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i just wanted to know if 2 13w7 will be louder than 6 kicker comps 12 and whats the cheapest place to get my w7s

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is this a serious question? the kicker comps will be louder than the W7s and their isnt a "cheap" place to buy W7s their always expensive but the cheapest place would be ebay

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thats a tough one...but the jl will cost between $1000-$1300 depending on where you buy from. 6 compvrs will cost as little as $700...if your looking into 2 about 3 Adire Audio Brahmas? will cost about the same as 2 w7's, and is comparable and maybe better than the w7 in sql.

Go with the JL's.

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the jl's might be louder it depends on the enclosure and the power you give them both. they will sound a lot better and be deeper. especially if your'e talking about the kicker comps not the comp vr the regualr comp is a cheap unimpressive sub.

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Exactly, the JL's should be louder, and sound way better than 6 comps. has some of the best prices, but they don't carry most of the high end stuff like Eclipse, and adire, or DD.
I believe they do have the W7's though.

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Yeah sonicelectronix's has it for $649, but the only thing is you have to get some serious amps to push those subs. Also if you buy JL products online JL doesn't support the warranty.

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i put the 13w7s way over the comps... im sorry people but it will take skill for the comps to be louder than the 13w7s... if zacdavis had the comps... thats the only way lol. my experience with kicker subs has not been good at all. ive heard 2 L7s that werent as loud as my 1 avalanche in 2 cases and ive heard 4 12 compVRs that werent as loud either, by a longshot.

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i had a guy that goes to my brother's school who was talking smack. hes rich(no knowlege, just money), drives a navigator with 22'' spinners and has 6 JL 12W3v2's pushed by only 1 JL 1000/1(under powering them). my 13W7 sounded way better and maby louder. don't have a mic, so i can't say for sure. everyone that was there said mine was louder. wish i had a mic, lol.

the 6 sub set up reminded me of that, thought i'd share, lol
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