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i know i know, yall hear this one a lot but i cant find it in my search, i have a opportunity to buy 2-15 xxx and i need to know the real price, and i would like the rest for future referance

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this is the reg list - i don'y have the soon 2 be sale list ........

Resonant Engineering Pricelist
(note prices do not include shipping and handling charges)

RE8- $49
RE10- $59
RE12- $69

SE10- $149
SE12- $169
SE15- $199

SX10- $239
SX12- $249
SX15- $269
SX18- $309

XXX10- $359
XXX12- $369
XXX15- $399
XXX18- $429

MT10- $409
MT12- $419
MT15- $449
MT18- $479

there is a $25 charge to upgrade the MT or TripleX line to a quad voice coil configuration.


RE - 175wRMS -- DVC 4 ohm

SE - 600wRMS -- DVC 4 ohm

SX - 1000wRMS -- DVC 2 ohm

XXX - 1600wRMS -- DVC 2 ohm, QVC 2 & 1 available

MT - 2500wRMS to 5000wRMS -- DVC .7 & 1.4 ohm, QVC .7 & 1.4 ohm

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"Official RE Audio Group buy info.
Before I get to telling you anything about prices, dates, or anything else...

This will be the LAST TIME you see something like this from RE Audio. There are some major changes going on right now. Once this group buy is over... it's over. Please don't come back in 3 months asking for another one. GET IN ON THIS NOW! You WILL NOT see prices like this EVER AGAIN.

The group buy will start on Dec 5, 2005 and continue until Dec 31. We will start accepting orders on Dec 5... NOT BEFORE. Any orders placed between Dec 5 and Dec 14 will be shipped by Dec 16. All orders placed after Dec 14 will be shipped by Jan 13. Please DO NOT call and ask if your orders have been shipped yet. Those are the dates.

We will only accept orders from customers in the continental 48 US states. Please don't call and beg, whine, or ask us of any ways you can get around this. WE WILL NOT SHIP OUTSIDE OF THE COUNTRY.

These products are only offered with standard coil configurations. We will not accept any orders for custom coil impedance for these prices. We will not be offering any discounts on non-standard impedance products.

There is no minimum order. Order whatever you want in any quantity you want.

Prices are as follows:

RE series
8" - $50
10" - $60
12" - $70

SE series
10" - $137
12" - $147
15" - 167

SX Series
10" - $210
12" - $220
15" - $240
18" - $265

MT series - Dual 1, 2, or 4 - Take your pick!
10" - $370
12" - $385
15" - $400
18" - $425

Shipping IS INCLUDED in these prices.

Component sets and amplifiers are NOT included in this group buy.
SR, MX, and XXX series subwoofers are NOT available yet. Please don't ask for them.

Again I'll tell you... GET THESE CHEAP while you can!"

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Im gonna get an 12" SX during the sale.

a l e x farris
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i will probobly get the 15" mt. do you think it will break some stuff upstairs with 2000 watts

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Hey Mike what would you and amp at if someone was going to get and MT?

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