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New Home Theatre Setup - Just need Rx/Center and FrontsKen Lince1
Sterio receiver questionStof3
Do I need a receiver with HDMI input/output?Erhan Erdem1
DLP digital audio output connectionsBill Ezell1
I live in an apartment...what kind of system should I get?JOJOVIV5
Tv surround with no audio output on tv?jennileigh3
Interesting article about the Hi-DEF DVD warsStof3
Newbie Help.... Rate my Equipment!Stof4
Sorround for tv much lower then sorround for dvd....why?JOHN S3
Bell expressvu 9200 HD PVR + Widescreen formatderek medland1
IR External Receiver for Kenwood VR510Mike R1
50 Watt Speakers on 75 Watt ReceiverBerny3
Anybody know of a comparison to Bose's 1.2.3 GSX system?Westcott4
Speaker advice needed.Westcott3
Help with my tower speakers onkyo 90w/chan recei. and subWestcott4
Planning Theater in Already finished basementWestcott2
CES Preview + New MagazineSteven R. Rochlin1
Pioneer VSX-D414 issues with Centre SpeakerVarius1
How do i connect 2 HDMI devices to the HDTV TVWestcott2
Where does the Center Channel Speaker Go in aWestcott2
Setting up HDTV , HD-cable, and VCR JOHN S3
Home theater- just getting startedWestcott20
Input cablesMichael Cameron4
Connecting standard cable to a home theatre systemJC4
HDTV Connection woes, HD Cable & Xbox 360 needs...any ideas?JOHN S4
DVD player, TV and speakersMichael Cameron4
Yamaha 2600 vs denon 3806 vs onky 803Dan1
Did I fry something?Michael Cameron2
Home theater setupCharlie V.6
New A/V receiver know just need to figure out how to hook it all upTim90961
Can you convert an RG6 coax to component?JOHN S2
No sound from left speakersmike jordan1
Speaker setup for my pioneer vsx 915shaun alcedo2
Input on using TV speakers for center channelStof2
I can't get my dvd player to work on my tv upstairs beacuse I cant ...Stof4
Home cinema set-up with multiple unitsMichael Cameron4
HT Prewire--RG6 to Component?alex the idiot1
Problems in set up an "Amstrad HTW1000" Home Theatre System: Interf...andrea2005_122
Yamaha RX-V2500 Video ProblemMichael Cameron4
Just Got This PlasmaMichael Cameron4
How to hook up TV to surround sound?Berny4
Setup home theatre: X-mas giftsconrad34252342
Advise me wise ones on a new systemMaybelle Brooks1
Where to place set-top box w\ wall mounted displayandy jenkins3
Component video cable or hdmi switchingStof2
Trying to hook up my digital cableBerny2
No audio outBerny2
Home Theater Setup HelpRob Kiel2
Wireless rear speakersStof2
What's preffered: 5.1 with bi-amping front speakers or 7.1?Perry1
Making a amplified sub for homeJoe Lin1
Kawasaki home theatre systemtonya sarazin1
Need help with dvd surround sounds9995d9
Help Tapeleg2477
B&W MT-30Stof2
Surround Sound Pre-Wired - now what?? helpStof2
Surround sound won't work with Xbox or regular Tv, only with DVD pl...Greaser1
Out of inputsBerny4
How do I get 5.1 sound from a stereo tv source?!Berny2
Help needed urgently!!!Berny4
How do we get the TV, Cable, Receiver, VCR set up???neptunusrex2
IR repeaters, HDTV component locationDwayne1
Magnavox MRD 200 Surround ProblemsAnonymous1
TIVO/DVD Recorder/Receiver/TV connection question HELPCK1
Mounting placement suggestionsJOHN S3
Opinon pleaseStewart1
Thanks guys and opinions wanted Westcott5
Trouble with Set UpJOHN S2
Home Theater Set UpJOHN S2
To Use A/V Receiver as Video Switch or Not?JOHN S2
Dolby 5.1 sourcesM Grindrod1
Inspire T6060 5.1 compatible wit 360?Mick Kenny5
Childproofing a ScreenHogwild8
Should I pitch Mc Intosh 6100 and start new?Stof2
RAV350 remote control (for RX-V1500)Peter Vu Phong1
Building my first HT systemBerny2
Sony STR-DB1080 setup problem - distortionPete Birch3
For Audio: Is HDMI output better or Optical for DVD player.Cuylar Blair6
Home Theater Novice Seeks OpinionsBerny4
Looking for good speakersKelson Kai1
Need some adviceChris1
Samsung TV to a DVD player and VCRAnonymous5
1st time - need adviceStof6
Need help with power conditionerJustinBaker1
Dirty power...myth or truth?idiots19
1980s Sony receive Surround buttom John Wolfe1
Cable box and DVD recorder setupStof2
Onkyo 770 HTIB- Static when I switch to DVDChuck Perino1
Denon 3806 vs pioneer 74Hogwild2
Old vs New speakersEarl Davis1
Sharp Aquos & Denon 3806emodica17
Setting Hz levels in X-over modegordon freeman2
Aspect Ratio ProblemJoshua V1
Problem with home theater setupTyler Moore4
Free PLASMA TVBerny3
Bose 3 - for 5.1 Channel ?? Suggestions Pls Stof2
Loud noise from subemodica2
Sony receiver speaker displayJohn Wolfe3
Sub-woofer in Sony HT-DDW870 sounds flatBerny3
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