Need help building subwoofer enclosure for 2 re sx 10"


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hey guys i like to build my own box for re sx 10". This will be my first box so i have no idea what to do. I am good with tools, have done some wood work (building deck and stuff).

i need maximum performance from these subs i am after spl and i guess SQ will be good as well on these subs :-)

the box i am building is for 2000 expedition. I dont have enought room in the back cuz i am keeping the 3rd seat in.
well i have alot of width space around 55" ____ and height around 18" | , but not much depth Maximum i guess is 12"

i was thinking of going with ported box, just like re audio is displaying on the website.
will ported give me the best spl. I really want this sytem to be very lound :D

I went to the reaudio site and checked the dimenstion stuff for sx 10" but dont really understand all that :-(

this is what they are saying under tech for
sx10 > sql > 1.6 cuft ported 32 hz tuning

10" SQL 3F@35hz
a - 36" , b - 20" c - 12" d - 10.5"
e - 9.25" f - 4" g - 14.5" h - 3"

this is what i think

a = width 36" ( i can have max of 55" )
b = not sure what b is
c = height 12" ( i can have max of 18" )
d = ported air space
e = each sub area ( is this box divided in between the subs ) ? if not should i divide it and make 2 ports one on right side and one on left side )
f = port width 4"
g = port height 14.5"
h = port inside width 3 ( isnt this too little on their website the diagram they have almost covers full 1 sub )

not sure whats the depth on this box is , if its less then 12" then i can fit this box just like it is and dont have to change any thing.

plz tell me how to start , what i need and what kind of dimentions i should make this box.

your help is very much appreciated
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