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Kicker comp 10"oscar1
Subwoofer and amp...Ram 07Juggernuts22
Clarion DPX11551 FOR SALENick Adams1
I have a low budget and room for one sub! please helpDustin20
Sound deadeningdeathoob6
Breaking in subs, fact or fiction, 12'' Type r Alps?deathoob21
Still have wire Paul?Paul Larrea41 is NOW up and running!Bassman319
Help deciding on subG.I. Rob.15
HIFONICS TRITON 8" SQUARE Full Range Speaker...Dustin17
Which is better?Dustin32
Kicker comp 10"Eric G11
2 12' JL W3'sBKing101
Time for a new systemG.I. Rob.21
Edward edward7
A Nice System, with a decent priceBreck120
AQ HDC3 18"Joe10
SSA DCON'sG.I. Rob.6
MDF rings.G.I. Rob.5
Help: Subs for 01 Silverado Ex-cabG.I. Rob.20
New PPI Art Series Discussion On DIY(very interesting)Jexx3
Ups was here, my second amp came for my second warden.Polo38
Help out - w6 or w7?ThugzRGhetto26
Beeeeeen along time Gentlemen, glad to be backDaniel Bonham2
FI Q 12Sean P4
Help with sub amplifier batteryJoe6
Good subs for metalG.I. Rob.16
It's been awhileJoe7
Free raffle for 4th of JULYJulian44
Complete hard hitting system?sean30
Trunk boxessean6
Not getting enough thump ? deathoob20
Please help with system adviceWill French101
FI BTLTroy Jones3
New system questionjarod0278
Did an install in a 98 Jeep.steve8
89 bucks picked up. Think I did ok on it?Pike11018
Let me know what you guys thinkJoe11
Im back from china... saw a little car audioJulian19
BIG enclosure, BIG KerfBassman354
10.5 volts from headunit remote wireMark Scafetta11
Started my new install so hears my build log.deathoob110
New amp, sub, worried I may not have it tuned properly?SKD3
Help me help my g/fSnow25
Fi Car Audio Q Series 15" FOR SALETim16
Boston G3, G5wandaddy5
Box builders in long island newyork, please replyBassman35
Bassman3's Enclosure Testimonials Bassman324
What do you guys think?Sean P10
New to the audio gameSKD24
Box blew out?Nolan Paul10
Do Fi btls ever come off backorder!?!deathoob4
The Slot Machine[...Rovin...]4
So im looking for some pictures of builds and stuffMotha Ducka9
JL Audio Rep/Car (pics)SKD10
OT: going activeMark Scafetta3
New to Audio- need suggestionsM.S.6
What test tone for a 4 channel amp?steve2
Holy crap...Paul Larrea20
Anybody want an alpha or a sundown1500d?Sean P2
Interesting vehicle coming for an install.Sean P24
What upgrades to do for 3 to 3500 watts rmsPolo16
So im looking for some pictures of builds and stuffdBlk1
What 10's should I go with for my truck?Sean P6
Pink Floyd Orion Amp?Pimp10
Could use so suggestions pleaseKyle Longbrake16
OT: whos used mass loaded vinyl (MLV)?Mark Scafetta4
Has anyone seen one of these before?Daniel Bonham4
05 Nissan Titan system suggestions...lOwLiFe4
New Tvsean19
RCA'sNolan Paul1
FI has new sexy toys now as wellMark Scafetta12
Driven Desires 2010 Car ShowBernyMac9
I need knowlegeSKD10
System in the new truck (new subs) PICSTroy Jones33
Box build log -- 2 SA-10's Kerfed portBassman365
Lights are still dimming after electrical upgrades. Help pleaseMotha Ducka37
RE 18 MT enclosure advice [...Rovin...]4
Bass knob installation help please!!Sean P11
2 12 kicker cvx vs 1 12 JLw7SKD48
Opinions needed for new setup.M.S.18
Purpose for bass knob?M.S.5
Does this look right?jarod0274
10" W7Jaymoung73
Need help in hooking up my equalizer to my bose lifestyle.nasasproutj1
Are my subs blown?SKD6
Anybody ever used or heard any RE RE series 8s ? ...[...Rovin...]13
Sub helpDaniel Bonham36
The box Bassman3 built NfiniteNaledge17
Relay wiringEric Riffe6
Opinions needed for new setup.Austin Kitchen1
Tell me if this box design is good?Mark Scafetta5
Adding some RMS to the system, any opinions.Troy Jones8
Two 2 Fi Q 10" any interest?Polo18
Subwoofer helpPaul Larrea24
I officially hate DEIM.S.10
Selling my stuff.SKD4
Technical battery questionJexx5
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