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Optimizing yamaha receiver with lower sony speakersBerny22007-05-09 19:01
7.1 speaker systemJosh Raetz492007-05-07 21:25
Converting HD Cablebox output back to coaxCasey52007-05-07 20:16
Nakamichi SS8.5 center and rear 2 speakers not working with CDBerny22007-05-06 22:39
Panasonic error "init please wait" please help me :-(phill tre law12007-05-05 19:31
DIY SubwooferAndre Money42007-05-04 23:03
Speaker system with diferent impedances and_woox62007-05-04 04:30
Plate ampBerny22007-05-03 22:30
What is bi amping Albert Solorzano32007-05-03 18:50
Connecting Presario R3000 to Panasonic Plasma TH50PX6OUNaplesguy92007-05-03 13:05
Hi! Can anyone owned Divinvi - 606Viktor Borovik112007-05-02 21:58
Anybody tried these cables?Piyush Jain12007-05-02 19:45
AVR Difficult choice to make!!Westcott92007-05-02 10:00
HDMI and Optical Audio Question - HELP!JOHN S22007-05-02 00:30
Help with getting HDMI sound on Denon 2807 Albert Solorzano12007-05-01 01:07
5.1 Speaker System?Bad Boy Killa32007-04-29 04:14
New Sony Bravia 40" LCD- best home theater???Berny162007-04-28 20:55
Setting up Yamaha RX-V359 Receiver with Panasonic LCDJoel Fitzpatrick12007-04-27 22:49
Wierd 7.1 HT Setup QuestionWestcott42007-04-27 22:47
Surround sound via DVDBerny22007-04-27 21:16
Think I screwed up?Rush122007-04-27 17:48
Bose Lifestyle 12 System Power TroubleJohn Greg12007-04-26 02:09
HSU HB-1Chief12007-04-25 19:38
Need advice to set up home theaterIvan Z12007-04-25 17:45
Component cable upgrade?Scotty2Hotty82007-04-25 15:49
Two hd tv's from one cable boxJOHN S102007-04-25 12:40
Need help with DVD, LCD TV, Receiver hook up!!!JOHN S22007-04-23 13:21
Help with furniture!Carol52007-04-23 00:00
New receiverdan mcgraw22007-04-21 00:53
Help! humming from speakers!Jim Bob Jones52007-04-20 17:49
Xbox 360 surround sound w/Panasonic DVD Home Theater??Ryan M.52007-04-20 16:00
Acoustic advice needed fo tricky ceiling!Westcott32007-04-20 00:44
What wall to use on a vaulted ceiling.Westcott52007-04-20 00:36
HDMI Surround Sound woesApollo S.222007-04-19 06:27
Upgrading 2 channel to HTCasey22007-04-17 19:33
Backup TV BrokeStefan12007-04-15 07:01
901VI bose speakers connecting to receiverBerny22007-04-12 19:59
Cabling and Componet choiceMatthew Litz12007-04-12 16:01
Speaker distanceJOHN S92007-04-12 13:52
Question about these surround speakers.Nathan Stohler22007-04-11 12:43
Connected TV to Yamaha receiver, no surround sound from TVJOHN S192007-04-10 12:40
NAD 763 ProblemRamirez132007-04-09 14:50
Help with Home surround sound...Daniel Robinson52007-04-09 04:06
Why bigger front speakers?Westcott112007-04-08 12:56
Subwoofer repairsAlbert Solorzano12007-04-08 00:42
Question about HDMI Kaysee R.182007-04-07 23:02
Need help with speaker crossover?Nathan Stohler242007-04-03 13:59
Newbie? HDMI/Optical and Dish HDRyan Lynch32007-04-02 19:19
Looking at the Sony RM-AX-4000Nick12007-04-02 18:37
Looking for universal remoteChris62007-04-02 18:05
VCR hookup?Nathan Stohler22007-04-02 17:01
Help pleaseCasey32007-04-01 21:15
Samsung HL-S5086W Digital Output ProblemAly Lewis62007-03-31 20:21
Matching Axiom Speakers to an AVRStof22007-03-30 20:47
$2,000 to play - help me build a system??DT112007-03-28 03:04
Help!!! Optical Audio for Hitachi 51F59AJOHN S42007-03-28 02:50
Pioneer vsx1016v subwoofer connectionsMatt Rockliff32007-03-27 16:22
Echo dampningWestcott82007-03-27 15:24
Creative T6100Berny22007-03-21 16:47
Newbie Needs help!JOHN S72007-03-21 03:13
Seriously going crazy with this Set Up Issue!JOHN S52007-03-20 23:30
Upscaling dvd player! Westcott152007-03-20 09:39
Inflatable Home Theatre KitRenee Kalia32007-03-20 09:28
Building my systemBerny192007-03-19 22:40
Can you play movies in 7.1 through opticle or CoaxialWestcott42007-03-18 16:53
HDMI QuestionWestcott92007-03-18 16:51
Need help...Major ProblemWestcott32007-03-18 16:48
Setting up home theatre systemWestcott42007-03-18 16:44
When installing plasma do you move power alsoWestcott32007-03-18 16:40
The Ultimate Wireless ConnectionThe Ultimate Wireless ConnectionWestcott22007-03-18 16:36
Clean PowerWestcott22007-03-18 15:58
Parasound Halo C2 owners - helpkamran siddiqui12007-03-18 15:34
Help with setting up new home theater systemAndre Money32007-03-16 05:44
Remote Control is driving me crazyJosh Raetz72007-03-15 04:21
5.1 Speaker connection convertor?Josh Raetz32007-03-15 04:02
Annoying buzzNick32007-03-14 12:51
Need help with a setup.Andre Money112007-03-14 04:10
Hafler Stereo AmpsBerny22007-03-13 15:19
Component video?David Massey42007-03-12 18:56
Car audio insideBerny22007-03-12 16:36
Almost all setup...Andre Money42007-03-09 22:29
Noob..How do you setup a really easy system i think?Casey42007-03-09 19:13
Can I play PS2 sound through my home theatre system?Martin R C Zealley12007-03-08 19:56
Dolby Digital 5.1. Uncompressed PCM 5.1 JOHN S142007-03-08 02:55
5.1 Channel?Berny102007-03-08 01:18
Fluance Surrounds AV-BP2??Brian Whitman12007-03-07 19:04
HDTV through A/V receiver.Nathan Stohler32007-03-06 15:09
Not getting whole DVD picture.Nathan Stohler102007-03-06 15:07
What speaker faceplates?Joe52007-03-05 18:55
Blue ray or HD DVDAaron Galwey272007-03-04 20:28
What HDTV goes best w/ PS3 and Blu-Ray?Josh Raetz92007-03-04 19:05
Playstation 3 and HD Dolby DigitalJosh Raetz172007-03-04 18:45
Cat5 Cable Use For AudioAndre Money22007-03-04 01:03
Reflection...what are you using to block it?Berny52007-03-02 22:33
Contrast ratio?Hawk42007-03-02 02:13
Yamaha V2400 Receiver Surround Back ProblemsDJ42007-03-01 00:13
New Setup HelpJim Bob Jones32007-02-28 14:44
Someone gave me a quadrophonic amp and it doesn't seem to like bass...cam12007-02-28 03:18
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