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Things to do BEFORE you start buying HT equipment..Chris Laudermilk5
Bl**dy blinking bafflingMichael9
Small/Corner Room Surround Sound SetupBrandon4
New Home TheatreAndy Summers4
Sound problem developed after 18 months working okMichael10
Amplifier Impedance Selector SwitchJan Vigne5
Problem with component video and soundMichael Britt2
Dell laptop to home systemMichael Britt2
Good sound on a budgetMichael Britt18
Speaker Standsjoseph coulson5
Help this N00b with interconnectsJoe S3
6.1 or 7.1 Receiver?Paul14
HDTV or Home Theater System? Can only get one....ugh.....Help!Dale M. Wiley4
Difficult Room Layout- advice?Willie Cash29
Hooking up Surround Sound to TV?Darryl95
Sound proofKahanamoku5
Looking for an amp Not sure what to getKahanamoku2
Use TV speaker as center for surround sound?David Yohn8
Coaxial to RCA converterPatricia Peacock26
Buying speakers off
Piecing together home theater systemPaul4
Hitachi 46W500 setup issues...Paul2
PS2 Connection -- Sound Issue cyterio3
Help.. cannot connect my bitsian davies1
Simple Tech Question - 2nd Channel - Volume Control?PhilMan6
Speakers Selector for Main Speakers??? Please HelpPhilMan3
Equipment advice neededHemant Grover2
New to all is this for setup..and ideas??Andy Summers2
Help me place my speakers? JOHN S3
Wanting to get a surround sound system for basement....Andy Summers2
New System AdviceArmin3
Hookup DVD Recorder,VCR, Stero,TVarnie42
I'm not sure how to do my back speakers? Andy Summers8
Panasonic HT-720 questionAndy Summers2
What is Dynamic Compressiongdup3
RCA RT2360 - No digitalJOHN S3
Home theater setup/choicesStephen Routh1
Read the manual....Javier Morales8
Onkyo TX-SR602 - your thoughts?Griffin Andrews1
Fixing Vibrating Picture framesPaul8
Confused on set-upAdam Royse4
Harmon Kardon AVR335Andy Summers10
Textured ceiling?joseph coulson10
No sound thru digital audiojoseph coulson14
Suggestions and Comments on Future Setupjoseph coulson7
How to calibrate sound levels in 7.1 setupPaul27
Video bleed-through while watching DVDsKatie4
Athena 5.1 systemPhil Drews3
Connecting AM10 speakers to Yamaha RX V1000Haim Levi2
Better sound...Optical or Coaxial?Andy Summers7
AVIA Calibration DVD -- Would u lend or rent yours to me....PLEASE?Usman_Denver10
Can't get my surround speakers to work...Help!Tim Culberson4
Not getting any pictureSteve Cotten3
High or Low level inputs?Robert Verones8
That Yelling sound effect!!!Andy Summers2
Denon 3805 versus denon 985sron andronaco1
JVC home Theater Questionrocky hager1
Synchronisation sound with TV problemAndy Summers3
How do I 'unlock coax' for full multi channel surroundAndy Summers4
Help with Panasonic TH-42PWD7UY hookupSteve Cotten1
Best way to hook up the component video...?Grmncrsnbr11
New to home theatre. 5.1/6.1/7.1?Andy Summers8
State of the art Cinemas vs. home cinemasAndy Summers3
How to buy the proper speakers to my denon- 1604 reciverAndy Summers2
CD Player - Digital Optical vs Analog RCADale M. Wiley2
Please Please Please help me????Andy Summers2
DIY IdeasAndy Summers6
For best sound, which wall to place rear speakers?Andy Summers4
Test DVD??Andy Summers4
Sound Pressure Levels for rears versus frontsAndy Summers13
No Center speaker soundAndy Summers2
Onkyo troubleshootingjimmyv2
Speakers for Denon 3805JOEL T MOORE14
Help connecting two receivers!Dave Norris1
Sold Bose Lifestyle 35, now Onkyo HT770 or Orb ?t and t1
Newbie Question - OhmsDavid Yohn7
Crackling with digital audio signalChris12871
Store recommendationsjohnman9
Work in progress? helpCurtis3
Help with surround sound to video componentsJoseph Dodge3
Wiring helpPaul7
Surround sound problemCheck for Pro-logic3
Denon Componentsjoseph coulson3
Long component cablesDale M. Wiley2
DVD with Component, Sound with Receiver, Possible?Paul4
In search of a sound system for my 50" Samsung DLPGaetan Iacono1
Onkyo SR702 receiver and Motorola 6200 cable box problemox ford1
Help with NAD T763 and Surround mode setup.Clark Bainbridge1
DVD with Component, Sound with Receiver, Possible?A2
720p screen area smaller than 480p or 1080i, how to stretch?bester1
Problems with soundjoseph coulson2
Open for suggestions... joseph coulson4
Multiroom extensionKris Beighton7
Synchronisation sounf with TV problemTom McDowell1
1 HDMI port on TV, 2 digital devices what to do?David Yohn5
Seek your opinionstom berish4
Home Theater Setup Questionstom berish1
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