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Any info? or experience???GlassWolf12
What are configuration jumpers?[...Rovin...]3
Having some power issues!!!Sean P31
How do i wire my type x into 2 ohm load?jon3
Sub box port hole sizezeke31
Small subchoicesCharles Herbert5
What is the difference about these boxes?GlassWolf6
Need a box built for one 15Sean P7
Need help identifying Pioneer DVD HU. *pics*edward Matthews6
Box for 15" Fi SSDSmith14
Re Audio amp recommendationkool345331
What setup should i use for cvr kickerGlassWolf18
Would a Sundown Nightshade 15 work with these dimensions?Mark C15
I need opions on a systemMr. Jewburg9
Subwoofer choice help.FreemaNNNN1
What do you think it is?cwruck18
Which is Better?Shawn Dooley2
New toy came in the mail to day.Bassman34
What do i need to run 2500rmsdylanj13
Free air bezel install.GlassWolf2
Enclosure Build for Local Customer -- For a PG Cyclone :-)...GlassWolf40
Are sundown amps worth the money?GlassWolf15
Whats the difference?GlassWolf8
Midwest SPL in Union, MO March 28thdBlk5
Kicker L7 ported boxBobby5
2 12' sub box to 35 hzBassman38
2 15" IA LI BuildTroy Jones27
JL 10"oldtimer10
GM side post terminal diameter.Smith7
Remote Bass KnobShawn Dooley1
RE MT 15dylanj5
I'm thinking about selling my DLS A6?Muddy54
Do you think Fi will be making Amps any time soon?Smith4
Which competition do i sign up forMark Brockman17
15" Omega Subwoofer???Mark Scafetta8
What Tweeter?Snow6
Deka Battery adviceMotha Ducka2
Rockford hx2Shawn Dooley7
Can spearker box give out ??Bassman36
Dodge 2004 Intrepid SE, need new sound help!!!Shawn Dooley5
Which sub?Smith16
Best Double Din Non-Nav Touchscreen Head UnitNoLimitAutosports3
CanaanMark Brockman7
Looking for an affordable 12" sub. tig O bitties5
Which goes lower, sealed or ported?JasonP1
Audiopipe??Paul Larrea4
SBN 2010 pics - and LOTS of them. Cars and girlsPaul Larrea16
How do I increase the volts to the amplifierJasonP34
Amp for 2 JL 10W7 if possible or 10W6v2 in f150 screwcbucks23
Feeler: Sub, Amps, Enclosure *Pics*Mark Highland2
Ported box size for 15"?Smith5
Ported or Sealed?JasonP16
SQ features in HU's really that important?Mark Scafetta11
12w7 BoxMike29
Subs make 'knocking' soundHenbo1
What is better 2 ohm or 4 ohm sub?cwruck20
I need help 1996 Gmc sierra ext cabTrevor2
Dodge 2004 Intrepid SE, need new sound help!!!azyong1
How much would 2 of these be??tig O bitties2
Help wiring ampSmith9
Finally have some bump againJack1
Got a new toy today. Anybody remember these???Andrizzle13
Planet audioNoLimitAutosports5
DD M1b for sale..Private12
BernyMac needs new subs for the truckBernyMac7
Dvd player flip down HUdBlk7
Box for 4 BB12d in a Monte Carlo SSsean2
Head units please!Nick Adams9
Satellite radio and HUsSnow8
Hifonicszack w2
Need a 10SomeDonnieDude4
Looking For Flip outAndrew Capps5
Need a subzack w6
Need a subSmith7
Looking for 500-750 rms ampsJK13
Help with sub wiringSmith12
Stereo Integrity & Rd audio... Out of Business???Andrizzle12
MR. JEWBURGMotha Ducka13
Crescendo Audiotig O bitties9
2 10" alpine type R tuned 34hz does 144dbs ...Kyle Longbrake17
What i dislike about old school cars...Mr. Jewburg6
Sub questions W7?Vince20
Setting an amp for door speakers??Chris Engarde9
My New Toy!!!sean9
Another JL Thread...sigh*Ben Quirk7
This sub vs. that subKyle Longbrake6
Lets talk headunits againMark Scafetta17
Does anyone know whats up with the QNolan Paul16
Big 3 SuppliesPaul Larrea5
Auidoline probelmspesa3
Ported box vs bandpass boxJoEmArTiN3
Buying a sub best options? Help?Nolan Paul21
Can't get the hu to turn on. help plz im lostzack w12
Did I misread or was it innacurate?Paul Larrea2
Is this the future of car audioShawn Dooley16
Audioque or DDperfectcircle14
RDtig O bitties23
AQ10000DTroy Jones19
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