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Help... I have 2 Amps... now I need speakers and a sub.Darren M11
Attn: Paul!Paul Larrea6
Type R Enclosure Specs[...Rovin...]4
What setup should I doAnthony Cortelyou15
Question about dealer markups.Paul Larrea10
Happy New yearsPaul Larrea13
HU trouble (JVC KDAR880)M.S.5
Radar detectors!cal payne17
Any one have any new info on the smd subs?Kevin2
Buying subs off ebay- safe or unsafeDarren M11
Im backkyle14
New amp and sub questions[...Rovin...]12
CanaanMark Brockman1
Is the big 3 upgrade required fo my system?kyle10
Which subs should i get?Anthony Cortelyou22
New brand one of our distributors now offers...Mark Brockman16
Kicker cvx 15 inch and solobaric l7 10 inchMark Brockman14
Am i doing it right?charles selfridge13
Fuse questionscharles selfridge12
Single 15" 'stock' Nightshade Hair TrickBasebalz1311
AQ 1200D strapped, what it put out at 2ohms? Lil young Big smalls5
AQ HDC3 15" vs Fi Q 15"tyler sliva11
Help! First Stereocharles selfridge42
Audiobahn aw122n-Eric-10
Simi OT: HIGH OUT OUT altAndrizzle7
Mark brockmanedward Matthews1
Sub stopped workingcharles selfridge16
I could use some helpBassman33
Best subs for around 50-80$Darren M31
Check it ouutttt! (pic)Paul Larrea8
My aim is hacked so if u getta message disregard. Pit6
What new subs should i get?Matt2
3250 v1 vs 3500 vs T4KQuentin7
OT: is this a good deal?charles selfridge16
Annual Christmas Tree pics.Andrew Capps8
Cheap reliable 1 ohm stable amplifiermike sand23
Need help wiring up tweetersCanaan11
What kind should i get?Greg1
Happy Holidays ! ...[...Rovin...]9
IB3 18" LLT 22 cubic feet 7.75" sonotube 18Hz tune underpowered til...Jordan Powell1
Single 15 in blazernick13
ECoustics, I Put All My Faith In YouRaycist25
Which sub to choose? Alpine or JL Audio?Arturas22
Advanced DVD Navigation from Alpine.lOwLiFe5
DJ at Audioque trashing companiesBassman391
2 or 4 ohm subs for Kicker zx 1000.1 amp??Brad Warren9
3 Problems with Kicker Amp and Fi SubsMark Scafetta11
Fi BTL 18 or alternative-Smith13
Off topic - Xbox live helpM.S.18
Check out what ive done during my abscence on the forum.!!!!!!!!Domenico Zerilli9
First snow of the year :-)...Odd Dio21
Optima Battery prices - just a heads upJason13
Did dBLK made it to the front page out AudioQue?!?Mr. Jewburg27
12" Fi BL Sealed?SomeDonnieDude7
Been gone for a minute but im checkin inSnow11
2 12" infnti reference subsM.S.23
Is cold bad for ur system?M.S.9
Why to stick to rated ImpedanceBen2
Passed my Exam..Snow6
System Opinions and Sub QuestionsMike Loudon8
Rockford fosgate bd 1000 a1 amp..anybody have ratings or reviews?Chris Maskell12
New Amp Acquisition.. Odd Dio4
The real reason why we have surveillance camerasMisterLDR11
New Subs?Justin9
Short American Bass 1000.1 test numbersM.S.14
DD 9518 vs BTL 18 vs AA mayhem 18RE_XXX29
Air movementMisterLDR9
Guys need help real quick about ampsadam dillion5
Thinking about taken out 2nd row seat in escalade Domenico Zerilli18
Want kinda amp 2 get(help)John R3
4 cvr 12s vs 2 cvx 15's vs 2 sdc2.5 15'snick4
Poreted box for single cab truck?Zack9
Descent speakers which have louder vocalssean10
FS: RL-s, Orion 2500d, Tru Tech, HAT Compsblkcrowe25
AQ2200D (Bass Knob Question)Chris Engarde8
Need Help Picking SubsM.S.7
Headunits (OT) 24 bit brown burr vs 16 bitMark Scafetta6
Need help with my setupCory Laudenslager9
Ok ready to step-uptyler gallo15
Rockford fosgate NEW[...Rovin...]6
Anyone in west KY, West TN, South IL, SE MO,.........TWiZTiD13
Doing a little work to my front stage...TWiZTiD2
Battery question........Mark Scafetta10
12" L7 or 15" CVX[...Rovin...]13
OT: Joined The Air Force Todayadam dillion19
Quick question! Breaking in a kicker l7 12'! Help!Smith6
Evaluate my setup, all coments welcomeM.S.12
Need new head unit!M.S.8
Two Fi X- 4ohm DVC at 2 ohms?/ Unstable Amp?dBlk17
Pioneer PremierDomenico Zerilli14
Box Design for Power Hx2 10" Single[...Rovin...]29
Head PhonesI'm not gay but $20 15
Any opinions on md sound?a diaz3
My Subs arent as loud as they used to be Wolfcalibur11
Torn between three subs...Josh Tucker10
FS: Sony psp The_boss1
Very nub'ish questionMarc Antony7
BlaupunktJosh Tucker14
Enclousre help pleaseMatt Wedemeyer5
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