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I'm look for opinions on what subs I should get for high sound quality from either two .5 ft^3 sealed boxes or one 1 ft^3 sealed box. I'm looking to spend about $250 on the sub(s). My amp is a Rockford Fosgate Power T10001bd which is rated at 500 W x 1 @ 4 Ohms RMS and 750 W x 1 @ 2 Ohms RMS.

Right now I'm looking at two Image Dynamics IDQ10s or one Diamond Audio D6 12. I'm much more concerned with sound quality than SPL and like to listen to everything from jazz to techo to hip hop and rock. I know two 10's will have more cone area than one twelve, but is there going to be any inherent advantages/disadvatages of going one way or the other as far as SQ?

The enclosure is a C5 stealth subthump box. So, if I go with 10s in .5 ft^3 enclosers they can only be 7" deep. If I go with one 12 in 1 ft^3 it can only be 6 3/8" deep. Both the speakers above fit and are spec'd to work in enclosures of those sizes.

So what do you guys think? One 12 or two 10s? Which has better SQ, the IDQ10 or the D6 12? Any other subs that meet my need? Thanks!

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as far as SQ the two will both be nice:-) I am a huge Image dynamics fan but also have much respect for Diamond as well. If you do run the diamond run it at 4ohms so get the dual 2 ohm sub. They will both suit your needs nicely. The difference would be a lower FS of the d6 so it will hit a tad lower which is nice in a sealed enclosure without having to run a subsonic filter. Either way you go I would run both set-ups at 4ohms not at 2.

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Thanks for the response! How come you suggest running at 4 ohms for either setup? I can see with the two IDQ10's (rated at 250w rms each) running at 4 ohms matches up with the amps rated power at 4 ohms. But the Diamond D6 12" is rated at 600w rms, which is between the amp's 500w rms @ 4ohms and 750w rms @ 2ohms.
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