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Side speaker placementsnmhanson2
Cable Audio Not working in new HTSNick P4
DO you have Shaw HDTV terminal?AlphaStorm1
Advice?Steve Eder1
Speaker wire guage??Berny2
Infrared transceivers?Chris Wolcott2
My first HT Setup - Seeking Advice??Frank M10
Home theater ideaIndianspringsaz1
Marantz SR8200 AV ReceiverMac1
What cabling do I use for my home-theater?GrandMaster2
Using new speaker wires??? HELP PLEASE!!!!Berny6
Digital audio brett s1
Progressive scan problemsJason P1
Help with Sub Shutting DownBrian W3
Receiver turning off during dvd moviesPres' Bill C4
Can't get TV sound to run thru surround sound unitBerny2
Using 5.1 on panasonic PT-53X54J rear projection HDTVBerny3
Can someone help me please !!!!Berny2
Have I overlooked anything with my room set upBerny3
Home Theatre ProblemBerny3
Subwoofer install questionBerny2
Picking a ReceiverBerny2
Newbie Question, Please Helpmonkey man jack4
New subw\center or floor fronts, which one?Berny2
Help w/ A/V Receiver+speaker matchBrian D Fanelli1
Home Theatre with Cable boxRobert1
Onkyo HTIB 770 v. Pana XR25+Athena Micra 6 recommendations?Derek Kainz2
Arranging my first HT room, advice?BryanH1
Home Theater for XmasKC1
Installation KitsBerny2
Wiring extensionBerny3
Please help: i want to connect my computer up to my 6.1 receiver, h...Berny3
Please help, problem with TV cable picture, when plugged in through...Berny5
In need of a component video splitter ?Jermdog3
Please help a newbie DIY - cabling and hookupJermdog2
Need new AV receiver and 5.1 speakers, $3000 budgetMikey5
What Sort Of "Soundproofing" Did You Do?rin2
Help: Home Theater and Digital Cable set upNick Tantaros1
NAD T752 & hish problem & what is the deal with subwoofer crossover...Anonymous1
Denon AVR-3805 v. Yamaha RX-V2500Jeremy Johnson3
Resolution DVI vs: component Don Philippbar3
Newbie - How to connect sub wooferSunSeaker3
Cable box optical to audio reciever optical!Don Philippbar2
Video problems with Component Video CableChris Wolcott8
How far from the TV?Marcus Cohen1
I think I screwed up....Chris Wolcott4
Connecting Surround Sound to TvBerny2
Need some advice on connections.Berny2
What AVR is most suitable for Bose AM15?mike westdal3
Trying to get TV to work through Home Theather SystemUrsa Johnson2
Help with theater homeRick Jeffrey8
Please help me to select a brandBerny2
Onkyo Remote code for operation of scientific atlanta cable boxSiva kumar2
Help with HK AVR525 and video connections and other ??Doug Goss2
Suggested Room SizeJeremy Johnson1
Speaker wireflyv653
New LG Surroundsound-- How do you get TV in Surround Sound?Ursa Johnson1
New system and wiring/hookup helpSWF4
Need advice for projectorJim McArthur3
What kind of subwoofer cable do i need?john chow6
What is the best way to connect video feed?Berny4
Room size small, any ideas?Anonymous3
Componet Cable vs DVI vs HDMI/DVI CablePepper Dogs5
What is Snake Oil?Anonymous3
Pioneer DVD ReceiverTom Baraldi1
Panasonic PT-AE700UAnonymous2
Hooking up 2 dvd player, a vcr to sony str-k840psagola-bennett1
PIoneer Multi-Projection Tv...Nick Miller1
How do I hear my Xbox in my Surround System?Pepper Dogs54
Speakers levelbobbie1
Using VCR as Pass-through for Home Theatre SystemMarl Albarillo1
Better wires, better sound?BenKentari12
Advice on my first Home TheaterTroutman5
Speakers for Yamaha RX-V1500 ?therealelitefan4
Seeking advice on HT receiver, DVD player, & speakersAdmin2
Calling on the Audio Gods for Home Surround System CommentsBerny3
Suggestions for HT Speakers and AmpBerny8
1000 dollars for projector?Peter C.3
Wiring a dvd player and vhs to 3 tv sets the phonedude1
COMCAST SUCKS!!!!mememeee39
Descrambler for ComcastRon B1
Logitech Z-5300e and xboxpeasoup1
Dangerous 12 gauge (too strong)Berny2
Wires and Shelving ...HELP !Peter Warren1
Anyone have any feedback on Firebird Sounds Speakers?Emory Safford1
Help with JVS systemChad Windy1
5.1 Receivers with 3-4 optical sound inJohanson1
Yamaha RX-V1500Beanie Fleury1
PC hooked up to home theaterjohn bonare1
Digital Cable box sounds awful through stereo onlyAnonymousX109
Widescreen movies and Widescreen TV'sAnonymous2
Amp question? (for knowlegable people , unlike me)Anonymous2
Video via receiverBerny2
Need help on center speaker to match with my front Linn IndexPlamen Zlatev1
Cable used for video connection in shaw hdtv terminalBerny4
Static When listening to Radio on 5.1Berny4
Can You Check out my Newly purchased SystemBOBOBOBOBOBO345
Question regarding wiring for HK AVR525therealelitefan3
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