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Home Theater SystemKeith Wyatt6
Pioneer HTP-210 or Kenwood HTB-404?Adam Young2
Which one should I choose? Need your HelpAnonymous7
Home audio/theater systemAnonymous11
Setting up the htb-544, programming etc.midinerd4
Cannot get dolby digital 5.1 on Kenwood htb-504midinerd5
Kenwood HTB-404midinerd3
DVT 505 vs. HTB-544 vs. HTB 504T L6
HTB-544 and new FM antennamidinerd3
Kenwood HTB-544 v HTB-504Curtis Smith68
Sony dream system dav c900Anonymous3
How to run the TV through an HTB-544 having cable, no boxKevin6
Best HTIB for Music as well as Home TheaterLowellG2
Onkyo ht-s650 vs. Denon dht-682xp vs. kenwood htb-544Will Broe2
Best System under $600!!Anonymous2
Kenwood HTB-544 ~~ PLIIMidinerd6
What HTIB system would best fit me...JustLikeYou3
Denon DHT-682XP vs. DHT-683XP?Anonymous2
HTIB Recommendations: YHT-300?po3
Panasonic VS Yamaha: Home theatre systemsSkeletor3
Suggest Theater System for College Dorm. Roland3
Kenwood/Unity & Onkyo Envision LSV 925 or 950 & Denon DHT-700DV...JR5
Kenwood HTB-505 and Component VideoAnonymous3
Onkyo HTS-650Anonymous4
Yamaha YHT-300 vs. Onkyo HT-S490Brian3
Gamecube and the Kenwood HTB-205Anonymous2
Please Help Me!!Daniel Reytan3
What is the best (film & music) HTB system for $1000?Scott2
Does anyone have the Yamaha...phillip2
Kenwood - HTB805Midinerd2
JBL ProPack 600 II HTIB?Anonymous4
Bose 3-2-1 Home System speakers spike when TV channel is changed :(...po7
Dht683 or hts650po6
Yamaha yht-300 vs Onkyo HTS650 vs ?Anonymous2
Connecting Sony 53" projection TV to Kenwood VR-616 HT systemPaul2
New receiver in the Kenwood HTB-505 package?Anonymous2
ONK LSV950 vs HTS650Anonymous2
Onyko HT-S650 turn-on problemrhammyhamster6
Denon DHT-682XP vs. Onkyo HT-S650 (are you kidding me?)Anonymous3
Which is better ONKYO HT650S OR Pioneer HTS-910DV ?Anonymous2
New Kenwood HT systemAnonymous2
Onkyo HTS-650 connection for multi-channel audioAnonymous2
Yamaha home theater Anonymous7
Difference between Onkyo HTS650 and TX-SR500B-low9
ONKYO HT S650 remote programmingNS2
Denon DHT 683xp reviewsAnonymous2
The best home theater in a box for under 500.00 bucksNelson2
Sony HT-DDW840, Does it play VCD or homemade DVD?rob p3
Denon DHT-700DV for under $600Anonymous2
Onkyo HTS-650 Discontinued?CC8
Onkyo HT-S650 vs. HT-S490 or Best HTIBpo11
Onkyo HTS650 questionspo3
Onkyo HTS-650 for musicMojque3
HELP! Looking for best HT system for about $2000Anonymous2
Questions for you Onkyo HTS-650 owners...docwarri6
Onkyo HTS-650 Speaker Wire HelpJohn Klein4
Good Home Theater In a Box under $400John Klein2
Onkyo HT-S650 connection questionAnonymous2
Main Speaker Upgrade for Onkyo HTS 650 John In Ohio7
Onkyo 650 Upgradehoju2
Onkyo HTS-650 Question - HELP! : )Anonymous5
Audio Setting Levels for Kenwood HTB-505JK2
HT-S650 questions Sooteal8
Onkyo 650 overkill for an apartment?Anonymous5
Onkyo hts650 and a VCRAnonymous4
Kenwood HTB-505 Versus HTB-205 Versus HT-S650Anonymous2
Onkyo HTS650 for music listeningAnonymous2
Somebody talk me out of the Kenwood HTB-505Anonymous5
Onkyo HT-S650 connectionsBlue King5
Onkyo Ht S650 connection problemsrob p6
Please RecommendAnonymous2
Kenwood HTB 505 versus HTB 205 versus HT-S650Anonymous2
Sony Dream System C450 vs Kenwood HTB-205Anonymous2
Onkyo refurb warranty clarificationAnonymous2
Pioneer HTP-220-S/K????Anonymous2
Samsung HT-DM150 with PS2 --> 5.1ch problem ??Anonymous2
Onkyo Is A Real BargainAnonymous3
Onkyo S650 or yamaha YHT 500(whats best for $600)Anonymous10
Circuit city VS soundcity...onkyo hts650Anonymous5
Onkyo 650 Volume LevelsAnonymous8
Onkyo HTS 650 remote sucksMagyar5
Onkyo HTS-650 vs. Pioneer HTP-725DVAnonymous2
HT-S650 wire and cable questionpo2
Kenwood HTB-505 at Bestbuy for $299+TaxAnonymous2
HT-S650 versus Kenwood HTB-505Jim Anderson6
Onkyo HT-S560 and digital cableMark5
Denon DHT-683XP review?Anonymous2
Which DPLII Listening Mode to use on Onkyo HT S650 ?Sooznd3
Digital Cable Connection to Onkyo HTS 650?? Best Sound possiblePAPPY SHEETS3
Where to get onkyo ht-s650?/Anonymous8
"onkyo hts650" for 8x12 room????:oAnonymous9
HTS 650 Receiver gets very very warm...NORMAL???Anonymous9
What's the deal with Onkyo?Anonymous7
An excellent alternative to the HT-S650Anonymous2
Best small speaker htib under $500miketike4
Onkyo HT-S650 Causing Onscreen Distortion?Matt Tobey2
Replacement speaker cover hts650Anonymous4
Is the Kenwood HTB-505 and the HTB-205 up there with the Onkyo HT-S...Bryan2
Question about the HT-S650 remoteAnonymous11
HT-S650 or Stereo for THIS room?po3
Denon DHT-683XP Anonymous3
Onkyo is taking advantageHTIB for all3
Help with HT-S650 SetupAnonymous2
HTIB with digital audio input and Componet Video output.?Anonymous2
HTB-505 is rated higher than Onkyo HT-S 650Anonymous3
Kenwood has been around a lot longer thna Onkyo andAnonymous4
HTS-650 at your door for $434dieter kutz2
ONKYO HT 650 questionAnonymous2
Samsung HT-DM550Chris5
Send me your take on the Kenwood HTB-505 Home Theater In A BoxOnkyoOwner7
Unless you are spending over $2000.00 for Home Theaterhtinnovations4
Best Price for HT-S650Grimace26
What's your opinion?????????????????Anonymous4
HTIB Wiring Help!!Anonymous3
Onkyo 650 and DDPietaster27
Help to setting dealy time for HT-S650Rob Xiaou2
The HT-S650 has many problems that affect the sound quality so I wo...Anonymous2
Let's reccommend good alternatives to the HT-S650 which is turning ...Anonymous4
Why Not To Purchase OnkyoAnonymous4
A Sweet Alternative to the Onkyo HT-S650Anonymous4
Sony 840 vs. Kenwood 505Anonymous3
Returned Onkyo because of sound qualityAnonymous5
Connection from PC Sound Card to HT-S650kenny2
Sony HT-DDW840 SettingsMike2
HTIB or Use Old Speakers?Anonymous3
Is The LFE bug being corrected on the HT-S650's before they leave ...Anonymous3
Denon DHT-683 vs. Onkyo LS-V950 EnvisionJohn Raymond3
If you have the Sony HT-DDW840 please respondAnonymous5
Serial No. on Onkyo 650MSM2
What about buying an Onkyo SKSHT500 and Speakers?Rob2
Onkyo HT-S650 Speaker Manufacturer is Polk?Anonymous22
Onkyo hts650 subwoofer questionAnonymous2
To get a bug free Onkyo HT-S650 wait until the newAnonymous16
SONY VS ONKYO ??Anonymous5
HTB-505 vs. Sony HT-DDW840 (input needed please)Anonymous14
Onkyo HT-650 LFE subwoofer problem diagnosisAnonymous5
??? about ht-650MSM2
Onkyo SR600 v HTS 650TD318
Onkyo HT-S650 Subwoofer problemVenkatesh Krishnasam4
$449.00 for the Onkyo HTS650OnkyoOwner16
Need recommendation on HT spkr systemAnonymous12
Yamaha or onkyoAnonymous7
Creating Home theater for $700 - Need your well experienced help...Derek2
Need help - HK AVS325 vs Onkyo TSXR600Derek2
Onkyo HT-R500 (Video Flicker Problem)Mike7
I returned my HT-S650 for a Yamaha and paid the $100.00 difference ...Anonymous13
Help!!! What home theater system should I get?Anonymous7
Question about the Onkyo HT-S650 Home Theater SystemSubwoofer Pete2
Speaker stands for Onkyo HT-650Anonymous6
Onkyo ht 500 speaker setOnkyoOwner2
Speaker/subwoofer cable included in HTS650?Anonymous14
Any one in Canada has Onkyo HT-S650 with LFE problem?OnkyoOwner6
HT-S650 LFE Problem Fixed Soon On The New Ones ?MSM13
Onkyo ht-s650 manufacture date ?Anonymous4
Get A Great System and save $$$Anonymous5
Kenwood 505 consensus???Dale W.12
Help!!!!!! Should I still get the Onkyo 650duckie20130
Onkyo HTS650 VS Harman Kardon HKTS10Jack Johnson8
Onkyo HTS-650 getting warm.Anonymous12
Onkyo TX-SR700 with SKSHT500meek3
Change from Onkyo 500 to 600meek2
Best HTIB system = SamsungAnonymous2
How I Got A HT-S650 At No ChargeAnonymous10
Onkyo HT - s650 wiring and speaker mountsLeigh2
Receiver in Onkyo HTS-650 gets really hot..questionOnkyoOwner2
Kenwood HTB-505 vs. Yamaha YHT-300Darren G.3
Feedback on RCA systemAnonymous2
An Excellent HT-S650 replacementAnonymous6
Is Onkyo HT-R500 / HTS-650 'passive'?Wes3
Onkyo HTS-650 LFE Problem Resolved on Refurb Units!Anonymous16
DVD Mini Component Home Theater System Hookup GuidesDerek2
Can you hook up 3 Game systems to the Kenwood HTB 505?Derek2
Tape output(ht-s650) -> ampDerek4
Onkyo HTS 650OahnMacleod10
Speaker Upgrades for Onkyo HT-S650Anonymous5
Onkyo 650 and Digital CableAnonymous2
Onkyo HT-S755DVC Home theater in a BoxAnonymous23
Subwoofer Connection to TV :)...Derek5
Which is better? HTIB or buy everything seperate?Anonymous8
Onkyo HTS 650 scratchy (clicking) noise with some DD DVDsOahn Macleod8
Onkyo ht-s650 vs. Denon dht-682xp vs. kenwood htb-505gLaNDix259
The Sony HT-DDW840 rivals the Okoyo HT-S650 and is $200.00 lessAnonymous4
HDTV Compatible HTIBs (component in) under $1KDerek2
HT-DDW840 sound too soft HELPRob Miller2
Anybody in the LA area repair the Onkyo HT-S650 LFE bug?dieter2
Speaker settings for the Onkyo TX-SR500/HT-R500???Mike2
The HT-S650 is being discontinued by OnkyoJust Surfing16
HT-650 Speaker Wire QuestionsThe doctor10
What to do about the mid rear speaker in the HTS760 package!!!jj512
ONKYO WILL FIX!!! re: HT-S650/TX-SR500 Edwin Garcia11
I have 800$ to spend...Anonymous2
Pioneer HTP-720DV?Seth Man3
HT-DL200P progressive scan Derek2
Onkyo HT 650 Speaker Cable QuestionWoody Texas11
Onkyo HT S50 Problem !!Anonymous2
Onkyo HTS650 -- VCR hookup question -- helpAnonymous11
Advice to setup TV audio to my HTS650 Carlo9
Denon dht-682xp vs. kenwood htb-544Anonymous34
Ht-r500 new problem...Anonymous4
Samsung HT-DL200PMitch6
Problems with the panasonic sa-pm08 dvd streo systemOtto Gomez12
Samsung HT-DL200P vs.JVC THA30Anonymous4
Yamaha YHTB10 Home Theatre Audio SystemTim Dobson12
Panasonic sc-ht700 or samsung ht-db600...or neither?Anonymous3
How to connect my Onkyo ht-r500 to my Hitachi for surround for TV s...Anonymous2
Onkyo vs Yamaha vs Denon HTkaka8
Best place to buy the new ONKYO HTS760jamie8
Onkyo hts 650 or Yahama yht 700davidkay10
Need help to set up Pioneer home theater system, please!Anonymous4
Very low sound output from Onkyo HTS 650 rear speaker, Help!!!Anonymous16
No sound from center speaker in ONKYO HTS760 systerm. Need help.vpr2
Onkyo HTS-650 LFE issue fixed for me.Jamie8
Seeking review of Onkyo HT-S767CAnonymous7
Sony Dream System DAVC450Anonymous3
What would you reccommend? Kenwood htb-505 or Onkyo ht-s660?Anonymous3
I'm sooooo confused.......connecting HTIB A. Billmann2
Onkyo HTS-760: Sound ClarityScott Bichan3
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