Budget System, mtx 8000s?


I'm looking for a not too pricey budget system. I want it loud and clear. I see a box on ebay for just under 400 dollars, which includes 3 of the MTX 12 inch 8000 series woofers. Would this set of subs be worth it? And what would be a good amp choice?

I don't know if I can really find the time to build a box, and have very limited experience with woodworking, but I can build a box if I must. if there are better options than the 3 MTXs I mean. BTW, I'd be putting the subs in the back of a 2000 malibu, if that should affect the decision.

I've heard about the shivas, would they be a better choice than the 3 8000s? what about alpine type-Rs? I'm really going after sound quality, and I want to turn heads, but I don't want to go deaf or get a third job doing it:P Thanks.

oh, I've been reading a little more, and I see on the adire homepage I could buy a 12 inch brahama for about 380$. but it looks like I would need a 1600rms amp to power it. how would the jbl 1200.1 do matched with it? how would that single brahama sound compared to 3 mtx 8000s? (assuming I would get ideal amps for both)

I think I read from somewhere that the jbl 1200.1 was underrated, and on the brahama page it says it could give out full or at least close to full power with significantly less power. and I think I've seen the JBL amp on some sites for about 280.. so if I could get the whole system for less than a 1000$ I would be so very happy. but where can I get a good sealed box for that sub? or am I going to have to build it?

I have a pioneer head unit, but I need some ideas on some good speakers. they'll be powered by the headunit (50x4watts) so I'm not sure what I could get. I want to be able to hear the words. Thanks again.. heh.

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3 8000 mtx subs would be just fine. my friend had 1 6000 12 in a durango and it hit pretty decent. 400 is a o.k. price depending on the condition of the speakers. if you get them go with a mtx 801d or higher amp.

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the Brahma only needs ~500 watts RMS to reach mech. Xmax in a proper ported box.
that 1600w is just a thermal max rating.. not what's required for peak output.

okay, so what's a quality amp for this sub? should I build a ported box then for the sub? the JBL 600.1 would work? anyone have any ideas for speakers to replace the stock? thanks.

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I've got rockford fosgates for my integra, titatinum filled woofer cone or something similar, they sound very good as well. I regret not putting them in the back though. The ones you can find at BB or CC, the rockfords, are good as well.

Now the aforementioned was assuming you have 5 1/4 or 6 1/2 in speaks. For 6 by 9s or 5 by 7s do pioneer 4 ways, they really kick
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