RE SX or Eclipse Ti Titanium?


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Which is louder?

Which is stronger?

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sorry for the double post.

I was trying to cancel the first one to avoid being biased.


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I'd go with the Eclipse. Excellent build quality, and it'll get just as loud, if not louder than the SX. (not really seen a very good SX setup though...)

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eclipse TI= overall SQL

RE SX= spl all the way

they would prob be around the same loudness, but the eclipse would kill it in SQ.

i think the SX would hold up better,(im not a fan of metal coned subs) but you never know.
just my opinion

the SX is not an SPL sub!!! that's the MT. people give the SX a bad rap for SQ. It sounds a lot better than most "sql" subs and gets louder doing it. (with the right setup of course)
I have only heard one, it was a 12" in a sealed enclosure. Sounded incredible, well it sounded very good and was very loud.

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Anonymous: why don't you get a user name? You obviously have some knowledge...

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It's more mysterious this ahhhh!!

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Yeah everyone seems to follow this trend of saying the SX is a SPL sub and a bad rep for SQ.

After finally installing mine in my car and playing with it for like 2 weeks i can say that the box is just as important as the amplifier and so on.. I have my SX 15 in a 4.25 cuft box tuned to 30hz and it sounds amazing SQ wise and the SPL is the most ive heard from any sub ive tried. Way more SPL then i need but thats just me. Again the SQ of the SX is on par with just about any SQL sub. IM so glad that the SQ is better then i expected before i bought it and now i can say that the SQ is great for a everday SQL driver that can get in the 140-145db region with the right box and install.
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