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Can someone give me a link to a good tv that is 1.3 HDMIHawk4
Akai pt5492 won't turn onshawn1
I need a resolve for my setup - help pleaseAegis Kleais1
Installing a ceiling mount prjectorAaron Galwey7
T What HDTV goes best w/ PS3 and Blu-Ray?Edgar Paz1
Interference from subwoofer cable -- help please!JOHN S2
BIG PROBLEM! please helpAlan G8
Creative T7900 7.1 channel ConnectionsSagar Jain2
Need hookup advice from experts.prem b3
Let's get planningRush9
DVI to HDMI - what about audio?Berny6
Nad t773 vs Marantz 8001Ramirez4
Does anyone need any Leviton 6-port inserts? Jack Spratt1
Is this right or does somebody have a better suggestion?Tim Jones1
Can I get decent surround with some older components?mike9
Picking Speaker Standsmike2
SONY DAVSB300 home theatre systemmike2
Help! NAD 753 surround questionmike13
Panasonic PT-AX100U chase longmiller1
Connecting camera's Berny2
Sony Bravia Factory Installed AntennaElias Byrne1
Sony Bravia and LG Theatre in a BoxElias Byrne1
Another 'No Sound From TV Through Home Cinema/DVD' ProblemMarty Perrett3
Still no surround sound on TV shows, HELP!Wade8
Planning on buying a Harmon Kardon AmplifierHawk7
Home Theater Equipment RackDanny3
New theaterBerny5
Center Channel PlacementStefan4
Home audio setupMike Button3
Projector peoplechase longmiller1
Axiom/Ascend/HSU SetupBerny11
Component to composite? Newbie question...Wade2
Devices to TV and digital audio to receiverJOHN S12
A Simple Life - Simply Musicmike2
Big speakers, small apartmentmike5
How to set up speakers my sports roommike5
Alright, here is the setup!Pete5
Help ! pleaseJohnny Knoxville1
Receiver for my bedroomPaul Willis1
Is this HD setup right?Aegis Kleais4
HDMI versionCasey6
Speaker wiringBerny3
All Dolby Digital, not enough DTSJOHN S12
Component via SCART?JOHN S4
Sub bass extension gets extended to play lower and louder than befo...THX JBL 46457
Panasonic xr55 or Yamaha HTR - 5930silas koopmans43
Need help figuring this outBerny2
Yamaha htr5740 need help installing componets????christian perret8
Surround Speaker setupMark Christensen1
Sound insulation, floormike5
How to hook up, inexperienced??JOHN S4
? on seting up yamaha recieverjim z4
Setting up Home Theatre in 6 x 3.5mtr RoomCasey2
Component HookupJOHN S8
Yamaha htr-5930: DVD problemsCasey5
Home Theater PartsCasey7
Video switching - HELPmike4
Connection Advicemike2
NAD HT receiver Multi-Zone feature and active speakersSean R. Roberts1
Improve my system - NAD T753, Monitor Audio silver speakersmike1
PS3: Excellence Isn't Good EnoughStefan1
Recording FM onto Direct TV DVR?brett widenhouse1
Help connecting JVC TH-C3 Home Theater SystemJOHN S2
Subwoofer ChoiceBerny4
Would a subwoofer really improve this system?Matt Matcuk8
Panasonic xr55 or Yamaha HTR - 5930silas koopmans1
3 questions, speaker wire, Cd player? and speakers optionsmike3
Is a 50' optical cable OK to use?David Massey13
Samsung 32" HDTV LCD helpDavid Massey3
Connecting Home Theatre to TVmike2
Samsung HLS5088wGlen R Kehler3
Stretch mode on Mitsu WS55819Bob8
Athena Speaker Package - Good buy?Hawk8
Question Re: TV OUT/IN in most receivers.Arth Lancaster3
Buy one get one free, affordable means. mike2
"A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing (That's a Good Thing)"...Stefan10
Confuse with Audio Outputmike7
PROBLEM WITH RCA RECEIVER (volume related)usernamex7
Where to begin??Stefan6
Connect SKY + main to box in the kitchen?jane hancox1
Quick ?Berny6
Differing HDMI Standards (With Fewer Spelling Errors)Stefan7
Rear Center Channel setup for Denon 3805david pannell2
Receiver for Bose AM16 System?Andrew Lennox1
New Home Theater and DVR SET UP HELPPPP!!David Massey2
Bipole dipoleHawk2
Trying to recordDavid Massey2
Low End Upconerting 5.1 DVD PlayersStefan52
Understanding surround requirementsTHX JBL 464516
How do I determine positive/negative?THX JBL 46454
AV Receiver HDMI capabilitiesJohn Delcamp5
Primare AV30.5 Amplifiericineema1
Any Ideas Help NeededBerny2
Home theatre setup in small apartmentHawk5
In need of DLP troubleshooting advice please.JOHN S2
Connecting Samsung DLP to SonyDream System and dvr cable boxJOHN S5
Receiver choices.Mark J7
Plate amps...Logan4
New ht systemHawk3
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