Noob needs help connecting subs to an amp :-)


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Hey all.
I have a Phoenix Gold Octane 8.0:1 800W amplifier (800 watts x 1 @ 2-ohm).
I also have two 12' Infinity Reference 1230W subs, rated 300W RMS @ 4ohm.

How do I connect them to the amp?
Amp has 4 terminals for speakers:
+ - + -
I spliced both + wires from each speaker to one wire and connected it to the left + on the amp, and did the same with -, and connected it to the - on the right. Is that the right connection? How namy watts will I receve on each sub, 400W?
Or should I wire each sub to it's own terminal (use all four of them?)

Thanks in advance.

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OK, that ^^ wasnt me, Im still looking for an answer.. Thanks.

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just got on...thanks for your patience

if indeed your subs are SVC 4 ohm(i looked on then the only way you can wire them is to a 2 ohm load.
if you are unure as to how many VC's there are, simply look at how many pairs of speaker terminals are on the sub. but if indeed it is SVC 4 ohm then you are set, and will need to wire it like this:
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