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Ht room ( paint )JOHN S6
Weird Center Channel QuestionJOHN S4
Sending sigital audio from TV to receiverCasey2
Need Setup help--Satellite, DVD, VCR, TVTayaran i.e. Flying7
No sound with hdmi Michael Cameron14
Hack sony DAVDZ120javier baceski1
7.1 speaker placement with out ideal conditionssteve ferreio5
X530 to dvd player???colton1
Speaker PlacementPaul Cohee6
Best way to setup a 7.1 system?Stof4
I need help setting up my system.Berny2
Speakers with the DenonStof4
Connection ProblemBerny4
What Do I need to Buy?Stof6
LG TV and Surround set up problem....any help??j anderson3
Crossover ratemike manegre-volden2
Rear di-pole positioning?mike manegre-volden3
New SONY HTDDW700 setup with cables ???prashanth3
Baby Proofing EquipmentStof4
Question - need help.thomas gallagher3
Theater expert neededmikeo16
Home theatre connectionsJohn Lee7
TV long distance from Audio EquipmentErik Dunham1
Bannnana PlugsMichael Cameron15
Home theater setupRobert Sczesny3
Movies to Show Off your systemChris9
Help setting up home theater with Panasonic CT-32HX42 and Aiwa NSX-V70Jim Elliott3
YamahaJOHN S5
Yamaha and decks and mixer(audio in)aaron1
Need Help Please. Casey2
Subwoofer buzzingPaul Navarro6
Ceiling shape.Casey2
Looking for a audio/video and home theater integrator/programmersharlie stahl1
Problem with my Pioneer VSX-516-K.Nick1
Go with old or new receiver?Mark Laughman2
Help with DVD player/LCD connection!Casey4
Speaker placement before the walls go up.TJ5
2 Digitals coaxes into 1 input? BaffledCasey6
Most likely a dumb question but...Joey Matthews5
Hooking up tv to home theatersomething1
Bose Lifestyle ProblemPeter Athens4
Onkyo txsr601michelle1
Volume too loudBrian Jones7
Individual speaker levels?Michael Cameron5
Possible home thearter hackem698
Comcast on a pc monitor?GR3
Digital audio cable hookupCasey3
Best way to hook up a home theater system with a few addonsCasey15
My New System - Sony DAV DZ111Craig Nichols3
Wall mount needed with an arm not just tiltTIM DOGG1
Need Help Choosing Best Gear JDS5
Simple question looking for simple answerNathan Stohler5
Hdmi connectionsNathan Stohler2
Length of speaker wire for rearsNathan Stohler2
My Denon automatically shuts off...why?JOHN S2
Would these pair up well? (HK AVR635 + Athena WS)az3
Confused...need helplana rodgers6
Affordable Theater SystemKevin J.4
Reciever shutting self offnathan22394
Testing HTNick2
HELP ON HOOKING UP MY DURABRAND HT-400 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!Nathan Stohler3
Reg: Speaker placement in home theaterem692
Speaker placementCasey2
Dumb QuestionCasey3
Center Channel large or smallNBC6
Pioneer VSX-516-K, anybody got one?Nick1
HK AVR 340 PLEASE HELPMichael Noya5
Speaker help!!!!!Michael Cameron2
COAX questionDavid Massey2
Front speakers Michael Cameron3
New to home theaterMichael Cameron3
Idiot who needs help building a systemMichael Cameron4
Setting up system HelpKelly2
My receiver and sub wooferNick3
CalibrationMichael Cameron7
Difficult question for you HT gurusMichael Cameron6
S-video splitter?Casey8
Is it worth buying a power conditioner?Martin VanMeter5
Setting up questionNathan Stohler7
Velodyne DLS-4000RTJ Powl5
Does everything have to be connected via digital optical cable to g...Nathan Stohler3
Cables and connections.Nathan Stohler4
HD50LPW175 Delay settingsStof9
Question regarding HDMI usageJOHN S18
Room SizesAlbert Solorzano1
Cable to rca conversion problemAdam Smith16
Tips/tricks for maximum sound quality?Nathan Stohler5
Plasma questionsAdam Smith6
Going from Stereo to 5/7.1Stof4
Big ProblemNathan Stohler7
Reciever questionAlbert Solorzano7
Tight floor speakersAlbert Solorzano4
TV connections...arnie5
Cable hookup helpStof5
Listening to TV on home theatre "surround sound" - HDMIMichael Cameron21
HK AVR520 setting up 2nd room w/o addtl amp?Dale New9
More Receiver TroubleBerny2
Another Sound System Question!Berny2
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