How does the RE SE compare to the JL 12W6?


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Been a little while since i've posted but i'm still lookin around as to what to get for a new stereo. i think i was going to go with DLS components (powered hopefully by a zapco amp) and coaxials (run of head unit) for the rear doors but i was still a little up in the air as far as the sub is concerned. Pretty much i have it down to the RE SE and the JL W6 (sizes of either not sure of yet). As of now i have a 99 grand cherokee but i think within a year i will be getting something along the lines of a tahoe or yukon, so i will have a little more space. so i was thinking maybe a 15in SE or the 13W6 (saw it on the JL website so i assume it exists). I am mostly looking for SQ but wouldnt mind good SPL here and there as well. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance and sorry for the rather lengthy post.

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im not an expert on subs by any means, but ive been looking at the RE SE, and if you notices the prices, the SE is more on par with the W3, which i heard the SE was a little bit louder and better SQ than the W3, and actually costs less than the W3.. if your looking at W6's you should compare it to the SX or XXX line by RE, i dont know the exact prices, but i know both of them are a little bit under or aboce the price of an W6 and someone who knows a lot more than i do willt ell you how they compare to a W6

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thanks for the response matt. i was thinking the SX or XXX at one point, but then i would need to buy a bigger amp and possibly a bigger alternator. so that is the reason i was keeping it around the SE and W6 was because they are about the 500-600 watt range i think. i don't mind spending the extra money to get the W6 if it's a better sub than the SE, just buying bigger amps and alternators i think would get pricey, IMO. thanks again for the input, i'd appreciate any more that you had to give. more responses are more than welcome, thanks again in advance.

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SPL between the two will be similar. SQ is what is going to differ, in which I give the W6v2 the advantage. One of the best SQ subs you're going to find anywhere.

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thanks a lot jon. anybody else got any input?

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i have heard 2 W6 12's in a acura a few days ago on a 500/1 and it got loud....but i was amazed how good they actually sounded! in my opinion i think the w6 would be better. as like you said above....the xxx is what it's competitor is and it needs a lot more power then your willing to give to it!!

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idk, i think my SE10" would be along the lines of a 10w6v2d4. like ive said before, my cousin has a 10w3v2 and my SE blows it away! your right though the w6 would prob have better sound quality but they would be very close in spl, but its not fair to say that the SE is along the lines of the w3 if youve never heard both(which im assuming) and the XXX kills the w6 in spl, but again the w6 will sound the best out of the group.
just my $.02
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