Two subs or one?


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I have two older cvr's rated at 400 watts rms each. (the black ones with "CVR" in the middle. I also have an audiobahn a8000t amp. the cvr's are dual 4 ohms (bought them used, wish i got dual 2 ohms). Now here is my question.

-the amp puts out 800w at 2 ohms, or 400 watts at 4 ohms. I can use both subs and wire them for 400 watts or i can wire one for 800 watts. Just now i wired the one sub for 800 watts and its not clipping or anything. Oh and it sounds much better with the one sub. What would you guys do? two subs or one?

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Well...most disagree, but you could just wire one set of Voice Coils on each sub in parallel with each other to get 2 ohms.

Here's where everyone comes in saying that's a terrible thing to do, and should never be done, well, in all truthfullness it does nothing to the speaker, and output is still the same.

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Oh yes, regardless of what I do know about the whole using both vc's, in my subwoofer's instruction manual, it gives wiring options for my subwoofer. And using just one of the vc's to attain a 4 ohm load is an acceptable option according to the manual.

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wiring only one set of the voice coils changes all the T/S specs of the sub.
do what you will, but i will wire both of my VC's on my sub.:-)

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I am with ya on this one Muddy. I would never power only one voice coil on a DVC sub.

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Here we go again .....Upload
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