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can someone tell me the deal with olms when it comes to subs. i no olm is resistence in t he electrical trade, so that 4 olms meen theres less power going into the sub the the 2 olm subs? also whats the difference from a single voice coil and duel? with is better?

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too much 2 type , read www.bcae1.com .....

u mean ohms and dual are you in kindtergarden?

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SVC, and DVC subs just give you more wiring options.
Yup, if the same amp is used on 2 pair of subs... set A, 2 ohm svc, and set B 4 ohm SVC.
If both wired in paralell, set A will be gitting mor power from the amp.
Kind of a crappy inaligy, but hopefully you get the point.

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svc means one coil of wire wrapped around the former of the sub. dual means two coils of wire wrapped together around a former. the wire serves as an inductor and receives the power from the amp creating a field of energy which pushes against the static field of the magnet (motor) on the bottom of the sub, thus causing the piston to move.

like taylor said, the difference is just wiring options so that you can run your subs at 2ohms if you choose or 4ohms (or any number of ohms, depending on the configuration and number of subs).

as suggested above, you can review these links for a better concept of a speaker and ohms.

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