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L7 setupillwill5
HO Battery and Alt ?.B11
Arsenals should go in sealed or vented boxes?01GPSE21
Which is better?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!Steven Norris10
What role does the 8' mid bass play?two4fifteen7
Fast kicky basskillerzracing7111
Mean machine vs ed nine.1B16
Graduated HIGH SCHOOL Yes2rday killerzracing7114
Is this normalbassman319
I have a SERIOUS Questionjemone m. james12
Type e box ?Buffalo Soldier3
Its weird to think that there are..Krazyj11
OT - DTC!!!B9
My Car Audio Dealer Said...B14
400 sub/amp, need helpDarek Fanton4
MTX or Type RSteven Norris24
Having trouble picking a sub...dan rollins52
Help with my subsPelon39
Im curious....MuddyWaters18
Custom Sub EnclosureDanny5
New dual box for JL 8W7 F/Stafkam1
How would using a ported box and a sealed box in the same car soundrick ross19
Type rs cameS.P.D12
Power wire to battery??01GPSE6
THE winner..............lilrob12
Which one?????Darek Fanton10
Preamp your AmpMuddy Waters4
Sub RecomendationWarrenG3
Matching subs to a boxkenny eugene hammond9
Subwoofer Choice Help PlzVC2311
Box plans...WrEaK HaVoC2
Box Help !!Sam Magz9
BestAman Singh17
Check out my videoDevin Reef8
Sorry to do thisSteven Norris7
SUB recone.......where can i get sum stuff killerzracing715
What does breaking in meancharlie11
Chauncey brown?[...Rovin...]6
High level input and stock HUmat dope3
About to order my motorsJohn Fiacchino52
Noise coming through subdan rollins1
Can u buy alteraudiousa2
OMG check this outdanny hamilton22
Dont get jacked Andrew Capps61
One treo tsx 12" for saleTweaker35
RE gone from ikesoundalteraudiousa4
ArsenalAndrew Capps6
Help with subdrivingreckless5
Got my treos in today. Quick questionmarc7
How to cut glassmarc9
Painting MDFmarc10
Help with subJames Longo3
What You Guyz Think About My Window JobChauncey Brown JR10
3 12" Diamond Audio D9's Chauncey Brown5
About how far over the RMS can I go?James Longo12
The mighty 1000th post!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...James Longo17
3 12" Diamond Audio D9's James Longo2
A couple problems I could use some pros help! :-)...marc11
Diamond AudioJames G7
Optimum box sizeChauncey Brown3
161.4dB in STREET BEAT!!!!Chauncey Brown17
RE subChauncey Brown2
RE XXX FOR SALEChauncey Brown7
Brand New 15" X X Xfor saleChauncey Brown4
A Good How To?????01GPSE1
2 12" L7's 4 SaleRyan22
Kicker L5Joe2
Which box is betterjames bond1
Cvx 12" ported BoxNight Mirage2
Wats Wrong with it?Shaine2
TJ's picsTJ8
Selling 2 sws-1242d's with a lanzar amp if wantedJay5
Hush matbulldogsm20083
A site please or adviceBrett6
3 12'' assasins vs 3 12'' IA 187'snick4
How many DB's you guys think i will hit? ApproximateZepcoe16
Someone with 12" TSX'sZepcoe17
Anyone else have the SI Mag 15? Alter?alteraudiousa3
Bad subs?danny hamilton8
Box picsdanny hamilton12
Is this a woofer or speakerdanny hamilton7
What do you guys think about the new 12 swiss audio subsmrsq1
Any1 seen this siteTJ2
Expierience with the CVX?Mr. Bojangles6
HushmatTroy Stafford1
DD audiocharlie18
Rounded Subwoofer Enclosureslilrob11
Mounting a sub facing inward...?Chauncey Brown3
Fusion New StuffSmitty1
Off topic, which is the best HU out right now under $800(non-DVD)?...Polo1
WOW...just went to a local audio shop..marc15
Anyone else have the SI Mag 15? Alter?Paul1
Avalanche on ebayWrEaK HaVoC7
Yay!!! i got my H2.......Jexx46
Box picsATF1
Sealed Or Portedtwo4fifteen8
Baseball 1187Shaine6
Haha, lets see how much someone pays rob swingleman14
Building my box!!Shaine14
Eclipse Ti vs IDMAX vs RE XXXalteraudiousa16
Best subs for $500-700MO11
What is the best subwoofer out there?two4fifteen30
Where to get box terminals.logan3
Building my box----Steven Norris6
Sealed or Ported = Type R LoudnessAman Singh15
The best song in the world-Eric-21
Sub suggestionsDustin2
New Set Up With Re'sJake Davis12
WTF...RE on
Question for KyleKyle11
TJ - some more questions for yaTJ9
Are these n e good?Chauncey Brown2
Site where you can listen to subs??Jereme Jones12
OT- ebay helpdanny hamilton6
14hoursdanny hamilton2
Power acoustiklilrob2
Kove armaggedon?Derek White6
2 12" Tsx treo's vs Rockford fosgate 2 15" T-3'slilrob6
4 audiobahn flame q 12's vs. 2 kicker solobaric15's L7zac davis17
How to test decibal level?Terry64058
Like Brand Newdrivingreckless14
OT: AC systemsmarc10
Sub sounding differentlilrob8
Subs in EVO trunkkillerzracing713
Eclipse sub, 8152, anyone heard?ATF1
Isn't it saposed to be 1 ohm?Chauncey Brown2
WHy didnt...Shaine3
What subs and amp to buy?mat dope19
SPL Box experts...marshall white3
Assasins or MTX Thunder 5500Chris Maskell18
A question about car audio shops?Chris Maskell15
Type R[...Rovin...]17
Does it matter where the port goes?[...Rovin...]10
Polyfill - Ported Boxes - Tuning - and You!B9
SYSTEM PICS need opinionsJeff10
Fiberglass resinlilrob7
Diamond Audio D6Andrew Capps3
OT-Wiremarshall white23
Can u do thisMatt Kitzis10
Box carpetmat dope6
Do you think adding another 12 would make this louderrick ross5
Hey check it outmat dope5
Sub BoxMatt Schaff5
New and better money limit cont.racer50120
I need some infoChauncey Brown9
Which sub is better deal?paul moss9
New stuffATF10
Just bought....ATF11
MDF and HDF.Brett16
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