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Ok for the last year ive been running 2 15" L7's each in their own sealed 4cu ft box, and powering them with a Audiobahn 18001DT digital Class D monoblock amp. This setup sounds incredible on low notes which I love, specificly 26-35hz.

my questions are, If i switch from the 1800rms amp to a 3500rms SoundStream PCA3500D amp will i hear a big diffrence SPL wise? also would I blow the subs? Im currently running my stock 140amp alternator and the fuse rating on my current amp is 150a, do i need to upgrade? if so would i hear a diffrence in spl?

Thanks guys, just looking for advice..

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if you want spl why do you have your boxes sealed. port them!

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i don't think he has roomfor a pair of ported boxes lol it looks sweet though i bet it's loud

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that looks hot yo dont those subs touch the back of your trunk when they hit

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simplest solution i would say is square port those boxes & face them 4ward , should be a noticable difference .....

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how about a BIG box with ports.. ?

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thanks for the compliments, and rick ross - no they dont hit the back of the trunk..

well im pretty scared that if i go ported only a few notes will be loud, where as now i have a wider range. Am I wrong? Also I wanted to try and fit 4 turning the whole trunk into a box but was scared i wouldnt be able to squeeze the air space ide need to hit those ultra deep notes that i love..

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well, you can switch that amp if you want but the best solution is to port it

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jeff wut part of mia u at?

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north miami and hollywood
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