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ONKYO HTS760 Dman1
Green tint with samsung 5.1jack duren5
Speaker Package v. BookshelfTaxman3
Do I need these wires hooked up?Josh W.7
So many settings, switches, connections..Please Help :-)...john molitor2
Is there a major difference between Monster 1 Cables and Monster 2?Berny2
TV Audio_Out-Home Theater ConnectionBerny2
Hookup pioneer receiverAnonymous2
Drawing software for electronics schematicsFalp2
Hifi System sound with TV - How many of you use it?Falp1
Can I get prog scan component signal into a HD-15 SVGA/XGA projector?Girish J2
Subwoofer wiring.Berny4
Speakers ala cartJoe King1
Hooking up antenna for local channelsRuth Glaser1
COMPU linkmatt haug1
Help hooking up componentsBerny11
DVD to receiver to tv question?Berny2
Brand New to Home Theater Stuff...HELP!!howlswolf2
Surround systemhowlswolf4
VCR/DVD/TV Setuphowlswolf2
Which radio shack SPL meter howlswolf5
Surround sound setup by NEWBY!Help please!!!howlswolf2
Marantz SR7400 or NAD T752 ??EWAN KADITO2
Multiroom Wiring QuestionTaxman1
Popping sound from speakers when watching tvAnonymous7
Video through receiver or straight to TV?Tim2
Need to hook up X-Box, 5.1 and DVD, please help!Berny2
Hook up question from newbeMichelle Valdez34
B&W speaker advice for 5.1Anonymous1
Hookup pioneer receiverjd chronister1
Sharing Component connection?Alex1
Wireless solution?Phillip F.1
RX-V2400 & too many choices -help Stevecml6
I need some help.Daniel Golet5
30" Sony LCDBerny4
Bose 901's, 101's and satelitesAnonymous1
Help setting up theaterBrandon Johnson1
Help!!!!What do i need to hook up surround sound to my tv-?just bou...Berny4
How to wire stereo ceiling speakers in addition to surround system?kevin4
DVI/Component Video DVD player and other questionsAmy Malliet3
My Cabel Box has Dig Coaxial OUT but my receiver has Dig OPTICAL IN...Joe Smithy1
6.1 set upGary Del Grande4
No surround sound at tvjack duren3
Is Big Poppa Sony My Hook Up?James Tobin1
Dvd to dvd?Berny2
Home Theater Resourcessnakeyes1
Room size and wattagetherealelitefan4
Cable in to component out? is it possibel?noah jeffries3
Yet another questiion about speaker cableAlexander DeLarge6
New Home theater configurationOren Wortman2
Newbie with a questionBrandon Cherry2
DATA Projectors for Home Theater. BIG DILEMMA!Sergio Bonfiglio3
Is 16 gauge wire enough?Heff6
My TV has no S video Berny4
HELP!!! Can't get "Down mix" to go awayBerny2
Serious help neededgary seamus green1
Help is something wrongJerry2
Digital unsynchronized with vdeo.Tony Kim1
Totally confused on home theater hookupAmanda W.1
Anyone a bi-wire/bi-amp expert?Anonymous16
Need your help chossing reciver please...elitefan7
Hook upAnonymous1
Ceilling speakersOrcrone4
Suggestions on a good system between $250 to $300Anonymous2
Subwoofer AdviceDerek2
Wires/Cabling QuestionDules3
What's the down side of 2 subs???Dules1
Zone 2 on receiver questionKevin Fuqua1
4 Ohm speakers on home sterioFastlane2
Hands Down what is the best?Aaron5
DVD to ReceiverOrcrone5
42" plasmas in the $2800-$3200 rangeOrcrone4
Stereo sound from 5.1, what happenedOrcrone1
Do infrared remotes work through frosted glass?Derek2
Does infrared work through tinted glass?Anonymous3
DVD hook up to Digital receiverBill S.4
Plasma A/V ProblemsColin1
Sound choice between TV & Stereo componentsseeker1
Need help setting up a Sony DAVFC7 to my cable and HDTVKen Brown1
Using TV speakers as center channelOrcrone12
Help with Connecting Second ZoneOrcrone2
B&W In-wall center channel speaker in the ceilingOrcrone1
Home Theater (HELP HAWK)Paul Slaughter3
Subwoofer picking up radio station????Sandi Pear1
HT adviseSteve1
Subwoofer QuestionDavid2
Adding KARAOKE to my HTJeff Smith1
Sreen jump with progressive scan (help)colin mackenzie1
Best connectionDerek2
OK, I'm an idiot...Anonymous2
Getting a humming noise from the SUBWOOFER when LFE is turned on. W...Ilkwe. A3
Best connections for home theaterrosebudd2
In-Wall Surround Sound Speaker SetupCathy Trammell1
Home Theater Helprosebudd2
What discount should I expect off MSRP?matthew dow2
TV connections or HT receiver connections?Anonymous27
Speaker stands - RecommendationsAikikai3
Home Theatre Systems Shopping--S-Video/Component Video InputsAnonymous1
Question about speaker wire lengthAnonymous1
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