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Jl 10w3Robert1
Orion 2500D or two MA Audio HK2000D strappedjohnny lemoine14
Question about which amplifier i should get?IcemanV2.05
Components that will keep up.Kevin Previe5
Hey guys help me out .matt4
Subfanatic. where ya been?Jake Chesley22
Orion H2 12.4 any good??Chauncey Brown4
Hey Chauncey Brown Chauncey Brown8
Have anyone have experian with this Subs?Brandon2
Rca questionChris Engarde12
Sealed or PortedYoung James2
Klaus audio subwoofer boxesLukas Hoffman7
Paging Randy Woolard Mike Stout3
Metering..marshall white2
Can anyone explain this?mixneffect6
Best 15" sub for 300 bucksBrian Tucker5
Which eq? Audio Control EQT or a Phoenix Gold 232?Brian Tucker4
Small sealed enclosure sub recommendationsMatt3
mt specsCasey Compton5
2 12W6v2 & MB Quart Reference RAA1000killerzracing715
Selling 4 Logic Soundlabs Ex-1000 (3000wsubs)ty mutlow5
New subscharlie11
500$ budgetLouieV14
SQ SubsChauncey Brown16
New Adire Brahmamikechec94
H.O. alternatorChauncey Brown2
8W3V2 trying to buyChauncey Brown6
My setup jl audio 13.5 help!ucfsaxman3
$350 budget setupDave Dorman19
One Mt 12 or two SX12?Dan the man2
I picked up 2 12" Type R Subsjack15
Repairing a broken subcharlie15
What reasoncharlie9
To all who bash Kicker L7Trevor Eaton12
RE SE15Trevor Eaton15
Anybody knowNE$TER2
New subscasey wood27
9500 freq rangeWahl2
Help me choose a Subwoofer + AmplifierYoung James8
Power helpAudio Wizard4
JACK HAMMERAudio Wizard5
Tiny subs....Young James4
HO ALT?matt thigpen12
Can anyone answer these questions?Trevor Eaton2
Should i buy these? can my amp handle them?taylor174
2 Ohms vs. 4 OhmsBrett6
MTX 9500 issuesMike Stout25
Mtx substwo4fifteen2
GlasswolfDustin Pettit16
2 12w6v2 in seal box or 1 12w7 in H.O. box?Hesperian15
Sold my two 12 type S,need help on a new system* Rovin *27
(2) 10w7's or (2) 13w6v2's* Rovin *5
Alpine - SWR-1242D OR 2004 Kicker - L7jack3
What does everyone think about the new JackHammer Wooferstwo4fifteen9
MONO amp with DVC sub??? HELP!! PLEASEJames G2
Better setupBIG ed1
Eclipse SW6123.4 or the orion p12d2 subsJake Hill15
Anybody ever hear of putting an air horn in a car?Bobby Nelson7
Two jl w7's or two eclipse ti 12"s?Jake Hill9
How do you calculate the internal volume needed for a sealed box* Rovin *3
How to charge a 12v rechargeable battery.NE$TER5
Whats that whistlin' noise??disturb3d_pri3st6
Re audio pricesBassManMIke7
195rms/390max amp WITH 300rms/500max subkd it1
Can someone explain why this equation does not equal out or sound r...a l e x farris2
Baddest 15 sq sub?BassManMIke11
Which infinity?Shawn M3
My dumb friendYoung James3
JL SPLebasssystmz2
Box Stuffingnick3
Infinity 10VQ or Alpine Type-R?Cheron Bruce8
TREO Subs? 700rms?B5
Best Sub/Amp sources on a budgetjames m long4
New 13W7Demon Pride1
How many watts?hondarider1
Cea 2006 rated amp,glasswolfjosh jenkins1
RE Audio XMX what is this killerzracing711
Quick ?taylor174
Hey Nick(Joe Smoe)James Longo34
All professionals, break in question???Tyler42
Serious question...ucfsaxman14
I need a stupid loud set of subs.....ucfsaxman17
Adire shiva max amont of wattsmikechec94
Is diamond, idq, kicker cvr, infnty perfects, or adire shivajosh jenkins15
Where to buy adire subs?hondarider4
Stop fighting this is for sharing ideas and techmikechec934
What would you go with?matt thigpen12
Sub Boxes, really make that much of a difference?Kevin Bosini1
Sx 12 vs sx 15hondarider5
Need help picking Sub(s)eddy gilbert3
2 KICKER L7's fit in a 89 ford Escort?/\/\ike3
Wires, please help...Anonymous6
Eye candy subs?Mike D6
Volfenhag???Bobby Nelson17
Help with 2003 Honda Civic InstallCarAudio2
Who Do I drop Alpine SWR-1241 down
Help plzAnonymous1
Whats going onAnonymous15
To Glasswolf Isaac Jonathan and all the other pro'staylor1721
W7 vs TIsJake Hill10
152.3 in a stock set up with 1 Audiobahn 12" Donato62
Brandon grass this is for you..or anyone that can helpcorey1
Saw something funny yesterday...taylor179
Sub BOx VisonikCarAudio11
Does Q-logic make good boxes?Kris Finley9
Porting a sealed box, any suggestions, tips?Kris Finley2
What does bump mean???Kris Finley12
Building my Box! Need help!Kris Finley5
Interference from subsKris Finley5
RE XXXDropp19
Sub Boxalex8
Where are the new v-maxs?Terry64053
How to setup 4ohm subs as 2ohm?CarAudio7
Does anybody know where i can get a body kit Robert2
Quick question for the experts!Chris Person2
What about this?Rovin12
Kicker CVR 15" Tyler12
Kicker & Pizza...Tyler24
Dual Subs = Dual Port?Kris Finley19
No Bass!!!! HelpKris Finley4
Distorted Sounding Subs!!! HELP!!!Kris Finley7
Help on subsnocc1n3
WTT: xbox for audioBrandon riddell3
Cervin vega vmax vs. alpine type-rTyler3
Connecting Double Voice Coil?CarAudio24
Kicker L7's ?????Jake Chesley20
12" IDQ subs = 350 wrms ? - Isaac / Jon / GlassRovin5
Box for 2 12'' Kicker CVR's..Question!Mike Johnson43
JL W7JL Nut28
RE SX or Eclipse Ti Titanium?MO8
Best SPL sub?howie feltersnatch19
Anyone willing to help?Anonymous4
2 12" alpine or 1 12" xxx or sxscott4
Kicker l7 vs. MTX 8500ucfsaxman8
They all just look so cool i cant decide!!!!!Anonymous3
Louderjones palmer10
Uh oh, bass amplifier tube wiring help, prolly simple :-)...Kevin Bosini1
Custom hinges for back seatAnonymous3
4 8s or 2 10sNeed4Bass26
How to get subs to hit hard.Denis_A7
Connecting the sub.rob preg4
Im considering re xxx do they get nearly as loud as L7sGlassWolf16
Most reliable?GlassWolf6
Snail Shell GlassWolf2
Re subs?Adam2
Tinsel leadsbilly bob3
Commercial for MasterCardJake Hill8
1,000 Posts == Gold!!!Jake Hill12
Custom box...any help?chris2
How does the RE SE compare to the JL 12W6?Adam7
What sub?taylor174
WO box with 2 15in RE MTbrian3
Rockford Power hx2 12" problemsCody Caldwell6
JL W7 Box ideas anyoneT0aSty5
Memphis LVS 18" SubJames G3
Need help building subwoofer enclosure for 2 re sx 10" sinx1
Questions on box building?hondarider20
Help me shopTerry640518
Hey i need help asap... please readJames G4
Solderzac davis3
GF's systemdustin pettit1
Vented 1.5 CbFt Box Question.Andrew3
Will this be loudBloodyWaters9
Bonding plexiglass to MDFjhon6
2 12 CVR vs 2 12 IDQ?MuddyWaters7
Building a wall, questions.Mike DiSanto6
Better dealMuddyWaters10
JL 10W7 in sealed ProWedgeJustin Baker10
Bass Competition Georgia Isaac3
Help wiring?j cash4
I'm Finally Getting a HO Alternator!!matt thigpen75
Best amp for mejones palmer2
Subs cut outJoe pawlinski1
Ported or sealedTyler3
Kicker CompV Box?!?!?!David Nolen2
If you are a pro with subs.......helllppppppp !!!Trevor Eaton22
JL question.Isaac21
Better SQ sub Focal or MbQuartGal Shavit2
Good way to port?Corey Brooks8
RE 12.1 for 2 RE SEsmatt thigpen1
I need a system for my carmatt thigpen11
Glass,jonathan,isaac anyone?Jonathan12
A good match?Stephen O'Donnell1
Need help for box selectionMichael Cazayoux2
I Need a New AmpBruce Epps1
Critque this setupmarshall white2
Voice Coil Induction and its relevance to SQscuba steve3
Help me out heretaylor1711
(2) infinity kappa perfect 10" for 50$billy bob2
MB Quart RAA1000killerzracing719
Rickey where are you killerzracing711
Hifonics Zeus SubYoung James2
Can i fit 2 x 12" box in 98 expedition with 3rd seat in ?sinx1
My Vice Principal made an annoucementbumpy22
Custom Camaro Box for 1 SX12Seth Lowe5
Box buildingmixneffect2
Oh yeah rovinChauncey Brown52
The best 12 " subs?Chauncey Brown5
Scion tC + RE SX 12"= I need a box designMuddyWaters9
Lanzar vs. RFMuddyWaters9
Which is a louder SPL set-upRovin8
Poll on subs - I need your vote! - EVERYONE!!!Rovin22
What's the difference???Isaac W.12
Ported BoxRDS111
Plez help me choose a sub!!!Isaac W.7
I Found This Kind Of Interesting....Rovin6
JBL subs?Tyler8
Possible old setup vs. New SetupMuddyWaters4
Only possible wayMuddyWaters4
W7 truble glass helpTrevor Eaton10
What subs for hifonics BX1205DTerry64051
Anyone want to design a boxShawn M2
Two subs or one? Rovin6
What subsTerry640518
Wiring terminalmixneffect6
Four 4ohm subs to 1ohm??marshall white6
RE XXX Jonathan18
Which should i get?Tyler2
Help with my setupjake papa2
12" Visonik sub enclosure?CarAudio1
Enclosure questionMatt5
Help me with a few choices... mikechec94
I have an idea..mikechec94
What loss do I have between 20Hz & 38Hz?... PleaseGlassWolf29
Frequency responseGlassWolf7
What;s the difference???taylor173
Just cant figure out this avalanche...Trevor Eaton9
Kicker, Alpine, or RockfordDavid Nolen23
Blown Subwoofers?? HELP!!!David Nolen14
4omh and 8omh?taylor173
Any one selling a red top or yellow topDR MAX7
Need new subsmikechec93
Best box for a re sx 12 or 15mikechec92
Pics of my systemRyan14
RE XXX blare holz8
Dual 6 ohmRovin2
Team RF subtaylor1710
RE SX12 or SX15taylor175
How do i take off my dashboard, is there any guides?Brandon2
Car Audio Noob... buying First system need help... ucfsaxman13
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