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Non-powered subwoofer setupVlad Borimsky1
Wharfedale 9.1 for yamaha rxv450 .. can it work optimal..??henrico1
Losing my mind over connections!!!Richard Ryan2
Polk Audio Passive Sub Helpsimmons33331
SetupDale M. Wiley4
TV sound through Home TheaterJohn G11
Sub with analogjohn paull3
Need help! Connecting XBOX and PS2 to receiver with component videoBrandon Savage28
Pioneer HTZ-SW7 subwoofer question.joseph coulson2
HELP! Hooking up PC speakers to Home theater system...Will Morio1
Asymmetric Front Speaker Placement?Michael Jasper1
2 questions - ctr chan spkr and AV RecvrBruce Kiley1
Help! Question about Digital Optical CablesDale M. Wiley2
Optical audio connectionsDale M. Wiley3
5.3 amp advie from neebie 1000wCharlie P1
Advice hooking up TV, DVD/VCR, cable, & stereo receivergeorge311975171
New HDTV SetupJames4
Subwoofer connection: LFE, Line Level or Speaker Level ?Marcio Martins3
Pioneer VSX-512S speaker hook up and manual?Thomas Gendron1
DTS setupDale M. Wiley2
Speakers to go with Onkyo TX-SR602Marcio Martins1
Speaker B questionarnie10
SPL program for anyone who want itJavier Morales2
Digital Coaxial to Analog L and R audioDale M. Wiley2
Magnetically Shielded Speaker -- How Close?Dale M. Wiley6
Need expert guide to setting my yamaha Rxv450 amp.Henrico1
6.1 surround setup - yamaha htr5740 receiverAnonymous3
Need help attaching RCA plug to speaker cablecarlos santiago mend2
Audio Video BundleBerny2
Do i need to have a receiver to hook-up my 5.1 surround sound speak...Dale M. Wiley2
Need advice on Home Theater Set-upDale M. Wiley4
Home Theatre Setup with Xboxandyb_6817
8 PIN to RCA adapterRajat Khurana1
Subwoofer question - Help PleaseBerny10
Venturer STS75EDiana1
Complete Home Theater SystemJavier Morales4
Rear Surround OptionsBerny2
Speakers InformationBerny3
Need help planning projector setup...Aaron Tague7
Front speakers powered by sub or receiverdc10
Marantz SR4400 setup problemJeff Foster2
Help needed to connect speakersPaul3
Connecting new dvd playerPaul3
Ohm question (hooking up 2 rear speaker sets)Billkwando4
Preinstalled wires are 8ft or higher for the fronts and rears surroundMr Paper-clip2
Noticeable difference bet. RadioShack and Avic Component Video?Milpool2
Testing a new 7.1 setupMilpool6
Need Help with Sat, HDTV, DVD, PS2, because my Tivo is making all m...james anthony1
Speakers next to TVDale M. Wiley11
Looking for some InputPeter Hooper7
DVD/TV/Audio Receiver setup - where does S-Video go?Dale M. Wiley6
2-conductor vs. 4-conductor wire for surrounds Damian Didden1
HDTV to receiver?Dale M. Wiley3
Volume Control ProblemDale M. Wiley2
Surround Sound Basic Questionem697
Pre wire surround sound Helpem692
Onkyo system Hookup--any "experts" on line?Mark Kane1
Samsung HD-941 DVD Player - Green Screen ProblemDale M. Wiley2
Mounting Center Channel Inside an Entertainment CenterPaul3
Theater help! Ronald Carter2
Just curious between QED cable or SYNERGY cable, any suggest?Henrico6
NAD T763 or Denon AVR-3805 / PSB C6i or Platinum C2HTK2
Panasonic SC-HT790V dvd/vcr Home Theater SystemAnonymous1
Sound and speaker positionJavier Morales3
Stereo amp with Surround for DVD ??Go for the upgrade..2
What kind of connection cable to use to play regular cd's on a univ...Stick with it..!!2
Cable tv Ground loop ProblemDolby 321
Home Theater n00bPaul8
RGB and Optical Cables used in setupPaul4
7.1 system help?fallsinquestion2
Newbie needs advice on Multi-Zone Reciever and 5.1 speakersfallsinquestion2
DVI 'Y' cable instead of an expensive switch?Paul2
Help with speakers in cabinets...Paul2
Projection lamps Stephen-Jones2
Speaker set up helplisto2
HDMI is my only connection. Any suggestions?Paul2
DIPOLAR SPEAKER SET UP (please help an italian boy)SIMONE1
TV/speaker set upPaul8
Help PLEASE!!!Dale M. Wiley4
Dumb questionDale M. Wiley3
Screen ChoiceHaroldD9
Fitting stereo components in wall spacePaul2
Silverstar which one do I need?? help!terry anderson1
I need help please!arnie4
S-Video Question Help!!arnie4
Built in HD TunerJavier Morales3
Not getting video using hdmi-dvi to connect sat receiverPaul4
Adelphia Digital Cable sound problem...Paul3
Noob in Home Theatre needs help choosing an amplifierPaul3
S-VideoBad news I'm afraid!5
Help with choosing a subBad news I'm afraid!2
Connecting my stereo speakers to tv>>>>>>>>.>>>>>>>>>>>....Paul2
Trouble with NAD T752 A/V Reciever setupJohn Hale3
Onkyo TX-SR502 (refurbed) - can't control TV with remote!arnie2
HTR-5760 Sound Optimizercreighbm1
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