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Cheap upconverter from composite to component?David Coutts1
TV has AUIDO IN jacks only. how to get audio on home theatre system...Joel Crowson6
Help on Denon - volume input levels?kristian rauhala1
Sony big screen problem??John Morton1
Need help figuring a 6.1 speaker system into my room (sort of weird...Adam Wilcox1
Question about widescreen dvd/big screenHead Shot3
PLEASE HELP a home theatre rookie!Head Shot10
Use rear surrounds as "B" speakers as well?Richard Field1
Center Channel Placement - Space IssuesWestcott2
HELP PLEASE - Affordable HDMI Video Converting Receiver Desired...Westcott17
HT Room Cabling Westcott2
How will i do this...?Corey Brooks14
General Speaker/Sub Positioningwesdoggy1
Orbit remote codes ? for gs3Steven Silverstein1
RCA RT2380 On/Off button problem !Dick Paige2
Max speaker power and choosing an ampGlyn Thomas1
Can i get tv through my receiver without a vcr?plumeria23
New Home, New project?Bill B6
5.1 setup questionStof3
Creating a nice home theatre systemWestcott2
How to hook upWestcott4
How to hook up TV, DVD player, VCR & Direct TVDAWN YORK7
Humming/buzzing from speakers......Westcott2
Any Ideas On Who can Install My Home TheaterWestcott2
Digital coaxial and optical audio only surround sound amplifiersjsh1
Home theatre + dvd/vcr combo + digital cable box+ dlp tv set up...timster5
Octava HDMI SwitchWalt1
HDMI Switch CompatabilityWalt1
Budget/Quality 5.1 Receiver for Orb Audio Mod1Stof2
Putting It All TogetherRob Kiel9
Connection problemsRob Kiel4
Pioneer Reciever questionsAlex P2
Connection from JPW SW40 Subwoofer to Pioneer VSX-804RDS Receiver/Amp Alex P2
Component Video Switch or SplitterRob Kiel3
Receiver TroublesKip Wells2
Subwoofer Cable for Long Runmike butler9
Home theatre installationAnonymous1
Understanding 'Ohms' in regard to speakersJan Vigne2
Gefen 4:1 HDMI SwitcherWalt1
How to use 2 optical devices with only 1 input...DWillms1
Samsung HT-MD1503lo3
Which wire goes Where????????????charles pugh1
PSB M6.1R ceiling speakers vs. Polk Audio TC60iGent P1
Rear surround speaker independencePeter Petracca11
5.1 speaker probDavid Massey3
Setting up a sony a/v receiver with satellite,vcr and dvdStof2
Some helpStof3
Remote controlStof4
New TV. Now what do I have to do to control the volume through my ...Nathan Stohler5
My sony dav c700ahmed matter1
Growling Sub WooferGriffin Andrews4
Digital Optical Cable SetupPedro Lopez10
The best height/position of speaker stands for Mirage Omni 60 books...Don1
Connecting Sky+ to computer screen?Jelvis1
Connecting HDTV w/ PIP Surround sound in box VCR Dig CableJaw Doc3
Connecting reciver to a subwooferBerny5
Can I connect Creative DDTS-100 with power amplifiersRobert1
Speaker control box?Alan Good1
Low Output from Receiver after TV speakers turned offJan Vigne5
Hey does anyone know if a laptop (dell) can hook up to a amplifier ...Stof2
Denon DVR 1906, DVD 1920 Hook up QuestionLeeMac4
DV interfaceCuylar Blair2
Couple of quick and easy questions...Cuylar Blair2
My projectorcarnival10
Comcast 6412p3 With HDMICuylar Blair3
Newbie need help/thoughtsRudy Telson9
Dual zone wiring with infrared: Help!Jan Vigne2
Plasma With Burt Out PixelsCuylar Blair1
Best Picture Quality ConnectionCuylar Blair2
Kenwood Surround Sound help?!Stof2
How do I get Dolby Digital from digital cable box to receiver?Rudy Telson7
What cables do you use?Rick Nolan6
PIP/Recording to VCRCuylar Blair2
Recroding from DVR to DVD with High DefCuylar Blair6
New TV + Home Theater HelpStof10
Harman Kardon AVR235 or Onkyo TXSR602 HELP!!!!Anonymous2
In-wall vs. On-wall speakersdavid muse4
Sound proofing a room Jan Vigne3
Stereophile moving into HT ... advice on pre-amp & speakers please!...Kip Fulbeck1
All of a sudden problems with remote Dorothy Bowelman4
Bose lifestyle has no power?????DHR 1131
Looking for Advice on Home Theater PlanningJack Kukura3
Connecting two subskcella4
1st Time Setting Up Home Theater - Need Help!Cuylar Blair6
Need help for 1st theater systemStof8
LCD or PlasmaSammy5
AV Receiver help.Paul S7
Recording problem with Denon 3805Hank2
Screen surface questionTom Foley2
Only for people with a RCA RTD 120 HailGalvatron1
High power speakers with low power DVD player?Jan Vigne2
Feedback Needed -- My WebsiteStof5
Used Home Theater EquipmentKip Wells5
Need an HDMI signal into TVOAnonymous1
Center Channel Experts Plz help!mark slade1
Mitsubishi Model WS-65809 HelpAnonymous6
The Terrace Theater - CompletedGriffin Andrews1
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