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Does any one have a hifonics amp?Yanks Fan31
Woofers Etc ?Rick Rolled14
Tired os searching ( not off topic f@gs), 'frequency analyzer'....Rick Rolled4
Help w/ dvc subSnow3
Finisht the Driz install.Andrizzle32
HU and Steering Wheel ControlsCanaan5
12" 9500 buildSnow7
Break in period sean15
Problem with systemdevin parks11
In case? Wire kits?Mark Highland5
Rovin...A Jewish Delight8
Tc sounds lms ultra 18 vs re xxx 18Mark Brockman7
I hate a thievePaul Larrea14
New SQ amp ¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤7
Ads in the way (sorry i know this has been covered already)Kevin Duckwitz7
Got a few goodies inNick V32
Any experience ipod adapters?True Audiophile5
Kenwood = tha failM.S.20
Ohm load on subsPolo5
2500 watss on mach audio MJ 18'svisitor8
Building a sytstem...BernyMac11
Please help with new buildKevin Duckwitz12
Question about wireP.rick4
8" and 12" subsBernyMac10
Cheap amp that buts out the powerDaniel Bonham10
Solo X 12 or RE Audio XXX 12www.FatChicks.Com5
(video) ... for you chad¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤75
Got SQ?Daniel Bonham24
Searched but could not find info on these subsctmike8
Do square 12" subs fit under back seat of 2007 silerado HD??BCS2
Speaker wire questiondevin parks3
Thinking about. B.I.G.G.S.21
Dual 4 ohm subM.S.2
Sound deadening lessons...¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤9
AQ sub & amp help¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤21
Anyone going to the motorsports nationals?Steve Miller1
*Looking for 4 channel amps (used or new)*/\/\ike12
Dropped $52,000 on new setup ¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤1
Humming problem¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤2
Subwoofer hum problemdevin parks5
2 BTL 18s boxessean20
New arrival...jeremy m3
Sub suggestionQuentin5
Componet suggestionsChris Engarde29
Do these really work?Chris Engarde6
Thanks, Fedex manChad Lee22
Rockford T212D2 - questions on using this sub to replace a blown oneSnow13
Autocad inventorgoodie7
That one program that i needPaul Larrea21
Autocad inventorD-money1
Dam...that was funny as hellAbarca7
Blow through or not?Snow9
Broken surround....yeah again.B.I.G.G.S.3
Budget 300$ for subs helpmichael foland30
New box - pixlOwLiFe23
Wassup yallD-money12
Dropped $52,000 on new setup ¤Jack_k飣iñgoñ¤26
Small comp in southern paSnow9
Anyone have a Q 10 fs?jeremy m2
Finally got a video of my subsKevin Duckwitz2
I need your help......pleaseMarc9
Opinions on setupDaniel Bonham34
My first comp today!M.S.8
Pioneer TS-W3001D2 Any Reviews?P Lagoo1
Fi Q 15 ctmike13
Just got my new amp/sub combo metered.Marc9
Im Having A Problem...Help Would Be GreatMarc6
Something weird.redneck18
Connect 2 amps to one set of speakers.Kevin Duckwitz5
Cubic or Sloped Box Design, Which is more efficient?Kevin Duckwitz8
Attention ktKT2
American bass subwoofersAndrizzle23
Idea's for 07' EclipseM.S.7
Any one on this forum from Missouri?Casey Compton7
How big a box for a couple Qs? Big trunk! Matt5
Bought AQ2200D...need opinions pleaseTrevor33
Hey allJack22
Port area for a re audio mx 12?sean16
Box desighn for 18in QP.rick2
No fuse for a Big 3????M.S.13
Is this bad for my amp:Marc2
Andrizzle's Build: Done. PIC THREADLucas R41
Brad Warren...Brad Warren2
8 inch subsBCS8
Quick questionKevin Duckwitz3
Audioque hd315 on zx1000.1 videoState_Property16
Box For Comp Speakers?M.S.5
Db reading good or bad for equipment I have?Kevin Duckwitz9
Real benefit of one sub over two?Johnathan Dunn10
1 18 vs 2 12'sD-money16
Anyone near gulf coast?justin smith12
For bass race songsBenjamin Lukas Kenne9
Help me find the rightjeremy m7
Now the beat is dumbLucas R6
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