Can anyone answer these questions?


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What does this mean?
Dual 3" ASV 4 Layer vouce coil.
Does the size matter
and what is the ASV and 4 Layer mean?
Also do you know what this means?
THD @ 1 Watt, (4 Ohms) 0.30%
Signal-To-Noise Ratio Below Rated Power Output 100Db
Frequency Response 20Hz To 250Hz (+/-3db)
Input Sensitivity 300Mv To 5.1V
Does anyome know how the subs create the bass, if a 15" push's more air then why are some 15" subs louder then others if the others have thicker foam and move more?
I was told that it is the amount of air moved and a ported moves air in two places.
Also if the magnet has a lot too do with, can you add more powerful magnets for increased power?
Why does the size of wire matter to an amp if the Sub is only connected to the 12 gauge - 16 gauge wire? Then if the Amp has 8 guage speaker wire terminals, then why does it matter if NO sub has bigger then 12Gauge wires after the subwoofer terminal?
When is 0 gauge or 4 gauge to big for a compacitor or what size farad would you know need?
So if anyone can answer any of these, teach everyone who see's this!
I really want to know all of these answers?

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i'll answer a few of these questions.
for one. many subs have 8 ga terminals. mine does. but they are usually bigger better more expensive subs. 15s do have more cone area than a 12 but xmax ( how far a subs cone moves) has a lot to do with air movement as well. and yes. when you have a ported enclosure the air moving back and forth in the port acts as a cone to reproduce more sound. there isnt really such thing as too big of power wire. if u wanted to run a 0 awg wire back for a 300w amp thats fine but not needed. and for a capacitor. the rule is 1F to ever 1kw. but its nice to have a lil extra. however a HO (high output) alternator and good batteries as well as a big 3 upgrade is more important and efficient than a capacitor.
im not really going to answer anything about the sub specs because im not to great at answering that stuff i'll just say that frequency response is the frequencys the amp can play to.
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