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Ive been lookin at an eclipse titanium 12" subwoofer. It takes 750 watts RMS so do u all think that a kicker KX600.1 could drive it well enough in a bigger sealed box. or should I go ported?

Also where can I get more detailed info on this subwoofer. thanks

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small sealed is optimal...and kicker amps are should put out around 800 watts that should be perfect.

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Actually the 12 inch Titanium has a QTS of .30, so its more suited for ported enclosures...

The hardest thing about this woofer, is finding detailed information on the woofer. Its a japanese made product that happens to have a US distributor.

I have mine in a net volume of 3.5 cubic feet tuned to 32 Hertz, and its sounds awesome. Great mix of SPL and SQ.

..and yes, in that above box with that amp, it should slam pretty hard.

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Ported, ported, ported. Small sealed is pretty good for these subs, but they really open up ported. It'll hit hard with 600+ watts, but really the sub is well underrated, I'd put closer to 1000-1200 on it personally.

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The sub took two years to develop, and was actually developed here in the US, but is manufactured in Japan. I have all the information you want on the sub here...

Eclipse told me (an autorized dealer) that when they tested the final sub (what is in production now) they gave it 750wrms to EACH voice coil for 15hrs. while playing music, and it held up just fine. They unerrated it because it's extremely effiecent.

It'll go ported or sealed, but if you want to get the best out of it, 3-3.5cu/ft tuned to 32Hz is absolutely the best! Eclipse recommends 35Hz and 3cu/ft, but after messing around, I found you get better sound and more SPL out of the 32Hz.

And if you blow the VC, you can get a new one for a decent price...
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