
Advice for LARGE spacehedonio2
Infinity Modulus vs Klipsch Cinema for home theater?gzoda1
Need help on hooking up a dahlton 5.1 home theater speaker system!Berny2
Advice on how best to buy a new televisionAnonymous1
Hooking up stereo speakers to shaw digital cable box?JOHN S2
Pioneer VSX D912k: Bright or warm; dim and tepid?gzoda1
Setting up Mitsubishi Netcommandnotorious av guy2
Harman Kardon AVR525 vs. Onkyo TX-SR601Sean R. Roberts3
Bi-wiringMr. V3
Two Separate center channel speakers = overkill?Lester Ferguson1
Can I incorporate Bose 901's ?Berny4
Need advice for dvd/dvr/sat boxchris grieser5
What's wrong??Matt Haug2
Simple Connection Problem?JOHN S7
PAL out put for NTSC receivers?NTSC_PAL1
Connections for SubsShelby Pierce2
Home Theater Noobie needs adviceShelby Pierce5
Getting 5.1 to work with NAD T750 and CA Azur 540D ?Ole Poulsen1
HT books or Magazines?Mr. V3
Marantz SR-18EX and sound cuts out at high volumeShelby Pierce2
Help pleaseBerny2
Speaker wall mount installationNick Williams3
Asstance with Overall SystemMystri1
Silly question?? (speaker stands)John A.4
Speaker Wire Out > Low level in - what to do?Berny2
Setting up Klipsch RSW15 sub?jstl2
Setup Helpsteve Obedoza2
HELP!steve Obedoza2
Subwoofer,volume level,jeff wilds3
Need help on my stereo hookup to tv (cant find my other post)Berny9
I have a 3803 time to expandtherealelitefan4
Matching speakersBerny3
Onkyo TX-DS676: I have sound, no video. Looking for advice; I've gi...Berny2
How much difference does my Co-axial cable make?JOHN S4
Help in purchaseAlexl10
Poor pictureAlexl1
Watts? what does this mean?j. vigne2
Helppp!! lost connecting the boxes!!! I know it's logical, butttttt...Vick4
Could use some speaker advice for upgradingtherealelitefan4
Large odd shaped room ... HELPPPPPP!J. Vigne5
Yamaha 5560 Help!!!Thomas1
Refurbished Philips MX 3660D any good?Rocker2
Yamaha RXV 540;Speaker suggestions pleaseElmar Biewenga1
Help me finalize my HT plans (7k-ish)....bigfan8
Recommendations PLEASE !!!!!!!BOCA3
Pioneer System Cable Predicament !!Vinny Srin1
Vcr-antenna in HT setuporbit3
Home Theater set up...Anonymous4
Question about Home Theater I hate them477
Viewing dvd without black linesJ. Vigne2
How to connect computer speakers to receiver - helpJulie L1
Speaker cable slackj. vigne3
The be all end all in questionsJohn A.6
Meridian G Series Home TheatreMr. V2
B&W 600 series 3 setup, but what sub to use? Help!Anonymous1
Asw675 or HGS10 or SPL1000?Anonymous1
KH 330 Vs Onkyo 601JoeDS1
Home Entertainment Built-In Cabinet...J. Vigne2
Tilting my TVMike in Canada3
Question on hooking up a DVD player to Home TheaterBerny58
Simple steps in hooking up Durbrand HT to VCR, cable box & TVRonald Arndt1
Side/Rear SpeakersShelby Pierce3
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