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Blew my sub, can I use the magnet for anything?sean17
AQ HDC3 15sean18
Semi-interesting builds this week...sean26
OT - Drug Submarinesean8
Minimalistic Music Cooler Ampsdeathoob6
2 12" FI's and two boxes for SALEFlat Response8
Sub adviceEric Riffe7
OT: Amp coolingSean P4
New SPL Build for Dakota Quad Cab€hritoheR3
Total noob questiondeathoob5
Need help choosingSKD18
SPL setup Audioque Sdc2.5 12s or RE Se 12s?bobby334216
Upgrading my front stageZack16
Guy might need a different amp...deathoob5
Subwoofer enclosure calculatorcwruck2
All of a sudden i have engine noise.Mark Scafetta10
How many mpg and dbs is ur ride?dBlk30
Upgrading my front stageZack1
Digital multimeter helpThe_boss9
Box Build for Zeke Bassman382
Im pretty stookedsean18
Subwoofer questioncwruck11
Sub/port placement GMC Sierrasteve8
Preformance Sub Grill- 15"Ben Quirk5
American bass dx or diamond d3 15??? opinionsPaul Larrea11
Recommended subwoofer ?The_boss30
OT: New Frontstagejake papa10
Rockford Fosgate Magazine [...Rovin...]8
Will this mini amp work?deathoob18
Best cheap batteries.sean7
Gonna sell my JL w7JoEmArTiN8
Should i get this altM.S.6
Difference in these RE subsNoLimitAutosports26
Any regulars have a HU for sale?deathoob2
Selling 4 cheap subs. anybody know what they are worth?perfectcircle9
Rockford Fosgate 1001bd The_boss21
Tossing around some ideas. SKD6
New SQ SetupSilver Mopar10
Ups guy stopped buysteve5
My amps go into protect!Sean P10
Which would be more efficient.sean9
Port area with flared ports?dBlk10
Which sub should i getMaximillian Arango12
WahoooDaniel Bonham22
I give upsean40
A thought on Equal Loudness CurvesGlassWolf21
Old Install Picturessean24
Sub wiresean8
Box design for 3 se 12s helpKyle Longbrake18
Jeep Wrangler SettupNolan Paul13
Why are there 8 places to hook up outputs?deathoob23
Where to get Rd Audio in georgia?deathoob32
Ecoustics Admins...Readsean6
What to use.Paul Larrea4
Dc level 3 or fi ssd?Zack17
8" Wooferssean8
History Channel, tonight at 8. 'Sliced'sean15
Camaro Setup HelpPimp13
1/0 wirePimp36
Fiberssing two type X'sPimp2
Suggestions on a 1200 rms sub 12''cwruck22
HDC3 18 or 2 SDC2.5 15sdBlk9
Port area with flared ports?sean5
New SubsEric Riffe20
Sub noobperfectcircle12
Secod SKin Speaker Tweaker reviewdeathoob1
Sound deadening front doorssteve20
Look what i found lolPaul Larrea6
Suggestions for a super budget 15?perfectcircle17
Picked up some new 18" subs today. Congrats if you can name them.perfectcircle45
Tl score mark brockmanMark Brockman25
Amp clipping?ryan shaw14
Would like some opinionsMatt15
Okay, I narrowed it down to three possible choices.€hritoheR12
Alt questionChris155
Need a top Sound Quality box builderBassman35
Seriously wtf?!Carl Malone12
Need super educated opinions.Flat Response3
MTX?Sean P16
Getting first system, suggestions?[...Rovin...]13
Ready for box so i need to decide on which woofer[...Rovin...]6
Total noob question. never come across this though.Chris1512
Shallow Mount 12's Chris157
Bass off July 17th in VAsean4
Tuning frequencyagos1239
Any ideas what could be going on?M.S.6
DC sounds Level 2Eddy DieZe14
Audioque HDC3 vs. FI BL vs. Alphasonik 800 Matt10
Kicker subs ?Chris153
Downfire vs. Behind-The-Seat M.S.7
Question about pricing of subsZack11
Just For Fun: How Many Hertz can you hear?excursion24
1 12'' and 2 10'' subs[...Rovin...]5
Tuning flared ports[...Rovin...]6
Subwoofer directionChris155
12' jackhammers dont fitShawn Dooley10
Help with my dilemmaSean P32
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