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Kicker comp vr's, reliable?Cron2
Kicker comp vr 12" vs. audiobahn aw1251t 12"sony sucks5
Kicker Comp VrRobert J5
This good sub??? auction almost over...Michael A6
Bin ladenBin Laden2
Break in period for subs?Wahl4
Savard Rap 15" subsStafford1
Jl w0 or kicker compAnonymous20
Think my wiring is correct, but subs don't work.Anonymous8
Speaker wiring nicholas mitchell2
'72 Chevellenicholas mitchell9
BoxesPatrick Lorenz8
The best way to wire 2 eclipse 12s ,to be powered by a jl audio 1000/1James Capone2
Budget System, mtx 8000s?Phil6
Subs to getRobert J7
Vent area/Length vs. tuning frequencyGlassWolf3
2 sub wiringRyan981926
I have a budget of $5,000 what should I get?James Capone12
Dvc subs good?joe7183
Eclipse subs, BIG problemAnonymous16
Box Buildingmike jones21
What kind of sub to get?Anonymous3
Shiva box volumeits_bacon125
6 Ohm Dual Voice Coil?Mike George3
Lexan Window for sub boxGlassWolf4
Kicker s10L5 and kx400.1 ampdaniel stanislawski5
MTX Thunder 8000 12"Kevin3
Is the Cerwin Vega stroker the best sub?hiphopanonymous5
Wiring 2 subsAnonymous2
Jl W7Anonymous11
Help NeededJevon Staffieri3
Sub setup....Jevon Staffieri10
Setup questionPatrick Lorenz6
Batteries?Patrick Lorenz3
Can someone answer this Roger C11
Wood thicknessits_bacon124
Fiberglass boxGlassWolf10
Jl audio 12 sub boxGlassWolf2
Boxs that are rounded on the insideGlassWolf6
Power Acoustik 2400 Watt SubRickey Rodriguez12
It sucks being a noob. :-)...GlassWolf6
Super newbie questionGlassWolf6
Need help in wiring 3 subsAnonymous13
Obcon subwoofer enclosures any good ?Anonymous4
If i get another sub.!?!?ROFL.. at jay13
Simple questionAnonymous5
((( COMPARISON))))GlassWolf3
What box shoud i use for my RF 12"? Ported, Bandpass, or sealed.......Makaveli8
Honest opinion...DHD 12" flat cone sub...good or bad?!appleswillalwaysbeap20
How much wattage?Anonymous2
4 subs Patrick Lorenz6
Is the Visonik V800XD a good amp???Freddy Jones2
2 ohm and 4 ohm helpCainer6
Where to get sub and boxAnonymous3
Rockford Fosgate or Power AcoustikAnonymous5
Audiobahn....GARBAGE? or "Best Subs Made?"Anonymous28
Whacha think???Anonymous5
Wiring helpswan6
Custom Sub Boxesswan89
Need help with building custom box into Integraswan4
Sub and amp helpswan4
Am I getting ripped off!?!?sure_134
Do the subwoofers on this site sell in a pair........?GlassWolf5
How Many Watts Do I Need?swan11
I am stupidAnonymous5
Silicone sealant questionPatrick Lorenz4
Does my sub box need bracesPatrick Lorenz3
Type R or MA1200XL?Raymond7
Sinlge brahma or single shivaRobert J2
Rockford Fosgateno2
How do I measure my port length???Anonymous3
Crossfire subCainer3
Why are my lights still dimming even though im using a capacitorGlassWolf13
Thump sub box measurmentsGlassWolf22
Problem with speakerAnonymous4
100-300rms DVC mean per coil? help!kazimierz3
Rockford FosgateAnonymous11
Connecting only 1 voice coil on a DVC subGlassWolf6
JL Audio 15w6 Ported or Sealed Box?GlassWolf14
ED or AAAnonymous4
Audiobahn speakers....GlassWolf5
JL 10W7 or Eclipse SW8122?Anonymous4
2 dvc, 89????Anonymous2
Mtx questionPatrick Lorenz5
Please HELPPatrick Lorenz6
Elimination of trunk rattling? HOWbruhneedluv26
Serious SubwoofersAnonymous7
Alternator helpSomeone5
Mono AmpsAnonymous2
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