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There is talk of a key change during the Superbowl.dan kubesheski10
WinzipNalin Nyda27
Captive works questionterry3
110 and 119 help pleasepeter hefer5
VS Platinum DN channels, Please Help!!!Samy4
Viewsat and tivodetroitd mich.1
Catching 61.5 satellitedouglas guillory10
((((((ADVANS-SAT Satellites Question???))))...hamed3
Missing Channels at 148Desrick Culmer21
Dish problem for 119 110dj14
" SUPER BOWL"Kavin Reno1
Need help for my old Satcruiser DSR ACEben1
Something Interesting today!edenman1
C00lSAT, pansat & viewsat BINs releasedAlex Tobias1
Help with stuck receiver. Julie White9
Free Online Tv WebsiteHarry Carnet1
Why 110 and not 119 please helpPRFRMNJ2
VS DBPSW-070202X.PGM bin question??amit6
How to jtag multistar pantec 2500 ultra?malew1
Captive worksAlbino Midget2
Help Need New Bin For ARIZA 700Hc6
Help For Pansat 2700 N2 Clonesenzoho4
Viewsat Keysdan kubesheski2
Looks like Bev is up to no good.edenman7
What sat to scan first 119 or 110john more3
Converting Ariza 750 to 700!Sam1
NEW Autoroll BIN's for all receivers are now availableJulie White10
Please help!Psycho Mofo2
Best Motors and $ for dishes ???Alfons21
Pansat 2700a not working on Bev (need key??)Alfons4
Is it switch, LNB or Reciever Problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Arslan [w0ot w0ot]2
Channel list for 110/121/91Ryerson2
Universal Loader (COM port issue)DML2
Ryerson Weird "Science" - Input RequestedRyerson44
LK can you help LK6
UfcBosnian Guy12
UFC Reminder!Jake Snodgrass1
Atmega help neededMc Sunny4
Sonicview 1000bob1
Dual lnb setup help pleaseshay12
European channelsBarbara5
Ariza 750 - Bin 293?Xtra West2
What is the best lnbs to buylroy tipit4
Feb ppv sports and ppv&moviesbruce l1
Tech/Hobbiest Needed ->N. Delawaredaniel w hays14
Colsat FileW BUSH16
C00LSAT 5000 AND 4000 new bins 141Nalin Nyda6
Ariza xtreem fixLiveFTA.com2
Anyone offer a hand? 295 tivo1 bin or Vortex 2902?LK4
Arcade tournament - 1 slot open!!LiveFTA.com1
Vortex LoaderLK2
Vortex loader?LK2
New c00lsat, viewsat & pansat autorollsLarry Bird2
Still doesnt workbob john3
Satelitte Connection Help!!!!!Dp Patel1
New Bin : Fortec Classic NA karamba16
Vortex LoaderTravis Phung1
Anyone offer a hand? 295 tivo1 bin or Vortex 2902?Travis Phung1
Echo61.5 Black or Frozen Channells hanibal531
C00lsat 5000Larry Bird4
4 LNBS (DUAL OUTPUT) to 4 Receivers (PLS HELP)SatScanner2
Are there any FTA boards that aren't shitty with lag?Psycho Mofo7
Can someone look at this diagramKinguyen3
PANSAT 3500S HELP???Casey Johnson6
Normal for 289t?Arslan [w0ot w0ot]2
Lnbs/4I'ma dumass2
X-05BL_070201_312_api new bin for pansatLK12
FIX for Ariza 700Gustavo Roldan5
Working Key's 02-02-07 2:30 AMTHE FTA TESTER5
Who knows EchoStar1,2?Rida1
Channel ListCoolSatFV6
Conaxsat V-1 Giveaway.Nalin Nyda16
Latest Bins - Feb 2Netster20
Bad Channels?edenman2
Best EPG For BevBetterOffRed4
I want to hook up 4 lnbs to my pansat 2700aI'ma dumass1
The sky is falling again on bevflatulant kitty11
Help for ExtremeView magn xv3300zulu8
Ace 4000 ProKavin Reno2
Pansat 2700A - wait for pictureBetterOffRed4
Can't control my motor with new pansat 295 bin ???Alfons1
DV 2500 & NAT 500 questionsGary Mackelprang1
Autoroll processing..........mvr27
Which Is The Best FTA Satellite Out There?Tina Chick6
UK Channels on Pansat?Dennis Trigylidas1
I'm using new keys now.Ryerson6
New Pansat Bins at FutureHawaiian_time7
Missing all indian international channelsNalin Nyda27
New Ariza Extreme FileNalin Nyda5
How do you tell the difference between clone and real? i have a pan...Ryerson29
Fortec Classic na AF1
My pan is stuckBruce1
High Defjedi1
PANSAT 3500SD Nalin Nyda2
Cricket (Ind vs WI)Nalin Nyda16
[ Sticky ] - Indian ChannelsMc Sunny9
Pansat 2700 clone indian channels not workingAnu3
Captive works 600 premium freezingbruce l10
Worldfta new fta websitedsscommunity33
New Reciever Buying HelpSatScanner7
Viewsat fix for provider 09 05!Kavin Reno25
PANSAT 2700A - "Scrambled Signals" MessageAndre Money19
CH Data backup-LK, KINGS TAPE, JAY, SATSCANNERSatScanner10
New Viewsat PGM's outSatScanner2
Pantec BinJay3
Name of bin for cloned recieverJay2
Bin files and their uploaders need help:;;;farhan khan9
Dsscommunity down ?Ryerson38
SPT and RTPi on 61.5 ?RyersonArmy113
January - Latest BinAV19
Found a cool websiteRyersonArmy15
|Hélp|----- + i need help +Jalaj Mehta68
ARIZA SUCKS........vhl717
New bin 292 for pansat 2700a. What do you think?Jalaj Mehta15
No dealer related FTA site list short version :-)...RyersonArmy17
PANSAT 2700A - Scambled Signalsillusion illusion3
Ariza 700, 3KU channels giving "No signal" message.asp lover2
Loose connection when updating EPG ?nuno Auiar9
Atmega inform. neededterry5
BIN 289 ENJOYmajimajic4
Can some explin Blind Scan to me Nalin Nyda20
Worldfta welcomes nissandriver as supermoddsscommunity4
Please help w/ amplifier for switch & long cable runKing Tapeman6
"BLACK SUNDAY #2"dsscommunity2
LocalsKavin Reno3
New 289 binmajimajic1
Chancysand "T" Bins ExplainedKavin Reno1
Fortec Star Classic NaKavin Reno9
DirecTVJake Snodgrass13
289 bin file zaza mala7
Wtf is going on?Ryerson12
Viewsat VS2000 DP34 LNB's DP vs LegacyPRFRMNJ24
Need jtag for 2700n2Nalin Nyda21
Channel ProblemAlfons Rama17
friggin signal!!PRFRMNJ17
All Dish 500 DiscussionPRFRMNJ11
Dish Network Channels not working...Rahmeen26
New Pansat Releases 25 Jan 2007Jay12
Is there any ways to improve Quality of certain FrequenciesNikk Mty6
Delete all channels on VS Extreme ?TM5
What does this means "WRITE FAILD [ER1]"Nikk Mty4
Troubleshooting tips and tricksMc Sunny1
This is for JAYPRFRMNJ3
Got Dish, Need Bev...old Fortec Half PanelLK8
How to get new bin for BevAngie Wedgewood7
What is the best way to clean up my channels and repeatsPRFRMNJ4
Specs on CW3000 High Definition box. Coming Soon bruce l11
Locals for ChicagoKavin Reno3
Do we need muptial answeres to questions?Jay17
Channel 457dani5
BIGG BOSSpannu18
Viewsat Ultra warningMc Sunny2
PRFRMNJ help pleaseMr. Bill7
Atmega for how long?jorge angelinos1
Notorious Scammers of the FTA WorldDoreen2
FTA SitesRyerson11
Viewsat extreme not workingJay17
New bin out this morning Cw600pv1.33_24012007 Jay2
Need help with pansat 3500sdJay2
People and places to stay away from.....dsscommunity3
Same channelsPRFRMNJ26
Pansat dp 34 questionPRFRMNJ53
Bin 288T ProblemAV12
2500 VS 2500APRFRMNJ5
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