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Tell what you think Proks5
What happened to my JL 12W3V2's????Compluva2
Box help!JC20
You can only get so loud...Jack11
Polyfill? Stapled or Filled Loosely.... Glasswolf?Letto8
Kicker 1200.1 amp and 3 MTX 7500 series subsJack2
1966 Lincoln continental, want another sub preferably a 15Anonymous4
New! Car Subwoofer , BIG BASS small size. Response1
GirlsRob Fox6
10inch 10w7 in ho box value?Rob Fox3
Highest Output Boxjon2
Look at my new ride :-). 63' Biscayne....Justin81
Sub BoxDavid stevens1
Pioneer Premier TS-W5000SPL any good?Rob Fox6
RE MT 15Ryan7
System for $900CDN...JC27
**For Sale**Rob Fox11
**....I Design Boxes....**Rob Fox19
!!!Theile Small - Driver Database!!! Everyone please LOOK!jon3
I'm confused, what box should I use - Eclipse Ti 12"jon13
Need some input here on RE's???Jack16
Older tempests and the newer(not released) tempestsAnonymous7
RE XXXradwork1
Rockford vs diamondCompluva2
Are subs fixable...??Shawn6
Whats the T/S on the Eclipse Ti 15 ?LEgacyAUDio15
Help Me Please...Shawn5
My subs work great...but my car doesn't...Ricky Lussier10
Question: Subwoofer bottoming out? Or hitting hard?taylor172
I can't find peel and sealJack2
Sound Dampening productsBrad9
Wiring for Rockford Subtaylor177
Yesssss! isaac! sub! anyone!Subfanatic15
Subwoofer ClarityJames Longo8
Zac Davis ..................Compluva3
Comparing systemsChris Person7
How to measure clippage with a DMM?Letto6
Ok tell me somen...Compluva5
Anybody knowCompluva3
Ok every1 looking for...taylor177
Just some strange/intresting info on my home town.taylor174
Orion 2500D and 12" MT wiring optionsCasey Compton16
Speaker WiringBabyBrock3
Updated the capacitor pageIsaac8
Subs for SQL? 2 12's? 1 15"?Brad21
Hey i got simple qustion??????GlassWolf2
Alpine R-TypeTnilli26
RE 12Matt f14
What is the best sub THAT WONT RADDLE MY TRUNK that money can buySimon J Casey8
This sucksCody Chambers26
Why Ascendant Audio???Cody Chambers5
Xxx or 12w6v2Mike8
JBL GTO 1200bJames Longo3
ScopeJake Chesley10
Is this a good trade ?Compluva3
Can I do this?James Longo7
Sub mounted magnet out??James Longo13
Pro audio stuff in cars...high sens=more spl?proincar18
Stuff for saleMike Loudon19
Help sub opinionJames Longo3
Kicker cvr's what amp?Shawn6
What is the best sub THAT WONT RADDLE MY TRUNK that money can buyShawn2
Kicker 12" Comp CVR Dual VC SubsJonez7889
Wanted to buy: Shocker Sigsdustin pettit3
Better than shocker 3's??dustin pettit4
I need a small 2 channel amp...someone sell me oneJexx4
Re XXX vs. Brahma vs. ID Max vs. EclipseProks5
AAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good stuff.grease dog5
Subwoofer DesignsWahl16
Powering a 12" MTCasey Compton13
Happy at last! But... wut bout fronts n back??Isaac2
Wiring Subs: Inside box or outside?Ryan3
Help choosing 1 subLetto15
Subwoofer good/bad list?Ryan12
Really kinda aggravatingChris Person4
Sensitivity rating?GlassWolf5
DD questioncorey lipnisky8
AlphasonikRob Fox14
Eclipse Ti 12Jake Hill24
What do youll think of the L5sderrick mcdaniel11
Power options (wiring)Apocalypse7
Enclosure shape...does it matter?allende53
Resonant Engineering MTApocalypse2
For Sale : 2 JL 12w6v2's in custom jl prowedge box !MO18
Sledgehammer 9500 Michael Anthes6
What's The Big Deal?(Eclipse&RE)Anonymous15
Budget System for HighSchool friend of mine / Need SuggestionsMO30
Fun Things To DoLEgacyAUDio34
Walmart boxesCompluva11
Subwoofer vocabulary lesson!!!Compluva15
HelpRicky Lussier7
How about DDmonkeydog13
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