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for those requesting "the best sq sub", i thought i would clarify a few things about the front runner's new addition. while there has been a lot of talk about the new Brahma being inferior to the previous MKII, it's all a farce. this presumption was based mostly on the MKIII's 2.5" vc compared to the 3" vc of the Mark II.

the new brahma actually has a LARGER VC than the MKII. it's a matter of surface area. while the previous 3" coil had a length of 1.1", the new model's 2.5" vc is 1.35" long. the resulting surface area is 10.37" and 10.6", respectively. as a reference, the adire maelstrom (adire's real spl sub) has a vc diameter of 3", 2.375" long. the mkIII's smaller diameter still results in the typical advantages of lower inductance and m-mass (because of the shorter/lighter former), but it also allows for greater flux stability.

as far as rms is concerned, the previous rating method wasn't the "standard" method used in car audio (hence the not-so-practical 1600 w rms). it was changed for this reason and doesn't stray a bit from the original thermal or mechanical capabilities. same sq, same spl. power handling is going to be determined largely by the enclosure anyway. in addition, the cone is even stronger and lighter than the already extremely fomidable cone of the MKII.
now all they need is a nice rubber boot to throw over that "less-than-pretty" motor structure, and i think we'll have a full package.
just an update/clarification

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have they set a release date

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I thought the Tumult was there assigned SPL sub. Where do they stand then? Those things have 33 mm of Xmax.

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"I thought the Tumult was there assigned SPL sub. Where do they stand then? Those things have 33 mm of Xmax."

like the 28 mm brahma, it's a very linear sq sub. the old tumult was a step up from the previous brahma. it was just a home audio sub new to car audio. the same relationship between the two holds true for the new line. the brahma (or tumult for that matter) and the maelstrom, is like the xxx compared to the sx.

"have they set a release date"

what do you mean? the release date is the same as it always has been: "in a couple of weeks," lol. for real though, they were focusing on a majority of OEM drivers. that's essentially what set them back (let adire tell it). i've decided that i won't listen to a word regarding the actual release date until i see the "coming soon" sign replaced with "available." there are already a couple of sites that distribute the preliminary batches though. just have to watch them from day to day:
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