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Whats the best sub for high spl under 400$ Makinblak24
Which one will hit harder?Makinblak30
Box bracingMakinblak32
Pyle pld12wd enclosureMakinblak11
New SubwooferMakinblak2
OFF topicMakinblak20
Look at what Santa Dropped Off! New Components : ) PicsJoe8
Bass enhancers/expanders (Epicenter)G.I. Rob.9
Best sq 12-15 in sub NoLimitAutosports19
JL Cleansweep-Eric-17
Volume Knob for Subs?Street Legal8
Quick Amp Question. and another Qdeathoob5
Anybody know what these are worth???Dustin30
New Speakers.Flawl3$$37
SSA Dcon vs IA 187 vs AQ SDC....Pike11012
Official Secret Santa Threadsean200
Acoustic EleganceLord Huggington45
Is this bottoming out?Lord Huggington31
W7 + PDX 1.1000Makinblak4
What to doMakinblak5
Need help againMakinblak8
3 subs... dBlk24
If elephants were microwaves...Makinblak21
This sweet boxdBlk28
Soooo.... time to build the system for my 79 cobra.sean9
2001 hollywoodnick1
Which amp would fit best?sean12
Group buysdBlk23
Question about alternators...Ricky Lussier15
Car audio competition...Monroe, La.Canaan31
Mechman or DC Power?M.S.58
Best Rap/Hip-Hop Bass SongsLord Huggington21
This box vs. that boxsean29
Just ordered my sub. sean25
Box help/ thoughtsRicky Lussier24
What To Do..GlassWolf15
New system, low power lots of spaceSomeDonnieDude34
How do you wire a sub ? Lord Huggington2
Dehp 6500 pioneerSomeDonnieDude7
OT. Sound Quality off ebay, New toysean8
Deathoob's stupid question timeJoe13
What would 2 soundstream 12" mules be worth.Pike1102
Best Rap/Hip-Hop Bass SongsSean P6
Need some direction guyssean33
Db-r salesean18
2 door blazerMakinblak4
Ported vs. sealedLord Huggington14
My slowly evolving project...BoogJoog61
Fiberglass kick podsMotha Ducka8
Ok I just sold my 04 tl to my brother it had 2 jl 12w7 to a hi foni...deathoob15
Two subs wired together off one amp or two subs wire seprate off on...M.S.6
Glasswolf, anyone else that knows SQsean14
New toydeathoob27
Sundown salesean4
EA altssean4
Sound deadener inside box? amp tuning?Will French13
Hey guys I'm back.lOwLiFe21
130 for 2 12" boston g5's good price???sean4
Which subwoofer is the better the in sqlsean19
Stupid questionStreet Legal7
Daniel BonhamDaniel Bonham23
Memphis vs SonyMakinblak9
Got a new 13av.2 and kicker sx1250.1. Box?cwruck16
1/0 Wire On SaleJulian7
O.T. rememberancePaul Larrea6
Alpine 15 type r in a sealed boxLord Huggington5
Sound Processor info neededG.I. Rob.24
Front stage, no rear fillSKD19
Suggestions puttin subwoofers in a truckcblaze4
Wanting to trade! HDC315 D1 C for comparable 12" Subexcursion2
What happens after a company buyoutSean P14
Quick question-Eric-7
Best place to buy?-Eric-6
8" subwoofer | Rainbow Vanadium or something better?Invictuz16
Video of my girlfriends system...cwruck10
Black Friday SalesG.I. Rob.6
Subwoofer/Amp shut off for a few seconds?-Eric-5
Rear firing vs top firing, port direction, and cabin acousticsGlassWolf4
Uhhh how the heckG.I. Rob.4
System help!!!Snow1811
Single ohm subs in series questionSKD3
Help me choose my new system for my Saturn ...BuDDy L84
Good news everybodycwruck39
Crazy Battery check it outMarc8
Total garbage?cwruck7
I just gotta say...Canaan3
Like a G6Cuz93
OT: best basic security practicesdeathoob9
New Subs or SubJason30
Kick panel... pod thingsdBlk28
Dedicated mid bass woofers-Eric-9
Comp on Sunday Opinions /Ideas wantedJoe15
AA Avalance for saleCanaanWhite6
Have you guys seen this video yet?CanaanWhite4
Type X aero portCanaanWhite12
What is the difference?CanaanWhite9
New situationCanaanWhite12
Headunit and cd changerCanaanWhite8 toy?CanaanWhite36
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