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Robert P
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Hey, I was just wondering if instead of using a wiring terminal, if I could simply drill a hole through the side of my box and run wire directly from amp to sub? Then of course, use silicone or something to seal it up to prevent leakage

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Make sure if you do that, that you're not mounting hte sub right away. :-) Silicone vapors like to eat foam. Keep that in mind.

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For the price of a speaker terminal I wouldnt even consider a lame idea like drilling a hole and expect to use silicone to seal it up.

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actually, w/ most of my boxes i do just drill a hole and put the wire through.

but i use 12-8ga wire for speaker wire. i just drill a hole that the wire will just fit through (so it is very snug). then i tie a knot in the wire on both the inside and outside of the box. and use lots of silicone or caulk :-)

works pretty darn well IMO.


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It works, but what about the inevitable. Lets play devils advocate. What about an accident, where the wire would get cut near the box and you dont have enough room to splice in anymore.

The reason I would go with a terminal is it is a professional approach. It allows quick disconnect. It is versatile for multiple applications. In case of an accident you can just replace the external wire without having to do repairs.

For $5.38 ($.775 sales tax included) a drill, and a jigsaw, it is not worth it in my opinion.

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Why do quality speaker enclosures come with terminal binding posts?

The last time I saw a marketed speaker enclosure with a wire coming out of the box without a terminal would have to be a fisher or sound design from the 80's. They were original garbage. Nothing I would consider for myself.
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