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Best sub around $200Steve Healy4
Audio pipe, good or bad?Rovin2
Picture of the New XXXMuddyWaters25
2 12'' Kicker CVrR's...Sealed or Ported..Going for SPLMike Johnson3
Someone help with with wiring real quic? Robert2
2ohm ? 4ohm ?scott24
What's better for the money???Michael Grieve5
Pics of hurricane Katrina approaching !Joe Smoe15
Phase shift, if set wrong will it hurt subs?Anonymous9
Bulding a BoxJake Hill4
My setup. Need advice for SUB.MuddyWaters25
I think i found a song that hits harder than da blowWahl65
OMG this is a hard one!!Chris Person31
Upgrading subAustin Hayden3
Getting a a new pair of 12'sChris Person6
Anyone with alpine experience?dustin pettit5
Re pricingRobert3
Should i? Anonymous2
RE review?matt thigpen5
Sub amp comboComp982
A few ???'s!Anonymous3
15' type r (will it fit) ASAPChauncey Brown2
Swiss AudioGlassWolf4
Ever had a sub LITERALLY lite on fire?GlassWolf10
SQ Set-up need Sub AdviceDoug22
Subsonic FilterGlassWolf4
Jl w7 13 vs RE XXX 18Isaac W.2
Hands down BEST SQL sub????MuddyWaters25
What happened to my amp?mikechec914
DynomatMatt f12
Subwoofer to home audio ampJexx2
Amp for 2 Alpine SWX-1242DCarSubwoofersSam June1
Re vs. Adire vs, any other SPL subs under $500mikechec922
Wuz up peeps!!!!Jake Hill7
My 12" MTTrevor Eaton14
Need assistance on boxDave Richer3
Subwoofers and MetallicaWahl17
Sugestions on system upsDave Richer4
Sub Box for 2 seater Mr2Jexx2
Resonant Engineering XXX or Kicker L7Jake Hill18
What kind of Farad Cap!? MuddyWaters6
Eclipse TitaniumJake Hill5
15SX 5cuft net 30hz 92.5 sqin port area 1000/1 ..sound good?Trevor Eaton9
Quality over quanityComp984
Hands down BEST SQL sub????Mike1
2 questionsmatt thigpen16
Polyfill....does it really work?Trevor Eaton9
Building a boxIsaac15
RE RE vs kicker cvr?Dave Richer4
Any Canadian sites like
RE should make HU's!MuddyWaters19
Box plansWahl5
My temporary Install Pics-DR MAX41
Anyone interested in doing a group buy for HO Alts from Excessive A...Justin Bailey7
Where can i buy a boxscuba steve6
Help anyone about home systemsscuba steve2
Type-r cheap?Isaac W.2
12" ti'sJake Hill4
Att: Jake HillJake Hill6
New subsmarshall white9
How manyOso4
Tuning frequencies of sealed boxes.Jonathan5
1 sub recomendations? budget system pleaseStevie doo10
Where can i buy RE'sRobert6
TREO SSI: anybody familiar with this sub?Sean Gibson24
Safe car audio internet sites Sean Gibson17
Noob needs help connecting subs to an amp :-)...MuddyWaters4
Wholesale House In Hicksville Ohiozac davis11
Enclosure questionmixneffect7
Crossover brandsMuddyWaters4
HifonicsPeanut butter9
A Little Question About ImpedanceMuddyWaters3
I need 2 12in volfenhag subs &ampMark Highland6
RE and JL Audio!steve r12
Internet refurbs ??MuddyWaters5
What to get?Rovin5
Which one?Yamaha Banshee3
Which is better?ucfsaxman2
2 choicesMuddyWaters12
Gone blankMuddyWaters6
MTX 22" JackhammerQuick Shot17
Very quick wiring questionTravis6
Subs In Convertible???? MuddyWaters15
Alpine type r subs in a small coupeMuddyWaters6
Another IDMAX ?MuddyWaters12
Net vs grossMuddyWaters3
"have you ever had em"Rovin4
What would u have?MuddyWaters9
Looking for someone experienced with re's se and xxx subwoofer, gla...MuddyWaters4
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